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Snapchat allows you to send multimedia messages to your friends that will disappear after a short period of time. It also includes plenty of stickers and filters so you can jazz up your kamikaze messages.

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What the community says about Snapchat

  • Jeffrey Carpenter
    Written on January 6, 2017
    "Snapchat is the best! Everyone uses it and you can share videos with ease! Being able to watch videos posted by friends and even celebrities is super fun and easy. I don't what I did before Snapchat, get it, its the best! "
    Walter Howell
    Written on January 10, 2017
    "If you are looking for ways to share videos, Snapchat is the perfect solution. Snapchat has a huge user base, and watching the videos is always great fun."
    Kenneth Spencer
    Written on March 29, 2017
    "It's not just for kids anymore. I find this an excellent resource, if not for the videos themselves, but for ideas behind great videos."
  • Tammy Robinson
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "Great app! Everyone is using snapchat these days, so there's no reason not to have it. It works as promised and is constantly being updated with new filters and stickers."
  • Benito Saldaña
    Written on July 18, 2019
    "As always, I can always put my trust on Snapchat. Their market audience is pretty "teen-y", but at least I'm safe, as far as I'm concerned. The recent news about FaceApp is just off-putting, in all honesty"
  • Larry Lucas
    Written on March 29, 2019
    "The face blending filter is really cool but the ads are too much!! It becomes too damn annoying!"
    Johnny Davis
    Written on March 29, 2019
    "The face blending filter is really cool but the ads are too much!! It becomes too damn annoying!"
  • Helen Jia
    Written on April 13, 2018
    "I was looking for the best apps for nexus 5. I learned about Snapchat and how is lets me send messages to friends and then disappear. It is a different type of messenger, and I like it."
  • Louis Jones
    Written on May 22, 2017
    "Want to send a picture or video but dont want your friends using it against you? Tired of data bogging your phone down? With Snapchat you can easily send pictures and videos to your friend and have them self destruct within a day! No more saving photos and videos on your phone and clogging up your memory! Create stories that you can tell for a 24 hour period as well! With plenty of filters and stickers to spice up your photos, Snapchat is your one stop shop for multimedia sending!"
    Janice Harvey
    Written on April 11, 2017
    "Snapchat is not what you will want if you are looking for an ephemeral messaging app. Even though it is a fun app to use, Yyur messages disappear after a short period of time."
  • Andy Wen
    Written on September 4, 2019
    "Snapchat will always be #1 for me, their filters and their AI-based filters are cool and a marvelous sight to behold. Deepfake asf!"
  • Jeffrey Fuller
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "SnapChat is a fantastic program. I definitely wanted to find something for more snazzy photos and this app really does that. Lots of filters and great customization."
  • Philip Little
    Written on November 10, 2017
  • Martha Hunter
    Written on July 19, 2019
    "Snapchat's gender swap filter is my favorite because it makes me look like an actual dude lmao I saw a picture of my dad during his younger days recently and the snapchat guy filter makes me look his carbon copy hahaha"
  • Heather Alexander
    Written on November 13, 2017
    "I like that i can add funny features to my pictures with this app. it seems to bring a funny element to your photos that can't be expressed with words."
  • James Wells
    Written on January 15, 2018
    "I use Snapchat to share my day to day life with my friends. I'm just sad it doesn't have Bitmoji support."
  • Steven Gibson
    Written on January 11, 2018
    "Snapchat is one of the most cancerous apps ever made. Everyone uses the stupid filters to obscure what they really look like. It's a waste of time."
    donyaye maan
    Written on January 4, 2019
    "I love the snapchat filteres "
  • Michelle Webb
    Written on July 12, 2018
    "I swear to god! my friends keep invading my privacy and checking my phone for "controversial" aka blackmail material and i'm afraid they might find my boyfriend and i's sexts, which i realized was pretty stupid because I couldn't delete them. Thank goodness for snapchat because it deletes these texts by themselves ugh!"
    George Obrien
    Written on November 16, 2017
    "Snapchat is a great social media app that allows you to send messages to others and have the convenience of the messages self-destructing after a short period of time. Great when you don't want your history archived."
  • Ramón Guillén
    Written on January 25, 2018
    "Snapchat is a great way to message your friends. The best part of it, of course is the ability for messages to disappear after short period of time so nobody knows or can look up what you said. That can be a bad thing in some cases, but most people like that feature overall."
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  • Vincent May
    Written on January 2, 2018
    "You can just call me the snapchat king behind DJ Khaled of course. The filters and emojis alone will constantly have you in front of the camera and communicating with friends. I know its not as popular as it once was, but its still fun and entertaining."
  • Anna Lawson
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "too much extra stuff included on snapchat now. Always worried about your privacy on it with updates. I use to use it but now cant be bothered by it"
  • Johnny Gordon
    Written on December 13, 2017
    "While you can find a lot of funny videos on Snapchat, assuming that you have funny friends, but it's not a great app FOR funny videos. "
    Zachary Stewart
    Written on December 8, 2017
    "SnapChat has tons of videos for your entertainment especially when it comes to funny videos."
