Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2

$1499- Varies by model

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The Microsoft Surface Book 2 features an Intel Core i7, 16Gb of RAM and an SDD 512 GB. It has a 13.3-inch 3000x2000 PixelSense touchscreen display. It is equipped with a Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card and up to 17 hours of video playback.

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What the community says about Microsoft Surface Book 2

  • Jeremy Wallace
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface Book 2 has powerful specs to replace your laptop. Has an amazing i7 processor to run graphic intensive apps, plenty of ram and space. It is fast and easy to use. Has different screen options and it is light to carry around. The battery lasts a long time as well."
    Saúl Meléndez
    Written on August 17, 2018
    "I bought this laptop for my son who is studying the topic. So far he is good with the laptop and is also using it for his other activities when he's done studying. I think he really liked it and is satisfied so I will give this laptop 5 stars. 👍"
  • Thomas Carpenter
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "This laptop has everything you could need, good CPU, tons of ram and a SSD. The laptop does cost a lot to compensate and it's small, although that could be what you're looking for in a laptop."
  • Frank Schmidt
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface Book is a pretty decent laptop. Really expensive though. If you have that much money for a laptop, then I'd suggest looking around for other options. Also, it's a bit heavier (1.64 kg) than the weight range I was looking for (1-1.6 kg). "
  • Daniel Richards
    Written on May 14, 2018
    "The Surface series has proved to be an unexpected winner in the crowded tablet/laptop market, and this proves no exception. Although a little pricey, the Surface book does exactly what it needs to do and the wifi connection is solid."
  • Sara Powell
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "For years I’ve been looking for a replacement for my MacBook Air and I think I may have finally found it in the Surface Book by Microsoft. Although there are some things I wish Microsoft would have done differently for the most part I love it and it's easy to use. "
  • David Holland
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "I needed a good laptop, but one that served as a laptop plus, if you know what I mean. Being an architect means I put my laptops to hard work. When I finally got a Surface with 16GB of RAM, I knew I finally found the best machine for me. The fact that I can carry around the screen and use it as a tablet for my drawings makes this device the best one I've ever had."
  • Janice Perry
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "This laptop is super user-friendly and fun to use. I love being able to quickly switch it into tablet mode when I'm just chilling on the couch."
  • Austin Cole
    Written on February 7, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface is the perfect go to tablet for gaming. It is highly rated and comes with ample memory. If speed is important to you, then this will be the perfect gaming tool for you."
  • Fernando Cázares
    Written on February 5, 2019
    "The best thing about the Microsoft Surface Book 2 is that it is a 2-in-1 laptop which means aside from being a laptop you can also use it as a tablet. And i have read too that it has the most accurate screen of any Windows laptop. And i agree with that after i bought this since i really checked out physical stores of laptops. "
  • Devansh Das
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "This product is a prime example of how no amount of marketing funds or general resources thrown at a project can make up for a truly uninspired and lacking design or purpose for it. Is this a tablet, is it a laptop. Who knows? The flashy ads say it's both, but it's not good for either. Too heavy to be a nice tablet, and not flexible or sturdy enough to be a solid laptop. My work gave me one of these, but I use it as little as possible. The battery life is horrid; the engineers didn't bother to boost it up when they threw that huge power hungry i7 CPU in. Someone please buy Microsoft out and tell them to go back to just working on Windows."
  • Willie Cox
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface Book is a pretty good, cost efficient laptop with Intel's integrated graphics. It actually packs quite a powerful set up hardware for the price including an i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, and a 512 GB SSD. Also, it's convertible to a tablet! Truly the future and I'm so, so happy I got to pick one of these up when it was on a 30% off sale. I couldn't be happier with it, and it has exceeded all my expectations. I can't even begin to explain how often the conversion to tablet functionality has made my life easier when I'm running around."
    Moisés Peña
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "A brilliant machine for brilliant projects. It's beautiful inside and out. I use it for coding up applications as well as photo editing and it works wonders. The screen is fantastic. Great battery life. "
    Jane Franklin
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "This is an awesome laptop. It's a laptop/tablet combination but it runs as smooth as a regular laptop. Great graphics, smooth running, good sound, lots of memory."
  • Donna Turner
    Written on May 18, 2018
    "You can buy this model of the Microsoft Surface with a 256GB hard drive, however the current one listed is the version with the 512GB hard drive. They both have the ability to offer a versatile user experience. They have fast hard drives, great storage, a beautiful screen, and a lengthy battery life. I know I've wanted a Surface since they originally released. Just make sure if you're only looking for a 256GB that you select the right Surface version. No point in paying hundreds more for storage that you don't need. "
    Eugene Gardner
