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Alto's Adventure

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Alto's Adventure is an adventure game developed by Noodlecake Studios Inc for iOS and Android devices. This game allows the player to join Alto and his friends as they embark on an endless snowboarding odyssey. 

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What the community says about Alto's Adventure

  • Patricia Harrison
    Written on November 20, 2017
    "I like the graphics of Alto's Adventure. I like the interactive vibe that the HD tier provides. I recommend Alto's Adventure as the best HD game app."
  • Craig Cole
    Written on January 2, 2018
    "I went ahead and looked up a game play video for this game and I definitely liked what I saw. It presents itself as being very smooth, addicting, and awesome looking graphics. The fact that the game also appears to be very easy to learn and not very frustrating is also a plus."
  • Adam Wilson
    Written on May 26, 2018
    "Alto's Adventure is an okay game to play to pass time and it runs good on low spec computers like my Chromebook. I found the game play to be somewhat boring at times but overall it's a decent game to pass time. "
  • Bobby Guzman
    Written on December 15, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure follows the trend of siluet games and endless runners. This game can be very relaxing with the calm setting and great music. At the same time it can stress you a bit worrying you might no land the jump over the cazum.I really enjoy the lighting and all the weather affects. "
  • Ajay Bhatnagar
    Written on October 25, 2017
    "snow boarding game combined with problem solving and missions create a new snowboarding experience. Not just tricks, not just snow, there is vilages, wilderness, lands and ruins to explore."
  • Roy Rios
    Written on December 28, 2017
    "snowboarding at night? Snowboarding over houses and roof top, snow boarding in exotics places? check, check and check. Try alto's adventure to satisfy yoru snowboarding gaming need, did I mention the graphic looks amazing? snow boarding adventure game at its best."
  • Joseph Richardson
    Written on December 31, 2017
    "This is an amazing game. I have played all of the levels and conquered it. It would be nice is there were more levels or things to do in the game play though. "
  • Jerry Martinez
    Written on December 3, 2017
    "It's a very simple, yet thrilling game. You're bound to get some enjoyment out of playing this one."
    Randy Tran
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a wonderful game for kids bringing hours of enjoyment for the whole family."
  • Song Zhou
    Written on December 6, 2017
    "An excellent snowboard game that delivers hours of fun. It's an endless game that you captivate you. Easy to learn yet will always provide a challenge as you go down the slopes. I like the fact that it's a very visually appealing game."
    David Romero
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is one of the best ski games i have ever played for my android smartphone.I would play it for hours at a time because the broads are so amazing with there hills and wilderness"
    Reyansh Pillai
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "The gameplay is great and smooth. Graphics were very detailed. However the ads did bother me a lot. I would prefer to buy the ad free version if the developer offers it."
  • Tiffany Wong
    Written on November 20, 2017
    "I love a goos skiing or snowboarding game. I downloaded Alto's Adventure. I have nothing bad to say about it, 1st of all its FREE! Second the graphics are fantastic and the gameplay easy seamless and not glitchy. I found the controls easy to learn and I find yself wanting to play more and more so I can gain prizes. I love this game, its awesome"
  • Ishan Jindal
    Written on October 31, 2017
    "Alto's adventure is not a mario game, nor is it particularly like one."
  • Alice Munoz
    Written on April 12, 2018
    "This is a good game for adventure. I used to play ss tricky on PlayStation and I enjoyed playing this on mobile . It's very exciting and fun ."
  • Kyle Fernandez
    Written on January 7, 2018
    "I love the storyline here. I really enjoy discovering things with this game. It's easy to lose track of time while just having loads of fun!"
  • Justin Wagner
    Written on December 18, 2017
    "it entertains and keeps people happy for the right people"
  • Evelyn Castro
    Written on December 16, 2017
    "I needed and wanted the best android casual games that are released for when you are commuting. I found Alto's Adventure, and while you can use it even when you are not commuting, is still a great adventure in itself with village and woodland travels."
