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Assetto Corsa is a racing sim game that is based on classic cars by BMW, AUDI, Ferrari , Lamborghini, etc. Players can start a racing career, join all types of different races, challenges, and events to play online and offline. 

What the community says about Assetto Corsa

  • David Hernandez
    Written on May 22, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a great sports game to play if you like car racing like I do. I really enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game because I am competitive in any sports that I play. My favorite part about the game is that if I'm on my laptop in a place without internet access, I can always play offline against the AI. The AI system in this game is the best I have ever seen in a racing game."
    Thomas Nelson
    Written on August 29, 2018
    "Modded games are my top choice in all platforms that they may be available to play and this is why this is my top sports game so far. It offers unlimited mods for car and track selection, and ultimately, it supports an extendable rotation of gaming wheel. PS: It also supports vr so yeah!!"
    Danielle Wood
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "I decided to try Assetto Corsa on steam because it had very positive reviews. I was not disappointed. This game is the closest it gets to a real driving sim. The physics are super accurate. "
    Irene Macías
    Written on January 23, 2017
    "Steam has tons of games available - even sports ones! Assetto Corsa is an awesome racing sim that will get your blood pumping. "
  • Nicholas Beck
    Written on June 28, 2018
    "I was looking for a cool racing game in Steam and I found this. What I really like the most is its graphics and of course, the smooth moves of cars. "
    Jack Yi
    Written on June 28, 2018
    "This is a really cool racing game. I enjoy playing this game a whole lot. It is a really good choice if you are looking for a racing game for PC."
  • Mildred Stevens
    Written on October 30, 2017
    "This game was really boring. The controls are jerky at best. I struggled through irritations when the audio was a beat behind the visual. Overall, I just feel there are better games out there for the money."
    Anna Tran
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "I've had some experience with many racing games similar to, Assetto Corsa. Assetto Carso seems to be a great game with great graphics. It's the perfect solution to the problem."
    John Hunt
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "i believe that's an opinion, steam has good sites usually with reviews one could research"
  • Elizabeth Bishop
    Written on November 2, 2017
    "One of the best 2 player racing games in ps4 and even thsplit-screenen is tolerable enough if you'd like to play with a friend locally. The AI isn't very smart, but it's still a good time."
    Louis Arnold
    Written on June 27, 2018
    "Feels like driving real cars. I love how it works on PS4. Though makes it hard to control, still it is a good challenge for a ps4 split screen racing game fan like me! So nice."
  • Betty Hansen
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "This is too confusing. I don't see any information about how to play it on Xbox one. "
  • Eugene Rios
    Written on October 30, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is probably the classiest racing game I've ever played. The creators went to great lengths to recreate aerodynamic conditions while racing, and recreated with great attention to historical detail some old European tracks and racecourses. The game is stylish, immersive, realistic, and very fun. The only downside for me is it's not supported for Mac. "
    Phillip Miller
    Written on November 19, 2017
    "The attention to detail in this game is amazing. From the physical representation of the cars, the handling, and the car specifications, this is a racing purist's dream. I would pick this game over many of the other racing simulations on the market. Be sure your computer can handle the graphics on this game so you can truly enjoy it. "
    Peter Price
    Written on September 5, 2018
    "The foreign-sounding name is enough to tell you that it's a rad name because let's be honest. Foreign things are better than local. If it ain't foreign, it borin'. The variety of cars here isn't that much to brag about, but the cars that every enginehead grew up with is here, and that's what counts"
    Eugene Ellis
    Written on November 21, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is an awesome game. The cars are beautiful and the gameplay is amazing. This racing game is challenging with a large variety of cars and tracks to master. This is the best PC racer out there."
  • Rose Barnes
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "I bought this for my family to play. It is very realistic. The dynamics and physics are true to life. The steering wheel responds as it should so it feels very lifelike. It's also a fun game to play that everyone in the family would love."
    Written on February 1, 2019
    "only game ive played that gets close to realistic physics. I also tried dirt4 and is extremely arcade, stay away from that one if you want realism."
    Written on January 28, 2017
    "I don't think this was very helpful.This racing sim looked good and fit criteria, but I'm not sure about the VR."
  • Kyle Murray
    Written on October 28, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is recognized as one of the top racing games. Although reviews indicate it is less of the best simulation racing game and more of a fantastic vehicle model with the game built upon it. Assetto Corsa will make you feel like you are driving the actual vehicle on a real track. The presentation is kind of crude outside the races themselves, but on the track it's exactly what it needs to be... right down to some terrific AI driving. These aren't slot-car drivers, but convincing opponents who will overcook it going into a turn, lose control as they try to get back onto the track, and even give you a love-tap as you race side-by-side through a turn. It's definitely a great option for people who need something that combines modern, attractive graphics and good AI with high-fidelity simulation. "
