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Elite Dangerous is a space simulation game developed by Frontier Developments and first released in 2015. It lets players explore an open-world cutthroat galaxy where players battle it out to freedom and glory.

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  • Charles Collins
    Written on February 12, 2017
    "If you are looking for a flight simulator game for windows, look no further than Elite Dangerous. Elite Dangerous is an awesome game available on steam that allows you to fly spaceships. I have been playing the game for a couple months now and it does not disappoint. I really love the graphics and the ability to upgrade my ship. I also love being able to connect with people from all over the world while playing this game. "
    Roger Jones
    Written on January 18, 2017
    "I love Simulation games. When I got my hands on Elite Dangerous I knew I would have a blast. The game is full of action, its probably the best space adventure game I've ever played. Flying around is so fun, missions, and exploring around the galaxy."
    Vincent Gomez
    Written on February 4, 2017
    "Elite: Dangerous gave me the opportunity to take control of my own ship and make my way through space. It was exhilarating to head off away from Earth and take control of my own ship through the awesomely graphic Milky Way!"
    Wayne Walters
    Written on January 4, 2017
    "I enjoyed being able to play this game and feel as though I was actually in the game flying around. I liked the premise of the game and the settings as well. "
    Louis Ferguson
    Written on April 22, 2017
    "Elite Dangerous has terrible controls. We are in the year and yet the graphics look absolutely terrible. Absolutely do not play this awful excuse for a game."
    Bobby Guzman
    Written on January 8, 2017
    "Blaze your own trail in space. A simulation of space exploration."
  • Anthony Carroll
    Written on July 7, 2017
    "A true Space Sandbox game. Do anything you want. Talk to anything you want. Blow up anyone you want, if you've got the superior firepower, of course. Be prepared to be blown up yourself, if not. A good alternative to EvE: Online if you don't want to shell out hundreds of dollars a year in monthly fees and ship upgrades. I know I got sick of that."
    Gerald Price
    Written on August 21, 2018
    "I like the unpredictability of Elite's gameplay. I'm a fan of space exploration games. I've played this for about 50 hours yet I couldn't completely master the game. There are plenty of surprises in the game which keep me on playing this game."
    Ridhi Tata
    Written on September 13, 2017
    "The actual game play is outstanding and the visuals unlike anything else. It can be a very immersive game with the detail in the sounds and environment. Definitely, one of a king at this point."
    Mark Foster
    Written on March 23, 2017
    "When it comes to exploration on a open word game, Elite: Dangerous is beautifully done. I loved exploring the galaxy from the comfort of my own apartment."
  • Brian Carter
    Written on June 18, 2019
    "IMHO Elite Dangerous is the best space MMORPG! Yeah it has been around for a while already but i never get tired of playing this game. BUt i would gladly like it more if this has the same music with Guardians of Galaxy. That would be effin amazing. "
    Gerald Knight
    Written on September 18, 2018
    "Indeed Elite Dangerous is still my primary game almost a year after it was launched...i never get tired of it because i can basically play the game how i want to and w/o the constraints of being forced down the tunnels...Definitely an immersive game although i admit there is a steep learning curve to get used to the game. "
  • Carl Hayes
    Written on May 21, 2018
    "hat has compelled you to come down to the reviews anyway. Maybe it's morbid curiosity, or maybe the game still intrigues you in some way. Hopefully you're not the type to take a single score as the entire basis for a decision. Either way you're expecting the reviews to clear things up a little. Not really happening, is it? There's a lot of vitriol spewed over this game. A lot of it is entirely valid opinion highlighting genuine flaws. A large amount though is vicious, disproportionate, entitled whining, much of which comes from players with many hundreds of hours in the game. The retort there is they love the game so much and would hate to see it die. The reality is the continuous negativity is damaging Elite more than any perceived missteps by the developers. Let's state the obvious: Elite:Dangerous is not for everyone. It is slow paced, it features repetetive game loops and it can be inaccessible without relying on third-party tools. All that's true. It's also true the game is hugely immersive, massive in scale and at times jaw-droppingly beautiful. The flight mechanics are also some of the best I've ever experienced in any comparable game. Elite is not a game where you are meant to cram in the hours to reach an end goal. There is no end goal, and if you try to do anything intensively you'll get burned out real quick. The game can get grindy, yes, but it is almost always a self-imposed grind, when it's also fine to take things slowly. I've been playing this game for a good couple of years now and I still haven't reached the 'top' of any metric - no Elite ranks, no maxed military ranks, no big ships (lots of smaller ones though) and barely a couple-hundred-million in the bank. I'm totally fine with that. Many others wouldn't be. The game will be appreciated most by those who are happy to set their own goals and take it at their own pace. It's the kind of game you can just get lost in. REA"
  • Jack Murphy
    Written on June 14, 2018
    "One of the best Steam games that I have on my PC. I can't get enough playing this game."