  • Michelle Lucas
    Written on September 8, 2017
    "OMG! Snapchat is the coolest thing in social media today! My friends and I spend a lot of time sending videos with the wackiest stickers and filters ever- so fabulous! I first started using it after I saw Kylie Jenner Snapchatting- she's my idol and the queen of Snapchat! You must try it if you haven't already, it's so fun! I also love that things disappear after a little bit of time, makes it even more awesome!"
    William Barnett
    Written on May 2, 2017
    "Snapchat is so great -- my followers prefer its interface to alternatives like Instagram most of the time, and it's such an easy way to put out quick content and reach a lot of people. I thought I'd miss Vine when it shut down, but Snapchat is much more casual and easy to use. I send out stories several times a day and get great engagement."
    Zachary Bates
    Written on February 25, 2017
    "Love Snapchat and have used it for years. Really an advanced and fun way of communication that will leave you wanting to meet new people and grow your following."
    Jesse Porter
    Written on May 16, 2017
    "Snapchat is a MUST. My friends and I use this several times daily. The filters are magic."
  • Patrick Castro
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "Would you like to know when your barely seen friends or complete strangers are doing the most inane things all day for hours on end? Or would you like to be in the same area as someone that keeps filming stupid things and then replaying them over and over at full volume because they are attracted to only themselves being on the video? Well get Snapchat! You too can be apart of the I have no life crew!"
    Pamela Weber
    Written on January 7, 2018
    "Snapchat is a social networking app that allows you to send multimedia messages to your friends that will disappear after a short period of time. It might be fun to use when you're going out."
    Amy Ward
    Written on January 10, 2018
    "Snapchat is okay if everyone you know is on it and uses it actively. I wish it integrated more with Instagram and Facebook were most of my friends are. "
    Vincent Adams
    Written on January 6, 2018
    "This app is fun. I don't really use it when going out though. I find myself using it mostly at home."
  • Brenda Palmer
    Written on April 15, 2018
    "I think that since a lot of people use this for quick messaging purposes it could work for me. It seems like a fair amount of people use it without any problems. The downside however, is that people can take screenshots of whatever I post, and I'm not sure if I want any of my messages saved. "
  • Randy Fowler
    Written on December 12, 2017
    "Snapchat opens right to the Camera screen in order to take pictures. however, at present it records a video only up to 10 seconds long. That may not be long enough for a happy new year video. "
  • Yu Xie
    Written on December 18, 2018
    "This app is crazy, i'm in love with app. But it seems to be not working correctly this past few weeks. It now crashes every now and then. I hope they fix it or I will uninstall it. Also, it would be better if there's a send all button. That's all, thanks! "
  • Anna Peters
    Written on December 4, 2017
    "Snapshot is supposed to be for teens to use and the messages and such will disappear unless someone screenshoots them. But it seems now it is turning a bit more adult and may need strict parental supervision. The good fun always gets spoiled."
  • Jeremy Howell
    Written on March 2, 2018
    "most well known and not bad"
  • Anthony Howell
    Written on October 9, 2017
    "This is a great tool for communicating snippets of information with your friends and family. You need to still be cautious with what you send. I like that you can add designs and stickers to what you send."
  • Karen Webb
    Written on October 20, 2017
    "I needed the best voice changer app that I could get. Snapchat was something I was told about, and while it was sort of what I was looking for, it has been just average."
  • Tony Dai
    Written on July 12, 2019
    "Been using the face swap on videos and it's still the best for me even though a lot of new apps have come out"
    Joshua Ray
    Written on November 5, 2017
    "This is a very popular option that should fit this search well. This is likely the best app out there for this sort of thing, if the user wants to also do simple video chat and messaging."
  • Elizabeth Lawson
    Written on January 12, 2018
    "If you need to call someone in Europe, Snapchat might not the best way to do it. Snapchat doesn't have any calling functionality but it saves videos and pictures for a short time, so if the person you wanna call wants to communicate using those methods, Snapchat might work for you. Just don't expect hours long conversation with the app."
  • Divya Patil
    Written on January 11, 2018
    "Snapchat is a fun way to message your friends. You can use funny filters and stickers to make your messages stand out. The disappearing messages of the app give you some sense of privacy when talking to your friends and flames. "
  • Judith Woods
    Written on June 6, 2019
    "guess what. this is actually a free sexting app nowadays 😂😂😂 i agree with russel. you can always remove evidence fast if you don't want those nasty rumors about you coming to the surface..."
    Russell Armstrong
    Written on April 6, 2018
    "If you want to sext and get rid if the evidence fast then Snapchat is the best solution. Your paramour has just enough time to read the sext and then allow it to disappear "
  • Jacqueline Cruz
    Written on September 25, 2017
    "If you are a business looking to market to youth snapchat could be your answer. This app is filled with ads the consumer can see as they are using it to communicate small messages (snaps). One cannot help but notice the ads that scroll through while making a snapchat to send. The app is free based so your end user is knowledgeable about the ads. This is a good way to communicate with the user base on the ground level. "
    Teresa Magaña
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "If you are looking for a way to reach mass amounts of users for marketing purposes, then Snapchat is a great tool. It allows you to send stories, pictures and to chat, all in one app, making it easier to reach bigger target audiences at one time."