  • Terry Jacobs
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "As a winter person, I love actual snowboarding. This visually compelling game really brings the slopes to life for me. The controls are responsive, and I just love the music and sound in general. Though the game has the occasional crash, it's still a great addiction."
  • Daniel McDonald
    Written on April 3, 2019
    "One of the best airplane mode games that you can try. It's simple to control and play but is hard to master. The art style is both simplistic but intricate at the same time."
    Jacob Larson
    Written on July 3, 2018
    "While I was waiting for my flight back home, I was so bored that I opened all apps in my phone. To my surprise, I have installed this game for quite a while now but havent really tried it. I must say, it is definitely on of the best. The endless mode is entertaining it doesnt require too much effort and thinking so this is good for calming yourself. I would love to try snowboarding because of this app!"
    Crystal Hudson
    Written on January 21, 2018
    "This is a beautiful game. Exquisite, and fun and challenging at the same time. Zen mode is also one of my faves. I love that the time and the climate transitions from time to time. Watch out you might fall in the chasm (Obut you can ressurect okay so don't panic!) Does have in-ap purchases, but don't they all. Free version is great."
  • Douglas Perkins
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "Alto's adventure is a simple game you can play with one hand because you only use one button. There is a simple learning curve but a high skill ceiling. This makes the game very addicting."
  • Andrew Richardson
    Written on December 16, 2017
    "Decently fun game that will keep you entertained. This game has a ton of different courses and has a skill gap that can keep you entertained whether you're new or a veteran. Multiplayer is definitely a plus and your gameplay isn't hidden behind a paywall."
  • Harold Guerrero
    Written on December 13, 2017
    "This is a game that sounds like it wouldn't really be too fun. But they nailed the physics down in such a fun way, it's amazing!"
  • Louis Diaz
    Written on December 31, 2017
    "After reading this I have no idea if it is difficult or not. It sounds easy but should be difficult. I learned nothing about difficulty from this. It could be simple as heck. Also not sure I care about the beautiful Alpine Hills. Though I am sure they are lovely."
  • Doris Brown
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "The game is visually gorgeous and the effects keep the game real while the interactive play makes you feel as if you re there. It is very easy to get totally absorbed in the game and pass away lots of time. You can play solo or with friends and once you start to master the game, you can increase your skills with add-ons. No ads, either!"
  • Juan Weaver
    Written on December 8, 2017
    "The art style is very interesting and inviting. I really enjoyed the game as a whole, it was fun and I felt my self loosing track of time while playing. The graphics quality is fine for the art style that is displayed here. However the link here is to the Android version, and not the iPhone."
    Mary Flores
    Written on December 4, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is fun to play! Many different corses, and each one is beautiful! Great for if you only havev a few minutes to play, or unlimited free time to play. Very enjoyable game."
  • David James
    Written on December 9, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a fun little downhill skiing game, kind of like a "run" game, but from a side, silhouette view. Despite this, the game runs silky smooth, and the little extras you find along your path are a good deal of fun. I really enjoy this a lot, and it's great while waiting for an appointment or something similar."
  • Rebecca Ross
    Written on January 6, 2018
    "Alto's Adventure is a snowboarding game for android that has procedurally-generated terrain for a lot of varied and interesting gameplay. The graphics are simple and beautiful, and there's a lot of variation in the look and feel of the game as you progress. If you just want figure skating, this won't be useful at all, but if you're a fan of winter sports in general, it's worth a look."
  • Sean Schultz
    Written on December 28, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a great game! You can play it for a few minutes while you're waiting for something, or relax and play for hours. Very relaxing. The graphics and music are really good."
  • Bobby Holmes
    Written on December 15, 2017
    "I downloaded Alto's Adventure on my Android phone, and I loved the graphics of this game! You have to control Alto and embark yourself in epic adventures, while visiting breathtaking places. Simply awesome game!"