    Andrew Mitchell
    Written on October 25, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a fun and challenging simulation racing game I quite enjoyed and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for others to try themselves. If you are at all a fan of or into classic cars, then Assetto Corsa would certainly be well suited for your interest. If you like car racing games in general, then it also is right up your alley and should be on your list to check out and play."
  • Paul Lee
    Written on October 30, 2017
    "I played Assetto Corsa yesterday. I liked the aspect of driving with different cars and playing against other people online."
  • Kathleen Munoz
    Written on March 25, 2018
    "This racing simulator game may seem like just another racing game, but it truly is not! Very unique car selections make this game stand out from the others. The steering and controls are flawless too! "
  • Jordan Walters
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is the best realistic game on Steam I have ever played.Racing car games especially by Ferrari,Lamborghini trigger my adrenaline whenever I play the game.Last weekend,I invited my friends over and we really had so much fun!We played all types of races and the best part were the challenges..."
    Patrick Fox
    Written on April 17, 2017
    "You play video games to escape reality, but sometimes, realistic games are fun. Assetto Corsa is a very realistic racing game. Its addicting, graphics are great, and its fun."
    Ankita Patel
    Written on April 12, 2017
    "I think this somewhat solves what I'm looking for. It's a realistic racing game on steam and I think I would be willing to give it a try."
    Charles Baker
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "I read that this was a split-screen multiplayer racing game. How do u unlock that feature?"
  • Joseph Johnson
    Written on November 6, 2017
    "This racing game is about as realistic as it gets. The cars and race tracks are very detailed which only enhances your user experience. The cars were manufactured to look and drive just like the real version. I like that fact that they have a multi player options as well."
    Donna Ruiz
    Written on November 13, 2017
    "This was a great racing game. It had nice graphics, nice looking cars and interesting driving maps."
  • Walter Thompson
    Written on March 25, 2018
    "This racing sim game is so real. If you like the roar of engines and speed then this game will exceed your wildest dreams. It lets you pick from an awesome lineup of cars and the races are intensive battles to the finish line. This is my favorite racing game on the Xbox One."
  • Wayne Wood
    Written on April 5, 2017
    "This was a lot of fun to play with the Oculus. I felt like I was actually driving and was weaving around on the couch. It would have been more fun with a steering wheel though as it was a little bit awkward using the touch controls to steer."
    Robert Schmidt
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a great game that allows players to drive cars using a VR headset. The racing in this game is really done well and is quite engaging. I highly recommend this game, it's a lot of fun."
    James Weaver
    Written on July 5, 2017
    "I'm not a huge fan of this solution. There's no way to see how the game has been rated. Furthermore I have no idea how the game plays in comparison with others. "
  • Alice Spencer
    Written on March 14, 2018
    "Dude. I love this game! It's competitive and fun!"
  • Scott Day
    Written on March 22, 2018
    "I'm always on the lookout for new racing games for my Xbox One and a friend of mine recommended Assetto Corsa. I've been playing it for about a week now and I'm really enjoying it thus far. This game is definitely a racing "sim" and the physics are incredibly realistic. It has a fairly nice selection of cars and tracks to go along with the top-notch gameplay. If I had any complaints, I would say that the game is fairly limited in terms of gameplay variety and the computer A.I. could be somewhat better. Overall however, I really liked this game and would recommend it to other racing game enthusiasts."
  • Paul Santos
    Written on March 26, 2018
    "Assetto Corsa is one of the top racing sims on the Xbox One. It features all the classic brands of cars and beautiful locales, as well as intuitive and satisfying gameplay. Although there are other racing sims for the Xbox One, Assetto Corsa is easily one of the best."
  • Debra Guerrero
    Written on December 7, 2017
    "This game is fast, fun, and the graphics are the absolute best. I don't think I have ever played another racing game that felt so lifelike. I can't recommend it more! If you like beauty in the games you play then this where you will find it."
  • Christine Hansen
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "This is a super nice racing game. It has all the great racing cars you could want, total customization and you aren't locked into a set story mode or set of races. I love it!"
  • Sarah Hayes
    Written on May 28, 2017
    "The best thing about Assetto Corsa is the realism. With the inclusion of the amazing classic cars featured in the game, this is one of my favorite racing sims. The graphics are awesome and the tracks are great."
    Doris Oliver
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a great HTC Vive VR game to play. I just had a lot of fun racing in VR. I would definitely recommend using a wheel for this game to get the full experience. "
    Sandra Kennedy
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a great HTC Vive VR game to play. I just had a lot of fun racing in VR. I would definitely recommend using a wheel for this game to get the full experience. "
    Joy Zhao
    Written on June 21, 2017
    "Assetto Corsa is a racing game that is available on Steam and Playstation 4 that supports VR with the HTC Vive. It seems like a good solution to the problem."

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