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "This is a great computer and i would highly reccomend it to people. Great solution for this."
  • Kevin Weaver
    Written on May 25, 2018
    "The surface book is just such an a amazing machine since it can be converted into a tablet. The huge amount of SSD ram is great. However, at over two thousand dollars, this isn't something I'd just give to anybody, especially a kid."
  • Tiffany Duncan
    Written on May 23, 2018
    "One of the best Microsoft laptops that includes an internal webcam has to be the Microsoft Surface Book HNL-00001 (13.5"). I was not convinced of this product at first but the quality has really shown through as I have used it more."
  • Vihaan Patel
    Written on May 23, 2018
    "This is an incredibly powerful laptop but also comes with the price to match. I think that's the question that will most challenge potential buyers: do they really need all this power? Huge processor, tons of RAM, a relatively large solid-state drive, surprisingly long battery life. Big, beautiful screen. And shockingly light. The only thing you don't get is a surface pen. Otherwise it's everything you could want. I'm just not sure most people need it all; you could probably get away with something cheaper."
    Keith Reyes
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "This is a hybrid laptop tablet, so it should suit the needs of anyone looking for a very light weight and portable design in their laptop. The convertible functionality should also be great for someone who wants to use their computer for a variety of different tasks and situations, like reading in bed, or working on things during a commute."
  • Devansh Gavde
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "I love this laptop because it's sleek and sexy, and it lets me watch movies in HD! I also like that it can convert into a tablet if I want. "
  • Joy Zhao
    Written on May 20, 2018
    "This laptop/tablet combo is exactly what I wanted. It's powerful, has a ton of memory, and is majorly portable."
  • Hemant Nair
    Written on February 4, 2019
    "What I like about Microsoft Surface Book 2 is that it has a convertible design. It has larger screen that the previous surface books that i know. I even use this for gaming aside from the usual purpose of laptops eh. "
  • Song Zhou
    Written on January 8, 2019
    "Thought my cousins wasted their money on this since they started their own video recording and editing business but it is quite good for them. Microsoft really outdone Apple this time. That's coming from someone who uses Apple products exclusively. "
  • Joe Howell
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "I picked this up for a mobile, tablet work book. This is a power house with the i7 and the other specs. I can detach the keyboard too which helps a lot to draw up items and things too."
  • Joshua Hoffman
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "I am a design software engineer and I needed a new laptop. I got the Microsoft Surface Book HNL-00001 after it was recommended to me by a friend who has it and I am loving it."
  • Patricia Kennedy
    Written on May 19, 2018
    "This laptop is a must for developers! One of my favorite features is that this also doubles as a tablet and that makes getting work on the go done that much easier. I also like that there's a touch screen feature and the lightweight feeling that comes from this laptop. Highly recommend to developers and anyone in the market for a new laptop."
    David Castro
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "As a developer I prefer this laptop over other its competitors because of the powerful processor, the nice screen, and its overall flexibility. The hefty amount of memory doesn't hurt either. "
    Wayne Wallace
    Written on May 11, 2018
  • Ethan Ryan
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "Tried and True Laptop, if you want a daily worker of a laptop well the Microsoft Surface Book is the one you want, it's part laptop and part tablet but easily accessible for both. It's great for daily work whether it be coding or if you use it just to play games or surf the web. It's 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD make it easy to store and run anything you could think of. The screen is larger than most laptops so pick up this great hybrid."
    Kathy Berry
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "very good"
  • Jack Ryan
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "Microsoft Laptops are a great investment in mobility and efficiency. The Microsoft Surface Book is a powerful device, complete with a USB optical drive."
  • Christopher Harper
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "SBook2, 15in, I-7, 256gb is in all respects a premium device & I haven't had any of the issues noted in other reviews. Even with the 15" gorgeous screen, it's light & FAST. Every design has its +/- and the SB2 is no exception. Plus side: See specs: 8th gen I-7 & 1060 Nvidia graphics; hinge allows screen to be used as tablet with the base also without it. The battery is great under normal use (I don't game). Out-of-box experience first rate. Some minor shortcomings: Charger may be under powered, the SD card slot is short, card sticks out & could be damaged & the keyboard feels cramped, no dedicated video out, also Surface team needs to adopt Thunderbolt, USB-C is so yesterday on an otherwise VERY today device. My qualifications: 30yrs enterprise desktop support working with & evaluating PCs but this one is for me. I was looking at All-In-Ones that cost from $1985-2799 when the SB2 came out. I passed on them for the portability of an SB2 with better hardware than AIOs. Glad I did."
  • Dennis Hart
    Written on April 15, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is an amazing computer. It has some of the highest available specifications of any known computer today. For those who are into coding,you will need to get this computer. The specs also make it easier for you to run any application that you create through coding very smoothly and flawlessly."
  • Roy Meyer