  • Dorothy Lawson
    Written on December 12, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure lets you snowboard through a wide variety of terrains (procedurally-generated, so it's not boring). It's a fun take on a sidescroller, where you're beholden to real-world snowboarding physics but get to explore a beautiful, bright landscape. "
  • Joseph Henry
    Written on December 31, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is definitely a challenging game, but if you're the type of person that likes that sort of adventure game, you should pick up the iPhone or iPad version of this game. It has several awards by reputable companies such as IGN and Wired. "
  • Guadalupe Morales
    Written on June 19, 2018
    "Goodness. There is a video at the link that shows the graphics used in this video game and it gave me goose bumps! This is the prettiest game I have ever seen! It has gained bunches of important upvotes from many media reviewers, and well-earned from what I can tell. This app may very well be one of the best apps to waste time, but it could also be time well-spent indulging in animated art."
  • Stephen Morrison
    Written on November 15, 2017
    "There are lots of choices when it comes to offline game apps, I really like this one though. It's a very cute game that's fun to play. It's not the same old candy or jewel game. The kids love it too."
  • Tang Jiang
    Written on January 2, 2018
    "Alto's adventure is a very cool snowboarding game. The replayability is very high. This game is fun no mater the age and I think its a great way to pass time. I first played it at a friends house and found it challenging. "
  • Edward Scott
    Written on November 19, 2017
    "If you are into the X games, you need Alto's Adventure. Using snowboarding as a backdrop, this is a great game for extreme sports lovers. This is a great app that works for Android and will have you navigating the hills in no time."
    Martha Meyer
    Written on November 13, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a unique snowboarding game. It really does look like art on a phone screen. The best thing is there are 180 goals so it's not a game you can easily conquer. "
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  • Ronald Wade
    Written on November 25, 2017
    "It has a fun and interesting style of art, and the controls are easy to use. I would recommend this to people who have kids. The gameplay is catchy and I lose track of time while playing."
  • Deborah Carpenter
    Written on October 24, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a great game for the armchair snowboarder. If you love to watch these adventure seekers soar over mountains across the world you will enjoy this game. And you get to help control the actions of the snowboarders as they take their daredevil feats across the world."
    Jeffrey Gonzalez
    Written on October 26, 2017
    "Best snowboarding game ive played in a long time. my daughter really loves in and plays it all the time."
  • Brenda Jensen
    Written on April 15, 2019
    "This is one of those game that provides you with a lot of fun but a relaxing time as well. You can just sit back and play for a while and not think to much, just enjoy the simple gameplay and wonderful graphics and level design. "
    Daniel Rogers
    Written on February 9, 2017
    "This is a fun game I can play whenever and wherever! I like the challenge of trying new tricks on the snowboards. The Zen mode is also really cool, when I feel like just playing without worrying about getting a high score. "
    Ronald James
    Written on February 15, 2017
    "This game does not say it works offline. I would expect an app to somehow make android games work offline. Seems like a well-liked game. But does not solve the problem of offline Android games"
    José Angel Ávalos
    Written on February 11, 2017
    "Alto's is a smooth offline snowboarding game. It has great scenery and music. I enjoy this game when I am away from Wi-Fi. "
    Nathan Hawkins
    Written on February 12, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a great offline game that I can play anywhere without an internet connection. The gameplay is refreshing and the various characters add a new element to taking on the mountain."
    Harold Carpenter
    Written on February 12, 2017
    "The game was very engaging and I got lost in time playing it. If I could I would spend hours playing the game nonstop"
  • Phillip Webb
    Written on November 17, 2017
    "If you need a great game to play offline then Alto's Adventure is it. It has loads of good ratings for a good reason, it is great game play that will keep you fascinated"
  • Tiffany Newman
    Written on November 18, 2017
    "This website/app is very easy to use and does not require a high level of expertise."
  • Kenneth Lopez
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "Altos adventure is an addicting game in the endless runner genre. It has a unique take on the genre with some nice scenery."
