Catching Fire (The Hunger Games)

Catching Fire (The Hunger Games)

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There is civil unrest in the districts, and the Capitol is getting tired of quelling these disturbances. In Catching Fire, the Capitol sends a chilling message to the districts to remind them of who is really in charge.
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What the community says about Catching Fire (The Hunger Games)

  • Willie Williams
    Written on May 7, 2018
    "This was an exciting book to read for young adults. Great character development, nice plot, and witty writing. I would recommend reading the book instead of the film adaption. There are details that the film leaves out."
  • Steven Wheeler
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "Catching Fire is a great book almost anyone can relate to. I got it as a gift after seeing The Hunger Games movie. Very strong characters anyone can relate to. A fun read. "
  • Moisés Valdez
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "A great second book in the Hunger Games series. I was just as engrossed in this books as I was the first. The story flowed effortlessly and I finished it in record time. "
  • Benito Galicia
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "The hunger games series is a great series for young adult audiences. Unfortunately only one of the novels in this series starts with a C. Though it is a good book it is only one in a series of novels."
  • Ankita Sengupta
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "Catching Fire (The Hunger Games) by Suzanne Collins is not one of the best science fiction novels of the 21st century. I would call this a dystopian young adult novel. It's the second in the trilogy and really focuses on the oppression by the government. I just get too caught up with all the logical fallacies of the world-building, so I can't really enjoy it. It's not the book, or trilogy, for me."
  • Kenneth Miller
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "This book is amazing for teenager girls who may be searching for a female figure that they can put their shoes. This book also contains much plot development and literary elements that can improve the audience's sense of literture."
    Roger Williams
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "This is a pretty good choice. This does have some romantic feels in the book, but still this is more about the cause of the whole situation more than a romantic fantasy. However girls will love this book and is a fun read."
  • Gregory May
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "Catching Fire the Hunger Games is yet another book in the fantastic sci fi drama series. It exemplifies originality with drama and potential consequences of a future society with governmental control attempts. "
  • Chirag Mehra
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "This is a great book for boys. A great plot about social strife and overcoming things. Really strong. really masculine. This is a good direction for young boys to take. Highly recommend. Tight writing. Fast paced. Intense action all through."
  • Joyce Hill
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "This book is better than the movie. I have read this twice."
  • Albert Silva
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "Great addition to the hunger games series. Chaos breaks out and the characters are as intriguing as ever. My favorite of the series."
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  • Gregory Snyder
    Written on May 8, 2018
    "This solution was very helpful. It gave me I what I was looking for and at a reasonable price."
    Michael Newman
    Written on May 14, 2018
  • Emily Phillips
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Catching Fire - the second in the trilogy of the Hunger Games books. This book is excellently written and keeps your attention. I was happy with the way the story ended and enjoyed the two heroes of the story - Katniss and Peeta. Young Adults will enjoy the futuristic and survivalist tale as told in Catching Fire."
  • Phillip Phillips
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "I first watched the movie and then later read this book. I think the book is even better. It goes into much more detail and really brought me into the hunger games. "
    Bobby Andrews
    Written on May 7, 2018
    "The Hunger Games is one of the best series of all time. Catching Fire is just one of the parts of the story. Read the entire series, trust me!"
  • Melissa Larson
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "This is a perfect book for young people interested in fantasy or science-fiction. There's something for everyone, from romance to action."
  • Christian Harris
    Written on May 2, 2018
    "GOOD ONE"
  • Jose Schultz
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "Catching Fire is the second of the Hunger Games Trilogy. It continues on from the first book and follows Katniss Everdeen who had won the annual Hunger Games, however, the Capitol wants its revenge. This is a great sci-fi dystopian novel and perfect for youngsters to read."
  • Christopher Arnold
    Written on May 3, 2018
    "Catching Fire (The Hunger Games) is a perfect addition to your book collection if you are into stories like Harry Potter and Walking Dead or Star Wars. Basically, Catching Fire (The Hunger Games) is just pure fiction gold. Highly entertaining to read but enough fantasy to keep you enthralled. "
  • Anna Diaz
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "Catching Fire of the Hunger Games trilogy is one of the best books written in the 21st century. The book contains adventure into the unknown, civil unrest, and personal trials that must be overcome. There's just so much going on in this book that's it's hard not to become overly excited myself and begin to look to find my inner soldier and fight on!"
  • Carl Long
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "Catching Fire is the 2nd book in the Hunger Games series. This is a must read even for those that don't usually go for this genre, because of basic cultural literacy if nothing else."