  • William Jensen
    Written on July 21, 2017
    "I think Elite: Dangerous is a very cool game. I've played it and it has a very wide open feel, with the ability to explore many different star systems. I'm not sure if it's the best space opera out there. Mass Effect seems a little better on the story side."
    Randy Thomas
    Written on February 27, 2017
    "For all the star wars and star trek lovers, you must try out Elite: Dangerous. You get to fly your own starship through the galaxy on an exciting adventure. highly recommend!"
    Donald Jones
    Written on September 13, 2017
    "I really tried to give this a chance but, it's just really really lame. There really aren't much things in this game that are exciting enough to make you want to keep playing."
  • Larry Fuller
    Written on July 9, 2017
    "This game let's you pilot a space-ship across the galaxy. You can choose your allies and fight enemies. "Supports Oculus Rift", which, I assume, means it doesn't support Vive."
    Scott Day
    Written on February 15, 2017
    "Great game. Sharpening my intergalactic-domination skills as I boldly go where no man has gone before and kick some alien butt! "
    Wayne Davidson
    Written on April 22, 2017
    "This is no game, but it is Dangerous. Let your mind explore then experience the most Dangerous."
  • Philip Ryan
    Written on February 6, 2019
    "So this is a HOTAS-compatible game huh? I might go get myself a HOTAS for my Elite Dangerous on Oculus VR."
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  • Joyce Wang
    Written on August 30, 2018
    "Games about spaceship has never been this fun and realistic through virtual reality. This is a mmo but you can also play singleplayer if you desire to. It supports vr esp during the oculus devkit days. Controls are pretty tricky tho bec there are a lot of them. "
    Nicolás Lozano
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "For my money, Elite Dangerous is the best VR game on Steam. I don't care to use VR for things I can see in everyday life or to receate the same situations over and over again. Space, spaceships, and even more space does it for me."
    Gilberto Domínguez
    Written on January 30, 2017
    "This game will be a fun play, you are the commander of a star-ship. What I like most is the ability to upgrade your ship to become stronger and take on even bigger enemy's."
    Lori Stanley
    Written on February 8, 2017
    "Yes please. I will be captaining my own ship and kicking galactic ass. "
  • Adrián Franco
    Written on September 17, 2018
    "Been playing the Elite series for quite some time already and yes out of all those my favourite is Elite Dangerous. What i like about Elite is that players are able to play in a way that suits us from thrilling dog fights to gentle exporation...there is definitely for every player out there. "
  • Betty Pearson
    Written on March 9, 2017
    "This website was immediately engaging. The combination of the colors, the video and the range of information was great. There combination of videos/software/hardware and games all in one site was compelling. There really is nothing I can complain about this site. It truly was well thought out and executed to meet the all the needs of the gamer and, specifically, for Elite Dangerous."
    Jesse Lucas
    Written on June 22, 2017
    "I feel that Elite: Dangerous was expansive and intriguing as any space combat game must be. The HTC Vive takes the experience of navigating your own spacecraft through the galaxy unlike anything else."
    Parakram Rangan
    Written on March 12, 2017
    "Elite Dangerous is a cheap title that allows me to play in space with the backing of a credible company. I just need to be able to be an outside traveler, and that's exactly what it lets me do."
  • Jacqueline Lawson
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "A good game for those who like space / starships / galaxy games and themes. I like that there are up to 8 people and you can play individually, building up your own places, and skills. Easy to get creative. "
    Tyler Guerrero
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Based on the requirement of the game being 7 8 10 and the high ratings by reviewers of 9 of 10 average I would rate this high"
  • Christopher Crawford
    Written on January 9, 2017
    "While there's not an amazing narrative to follow or set goals that offer much satisfaction, I'm someone that just likes exploring space and traversing across planets. It's a great sandbox game and I went in with the knowledge that this game was that, so I was perfectly fine with much of the game being about landing on planet after planet and just exploring them with my own goals."