  • Linda Zhong
    Written on January 6, 2018
    "Snapchat is my favorite social media app. You can follow anyone, it has fun filters and only lasts a small amount of time. It is my number one favorite. "
  • Ryan Hamilton
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "As far as I can tell, this is not a face "swap" app. It is a picture sharing program with features that allow you to add things to your face (dog nose and ears, tiger strips, etc..) but there's no face swapping as the topic suggests. That being said, this is an enormously popular app. I think most people know what Snapchat is. It has great reviews and over 14 million downloads as of 11-7-2017. IF you like sending messages with pictures and images, this would work for you!"
  • David Carter
    Written on October 29, 2017
    "This is all hit or miss, but Snapchat seems pretty popular as of late. While I'm not the biggest fan of it, I cannot deny how many people enjoy using it. So if it seems interesting to you, give it a shot."
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  • Donald Fernandez
    Written on January 17, 2017
    "Never really been a fan of this program, but decided to give it another try. I see the point and its fun for those who enjoy selfies and sharing their "story", but I do not feel the need to communicate to others through pictures. I do enjoy keeping up with my favorite MMA fighters though; its nice to get a peak into their lives. I'd say this app is great for keeping an eye on the lives of your favorite celebrities, but not really a fan of the messaging portion of it. "
    William Hopkins
    Written on January 4, 2017
    "I think snapchat is a fine solution for me it allows me to share pictures with my friends and share what I am doing currently. It also lets me stay up to date with what my friends and family are up to."
    Ronald Wade
    Written on January 30, 2017
    "I think Snapchat is an interesting idea, but it isn't different enough to be useful to me as a messaging app. I would rather use Instagram for posting photos, and the iPhone messaging app for communicating with friends. I do like the filters, but that is not enough to keep me interested."
    Esteve Castells
    Written on July 25, 2017
    "Snapchat sucks as it does its CEO, he insulted both spaniards and indian people which are users of the app. I insta-deleted the app once I saw this -not only because of what he said, but also because the app got totally deleted from the market once Instagram did the changes to be similar with Instagram Stories-."
  • Héctor Espinoza
    Written on May 26, 2018
    "bASED ON THE CHART ON FAVORABLITLITY IT HAD A 4 RAITNG IN THE HIGH CATEGORY BNUT THE REVIEWERSA SHOWN HAD 1 STAE . based soley on these ratings I would gibe uit a a mid range responmse"
    Charvi Verma
    Written on May 17, 2018
    "If you want to be with friends on Social Media, then you HAVE to be on Snapchat! The best part of Snapchat are the fun filters. Great for 'family' bonding and conversation starters!"
  • Alfredo del Ángel
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "Snapchat is a lot of fun. I'm not big on the filters, but some of them that pop up are funny. I use the app with friends pretty much everyday. The content curation is a nice feature, and the stories are easy to share with friends. Unfortunately, I do come across bugs in the Android version of the app once in a while and they get fixed when the app updates, but they come back a few updates later. The app is still usable though."
    Amanda Yi
    Written on January 31, 2017
    "Snapchat is a popular social media channel that I enjoy using. You can send snaps to friends and I love the many filters available. It just helps to make the day a bit more fun."
    Tejas Pillai
    Written on May 5, 2017
    "This is a good solution, it allowed me to get ahold of my old friends. This solution also allows you to get connected to the rest of the world. "
  • Angela Spencer
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "I am a new user to snapchat. I bought a new iPhone and my son told me I should get it. Snapchat allows me to see what my friends and family are up to. Snapchat is like a picture book, or story. People document their day with photos, it could be food related, vacations, or something simple like a selfie. I think its fun to see all the pictures even though I don't add many yet, I enjoy seeing theirs"
    Jason Brooks
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "Snapchat is my favorite social media app. It is fun to play around with friends. The privacy is nice and the kamikaze is fun. "
  • Jeremy Howell
    Written on July 16, 2019
    "I'll never replaced Snapchat for filters and even with those new age my face apps, this is still my go-to app!"
    Mildred Garrett
    Written on May 23, 2019
    "Loveee all the new filters in snapchat but the filter that i love the most is where you can be old, a different gender or maybe a baby, it was really fun trying that lol"
    Patrick Gutierrez
    Written on March 13, 2019
    "I wouldn't say snapchat is a face aging app in the fullest sense of the word but ocassionally you'll find a filter of wrinkles on the app."
    Juan Tucker
    Written on November 1, 2017
    "it has plenty of features that can mix up my faces when i post them up so i say go and get the app"
    Katie Williams
    Written on July 19, 2019
    "snapchat is amazing and it keeps you busy when your bored "

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