  • Laura Olivares
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I recently bought Catching Fire and I think it's one of the best books for fifth-grade readers that is out there. My daughter just loves it and reads it over and over. Any book that can keep my daughter's attention and help her become a lover of reading is great in my eyes."
    Jacqueline Brewer
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Superb action/adventure stories with well-developed characters suitable for the entire family making this a teriffic self-contained set to pass around and (hopefully) survive multiple handlings unlike the paperback version"
  • Samantha Harrison
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "I have read these books several times now and they never seem to get old! Along with the movies, these books are great fun and I'm sure by now almost everyone has either seen the movies or read the books, perhaps both! The Hunger Games is such an interesting and attention-grabbing series, get your copy now if you haven't already!"
  • Sofía Cervantes
    Written on May 7, 2018
    "The Hunger Games series is an amazing series. Catching Fire finds the main character, Katniss, having to reconcile feelings of loyalty to family and friends with the achievement of freedom for the citizens. Events happen in this book that forever change her, and not always for the better. A fabulous book that I can read over and over."
  • Eva Tang
    Written on February 2, 2018
    "It's certainly a popular option but I don't think it's the best for a boy. Try Maze Runner instead."
  • Ni Zeng
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "The thing that stands out most to me in this book was the ending, it is one of those ending that you just cannot believe and cannot get over or think about. It could not have ended in a more realistic way to me. This is the last book in the trilogy so if you have read the other two , this one is the one that you have to read to complete it . Maybe the best of the series actually . "
  • Diana Castillo
    Written on May 2, 2018
    "Catching Fire is a great book you can get in the fiction survival genre. This book is a part of the Hunger Games Trilogy and is set in a sort of post apocalyptic America."
  • Gregory Smith
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "Catching Fire is the second book of the exciting trilogy written by Suzanne Collins. The book's premise and setup is quite interesting and I found the book to be very well written. Catching fire expands on the gladiatorial type combat of the first book and the love triangle continues. This trilogy is great for readers of all ages because it is action filled and focused on love for family."
  • Jason Carr
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "Catching Fire is one of my favorite science fiction books. I especially like the feminist theme that lingers throughout the book."
  • Jesse Banks
    Written on February 3, 2018
    "My teenage girl says she loves this. I had to let her out of the basement to ask her, though, and I never know when she's just saying things to please me. But, I like Catching Fire as well. Children slaughtering each other for the pleasure of an old white man in a future dystopia? It doesn't get much better than this!"
  • Brenda Wells
    Written on May 6, 2018
    "This novel is a great read with a strong female lead. Katniss generally had good intentions at heart, even after being hardened in the first Hunger Games book. She was treated like an animal and came out the other side a survivor, but now must do it again. All of these trials and tribulations lead her to coming out even strong and leading her loved ones to a better life. "
  • Michael Moore
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "Very good book in this series lot of action and twist and turns Katness is great and this second book to the hunger games is a good read"
  • Louis Ferguson
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "First time i ever heard of hunger games was when me and my friend went to go watch it. I wasn't really excited or anything. After the movie i was in love with it. I went to go read the book and it's fantastic. I book was written for and about teens but i find the story effects all of us. Just a overall fantastic book and a must have for anyone."
  • Heather Marshall
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "Love love love Catching Fire and the Hunger Games series. The books are great!"
  • Susan Russell
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "I loved this follow-up book to the first in the series. Following Katness on her next adventure in the Hunger Games was exciting and kept my interest throughout the book. A very well developed plot and characters."
  • Manuel Beltrán
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "This is an awe inspiring cruelty, heartbreaking story that Must be Read. Highly recommend to 16-year-old boys"
  • Beverly Ross
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "The Hunger Games is one of the best modern classics and Catching Fire is one of the best of the series. It will keep you interested to the end of the book. You will want to read this book before seeing the movie, trust me!"
  • Tomás Olivares
    Written on May 8, 2018
    "The Hunger Games have been a popular culture juggernaut, and for good reason. This is the second book in the series and focuses on a "gladiatorial love triangle" that explores how love can bloom in a truly hopeless place. The juxtaposition of the bleak vision of humanities future and the candor of youthful affection is truly inspiring."
  • Ryan Wagner
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "Catching Fire: Movie Tie-in Edition: The Second Book of The Hunger Games is a book by Suzzanne Collins. It is available from Amazon for $7.57 for a paperback. It is the the second book in the the series and is wildly popular. It is a very good book that lead to a very good movie but I'm not real sure that it fits the topic. I don't think it is much like James Patterson's style."