    Written on May 12, 2018
    "I needed a new laptop when I was attending university and the Microsoft Surface book hit the spot. It's perfect if you run a lot of CPU intensive apps. It had enough ram to complete all the tasks I needed to without any struggle."
  • Jane George
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "This is a great computer if you need a fast easy and light computer!"
  • Evelyn Watkins
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "Microsoft Surface Book HNL-00001 (13.5") is the most amazing little machine, one of the best 16GB RAM laptops out there in this size. Fast, powerful processing, amazing graphics, it does it all and it is so light and easy to carry. "
    Alan Carlson
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "Best laptop I've ever used. Love it, love the small size, travel with it, couldn't be happier. Fast, beautiful screen, never had a problem. Highly recommend it. "
  • Angélica Arreola
    Written on May 18, 2018
    "If you are looking for a good laptop you can easily carry with you then this one is the ticket. I think it would be great if you are a student looking for a good one to take to class with you or just travel a lot and need something you can carry on a plane. It converts into a tablet which makes it even more amazing."
  • Denise Ellis
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "This looks like a stellar laptop. Especially because of the tablet/laptop conversion. The cost is quite expensive, but it looks like it will do everything you need for programming."
  • Wu Xiao
    Written on May 18, 2018
    "I absolutely love this laptop! It has totally replaced my desktop computer even though I only purchased this for the days where I'm too busy to stay in the office and work. It's very responsive, has a beautiful display and the way it can be used as a tablet as well has came in handy very many times in the few months I've owned it."
    Roger Freeman
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "The Microsoft Surface Book is part of a new generation of computing devices which is a cross between a laptop and a tablet. In day to day use I have found it extremely useful to be able to adjust the device to what it is that I was trying to accomplish. The Surface Book packs a lot of power into a small computing package."
  • Sandra Green
    Written on May 19, 2018
    "This portable laptop is perfect for getting the job done on the go. With 16Gb of RAM and an SDD 512 GB. it has the capabilities necessary for programming. As a bonus, it converts into a tablet for those times that I feel like quickly checking my email or doing a google search, all without having to use my detachable keyboard. This product is a great solution to my programming needs!"
    John Burke
    Written on May 16, 2018
    "This is a great product. Its lightweight and easy to use. The touch screen is very responsive. I would of liked a better battery however."
  • Gregory McCoy
    Written on May 23, 2018
    "As a coder who just started a new job a needed a cheap laptop. This one was great and got the job done that I needed."
  • Joyce Beck
    Written on January 28, 2018
    "Due to the keyboard becoming detached it makes this book much easier to use. The versatility of the tablet coming separate makes it lighter to work with when your mobile or needing to move around frequently. The lightweight design makes it compatible for everyday life. "
    Olivia Barnett
    Written on January 26, 2018
    "It is one of the luxurious laptop available on the market. It have good features like high speed, high quality and good battery life but little expensive. Keyboard and Touchpad are more friendly to use. "
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  • Elizabeth Pena
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I used to work with a development firm in Chicago and they always used Microsoft Surface Book HNL-00001 (13.5") Ultrabooks. I always wondered why and one day I asked and was told from the Manager that it's the only thing they use in the offices because they are easy to learn for almost anyone that works for them and they are light and easy to carry. "
    Wayne Holland
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "This one is a little pricey, and is a little small for a laptop, but it has tons of storage, is blazing fast, and is super light. if you don't mind the smaller screen or the price tag, this thing is the best out there."
  • Beverly Perkins
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "The fastest Surface Book yet, with 2x more power. The vibrant PixelSense Display: now available with an improved 13.5" touchscreen and it has four versatile modes of use and new USB-C port"
  • Roy Russell
    Written on February 14, 2018
    "One of the best laptops out there and perfect for all the games I play. Super fast and smooth with excellent graphics."
  • Virginia Pacheco
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "I work as a developer and I got this laptop to help me test on both laptop and tablet. It's really convenient and also lightning fast and easy to use."
    Danielle Stanley
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "A surface is great but pricey. It's honestly priced a lot more than it should be. I think other ultrabooks are gonna be a better option."
  • Vincent Patel
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I was looking for a powerful laptop in order to do some programming work online. I came across this one on amazon and decided to pick it up. It was powerful and more than enough for what I needed, although the price was a bit higher than I would have liked."
  • Nathan Bishop
    Written on April 5, 2019
    "Display and performance wise, Microsoft is a competitive brand of notebook. Again, as the name suggests, this is for the pro and the aspiring ones. I'd like to emphasize the PRO because the price point isn't really for beginners. Advanced Java programming while ensuring a smooth workflow. Top choice! I am choosing this over the Macbook Pro :)"

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