    Thomas Ryan
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "Elite Dangerous is an excellent space game with above average graphics. I recommend it to anyone who is looking for planetary exploration/landing games."
  • Devansh Mehta
    Written on September 21, 2017
    "This is not good. I love space adventures. Trust me, I've played them all. From galaga to space invaders, but this is just cheap, mass=produced junk that maybe could sustain the attention of a toddler. But I doubt it. Everything about this is just bad. No. I don't recommend. "
    Keith Coleman
    Written on April 1, 2017
    "This is an immersive gaming experience. It is an immersive space flying experience. I spent hours and hours in this game. It's a lot of grinding, but that also adds to the realism of this game. I like it, I think you might too."
    Larry Collins
    Written on March 19, 2017
    "I would classify this as a MMO type game, I do not think it is necessarily a RPG. I was also not very impressed with the game. It does take in space, it just was not very entertaining or high quality."
    Charles Nguyen
    Written on February 13, 2017
    "I had always wanted to get a feel a space game that had a great story. A friend of mine recommended this game and it blew my mind away with how detailed it is."
    Joshua Castro
    Written on January 25, 2017
    "What a great site for finding everything you need or need to know in the RPG world. I found this site to be easy to navigate and found exactly what i needed."
    Robert Coleman
    Written on April 18, 2017
    "I was hoping that it could find another game called XCOM. Maybe it can find something else."
  • Jonathan Simmons
    Written on February 7, 2018
    "May not be the best as the reviews are very mixed but it is an offline game that will run on windows 7."
  • Donald Kim
    Written on March 20, 2019
    "To me, this game resembles something like Star Trek. Not exactly the most flight simulator game of that sort although it's also a fun game with exciting combats and missions"
    Aarav Balasubramanium
    Written on May 28, 2019
    "It is what it is, a great fight simulator that I play on ps4. Not really the most hype and entertaining flight simulator but definitely worth playing"
  • Ashley Harris
    Written on March 16, 2018
    "nice games for play station simulation "
  • Craig Patel
    Written on March 19, 2018
    "Elite: Dangerous is one of the best simulation games for the Xbox One. It's better than similar titles mainly because of its story line, you get to build your own universal army."
  • Yan Fu
    Written on October 2, 2017
    "Elite: Dangerous is one of the best VR games of its generation. It offers original space combat, a large universe, responsive controls, and maximum replayability. It's well reviewed and players have enjoyed the new updates."
    Pamela Butler
    Written on June 27, 2017
    "The new VR games are great and this is something that's right up my alley. Steam makes it easy to see what kind of game this is and whether I want to put out the money on it."
    Juan Ortiz
    Written on March 7, 2017
    "Elite is the premier space sim if you want the most realistic space out there and all that entails, this game is for you "
  • Aaron Andrews
    Written on June 2, 2018
    "I'm so happy with my Xbox One. Games like this one keep me going for hours on end. The graphics are so amazing and the storyline just keeps everything so interesting."
  • Debra Torres
    Written on December 17, 2017
    "I needed the best games to play with a steam controller and I found Elite: Dangerous. I really think this is the kind of game that has the advantage of being played with a controller since it requires a lot of accuracy. With a little bit of configuration, I was powering through ED like nothing with the steam controller."
  • Frank Cunningham
    Written on March 9, 2018
    "Although my real hardcore gaming days are pretty much behind me and I just use my current console mostly for Netflix streaming, this game looks like it could be a lot of fun! The graphics look very much up to par, and being able to play online is also a plus these days. Perhaps I will find myself playing this video game one day!"
  • Eric Lawrence
    Written on March 11, 2018
    "I love this game. Spaceships and galactic intrigue galore keep me locked in the space mode for hours on end. I must save the human race from the perils of dealing with those darn aliens. Warp speed!"
  • Ken Wu
    Written on April 8, 2019
    "It's been a while since a good space sim has come out. This is a very ambitious game that did a lot of things right. Some slight repetition and lack of content was eventually addressed in future updates making it a much better game now."
    Roy Simmons
    Written on May 7, 2017
    "finally, my own starships. I am so ready to explore the universe on the comfort of my own computer. What is not to like: video games, star ships, galaxies, space exploration."
    Ann Carpenter
    Written on January 31, 2017
    "Multiplayer game in space. Now that sounds cool. Much better than the typical build a city type. "
    Guadalupe Quintana
    Written on June 27, 2017
    "This a great online multiplayer game. I had a lot of fun playing this."

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