  • Arnav Rathore
    Written on May 8, 2018
    "Book 2 of a highly successful and awarded trilogy that got made into movies. Yes, there's a fake relationship in the midst of all the action, but does it really matter than much? If your expectations aren't too unrealistically high, you should enjoy this offering. "
  • Michelle Mitchell
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "This is an amazing book that has been on many top ten lists including the New York Times. It also is being released as a new movie. The cover picture will capture your attention and get your imagination started for a great read. "
  • Kathy Hawkins
    Written on April 23, 2018
    "This book is actually a psychological portrait of war, not a romance . It is the follow up to Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and doesn't disappoint. The setting is realistic in it's portrayal of poverty and how Katniss adjusts to her life after winning the Hunger Games and what she goes through trying to survive in a corrupted country. The author also wrote the screenplay to this, so the movie should be good also."
  • Zachary Russell
    Written on May 6, 2018
    "A very brutal concept, but a good series of stories and it does begin with the competition around which the series is named. "
  • Ralph Reynolds
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "Books are usually better than the movies. You can gain an insight into the thoughts of the characters that does not make it to the big screen. If you liked the "Hunger Games" movies, then you will like the books even more."
  • Marco Antonio Santillán
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "Yes, this really is the best sci-fi book with female a main character! My brother and I watched this whole series together and it was a blast we stayed plastered to the TV. It's thrilling and exciting. It has it all!"
  • Michael Fox
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "Awesome book!!! Must read. The first is important to read to get into this but still. Loads of action. Story telling is amazing, loads of character development, drama, and action! READ READ READ!"
  • Roy Williamson
    Written on May 14, 2018
    ""Catching Fire" is the second book of "The Hunger Games" series and an amazing sequel at that. I'd say, it is one of the few young adult books which can be read by not only the fans of the genre but other, more casual readers as well. Oh, and it is much better than Twilight. "
    Gregory Barnett
    Written on April 24, 2018
    "This is one of my most favorite books of all time, it reminds me so much of Battle Royale. I don't know if I should consider this a successor, but it's amazing in its own right! There's a great amount of tension and expense and I just could not put it down!"
    Jessica Guerrero
    Written on January 25, 2018
    "Catching Fire is a good book in the Hunger Games series but not that interesting. I struggled to keep reading after ten minutes."
  • Christina Walters
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "This is most definitely one of the greatest dystopian novels ever, really the whole series is. These novels take you beyond what you can imagine to the unimaginable. A wonderful read, for all ages "
  • Helen Wong
    Written on February 5, 2018
    "I wanted the best books like harry potter. I found Catching Fire (The Hunger Games), which has been very fun to read, lots of drama along with action."
  • Emily Gu
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "Catching Fire, from The Hunger Games series, is a fantastic book for all ages, especially teens. This book was a great culmination of the series and hits major topics such as stress and PTSD. Being able to experience this journey as Katniss, the main character, as the book is written in first person, young girls can feel as if they're part of this story. I do think it's important to read the other two books in this series prior to reading this book. Reading it independently will leave you sort of confused, but if you read them in succession, you'll find this book to be intriguing and a great emotional ending."
  • Joan Arnold
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "This is a good book on fantasy romantics. It's got good story-telling and the overall presentation for me is something to see. Must recommend!"
  • Linda Brewer
    Written on April 26, 2018
    "These books are way better than the movies. I am not sure why that always happens. There is so much adventure in this story. I love it! "
  • Denise Dean
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "I think this is a really good book and it is definitely one of the best YA fiction books. This book kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I never got tired of that book or the series in general."
  • Eric Schneider
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "A wonderful novel about a girl and her friends trying to rebel against the government. A very intense and fun book."
  • Brenda Sims
    Written on May 7, 2018
    "If you love The Hunger Games movies, then you will definitely love the books. This book gives more details than the movie. I really enjoyed how I was able to learn even more about the characters. "
  • Ashley Gonzales
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I was searching for best must-read awesome books of all time and was given the solution of Catching Fire in the Hunger Games series. I agree that this is a perfect solution, this series of books was one of the favorite that I've read. "
  • Stephen Romero
    Written on May 2, 2018
    "This isn't a bad book and I would recommend this to most people because it's not a bad book that most people I feel should be reading or check out one day."
  • Tiffany Wan
    Written on May 2, 2018
    "One of the books in the trilogy. Exactly what you would expect and you won't be disappointed. The heroine character is on point with self reflection and trying to move on with her life. I would recommend this book for mature mid teens and older."
  • Emma Barnett
    Written on April 22, 2018
    "Not as good as the first. Interesting, but I feel the first is the better female driven novel. "
  • Aaron Taylor
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "As far as books for young adults, catching fire was decently done - though the movies are actually better. The only problem I had with this series was the sheer monotony; every single book is a repeat of the last, just with a new setting."