  • Carolyn Day
    Written on January 3, 2018
    "I've played so many games that not many are challenging enough for me. Alto's Adventure focuses on snowboarding which has been exciting as well as difficult."
  • Irma Mondragón
    Written on October 29, 2017
    "It's not exactly a Super Mario game, but it sure is fun! Even when i'm hanging out in the Santa Fe sun, I can still shred some snow like the good ol' days. "
  • Crystal Grant
    Written on December 12, 2017
    "This is not a destruction game. It is a well received game on this platform, but it is not the type of game the user is looking for."
  • Roger Ross
    Written on December 30, 2017
    "This isn't a very difficult game to play. It works well on my phone. The graphics are basic and the premise is simple. The controls are easy to use and respond well because there are a limited number of moves."
  • Ruth Barrett
    Written on January 1, 2018
    "This game has very good reviews, so it seems like a good game. This is google play, if it has apple tv version, it must be good as well."
  • Russell Ortiz
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "I love adventure and Alto's Adventure is one of the most trendy mobile games I have ever tried and enjoyed a lot.The journey to the wilderness and across the alpine hills,villages,ancient woodlands and abandoned ruins made me feel like it was so real.Every move was amazing and engaging that I could not realize that time was passing very fast."
    Miriam Espinosa
    Written on January 26, 2017
    "Alto's Adventure is a really fun new game that you can download for Android or iPhone. It's easy to learn, but difficult to master, so it will give you hours of fun and exhilarating play. "
    Crystal Ruiz
    Written on January 2, 2017
    "Not only is Alto's Adventure such a fun game, it is also quite relaxing. The graphics are very aesthetically pleasing and will keep you engaged for hours at a time."
  • Amy Chavez
    Written on October 25, 2017
    "This is not a good solution. This app has nothing to do with airplanes as it's just a snowboarding game. This solution doesn't give me anything I want here, not good."
    Nick Sr
    Written on September 30, 2018
    "This is about when your phone is in airplane mode not you being in the airplane mood"
  • Grace Collins
    Written on January 19, 2018
    "This looks like an amazing solution. This game looks like a great offline capable game to help your kids be entertained even when there is no internet service. I am going to check this out as I only know of a couple games that are good and you can play offline. It has artful graphics and free version available. "
  • Stephanie Duncan
    Written on November 15, 2017
    "I never had much interest in snowboarding but this game brought it all out of me plus more. It is an absolutely beautiful game and needless to say but I am pleased. It is fun, awesome exploring, beautiful art and keep me playing for hours. Loving having it!"
  • Jose Patterson
    Written on December 30, 2017
    "A snowboarding games featuring Alto and his friends. This highlight of this game is the wide arrange of locations you can snowboard through and it's fun mechanics."
  • Janet Bailey
    Written on January 7, 2018
    "I enjoyed the graphics in this game. The pixel graphics are basic but are put together in a way that is easy on your eyes. "
  • Samuel Washington
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "I have mild anxiety and this game really helps me cope. It's fun to play and really interesting. I think it's great."
  • Gregory Franklin
    Written on October 31, 2017
    "A beautiful game that's fun, challenging without being too hard and an overall great experience. Not much in the way of retro feels here, but otherwise, highly recommended. "
  • Anthony Flores
    Written on November 21, 2017
    "An endless snowboarding adventure in this app. It has very realistic movements and graphics. It's almost like you are actually out boarding. Very easy to learn yet difficult to master. Offers many hours of challenging fun entertainment. "
  • Rogelio Vega
    Written on July 4, 2018
    "The BGM and the gameplay is addicting and despite the repetitiveness, it never gets boring. You'll end up hooked to this game, trying to beat the high score that you yourself set!"
    Jaime Valdez
    Written on December 3, 2017
    "I have been playing Alto for a while now on my phone. It is kind of a mainstay on any device I get and it is promptly installed. This is the most perfect time waster of an app."