The Forest

The Forest


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The Forest is a terrifying first-person survival horror simulator in which you can be a lone survivor of a passenger jet crash. You will have to survive in a forest full of dangerous cannibals. It also features a co-op mode.

What the community says about The Forest

  • Francisco del Ángel
    Written on September 21, 2018
    "Pretty addicting if you ask me, the intriguing story plus the amazing game mechanics will add this game to my personal list of "unfinished games due to sidequesting". NGL, I feel sorry for the character's son, being stuck in that underground lab while his dad goes and deforests the entire island LMAO"
    Shirley Pierce
    Written on June 28, 2018
    "The forests is a terrifying game that makes me think about cannibals and the possibility of their existence near civilization. I wonder if there are some near me."
    Steven Carlson
    Written on June 8, 2017
    "ooh,, sounds scary, a forest full of cannibalism survival, talk about nightmare getting worse. RPG horror personified."
    Tyler Rice
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "Nothing comes to mind better than The Forest for an open world horror game to try out. With an overall rating of 91%, this game does not disappoint and offers plenty of hours of fun."
    Gerald Fuller
    Written on July 25, 2017
    "I actually really liked this game. It's a fun game for building in an open environment and has horror elements as well. It's very fun."
  • Israel Suárez
    Written on September 20, 2018
    "Cannibals on a deserted island usually spell "gorefest" for me, not a horror game with creepy-ass tribesmen. And if you think you've gotten used to it, prepare thine self for the sewn-together bodies of people, walking around like a muh'ffin spider and making noises that would keep you awake at night. Overall, this game is PERFECTLY executed, despite what the other guy below me says."
    Sean Elliott
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "Good concept for a game, but I think it was lacking in execution. I did not feel very invested or scared. Overall, meh."
    Nancy Vasquez
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "A decently creepy game, has nice atmosphere and is a standout among early access survival games."
    احمد قنيدي
    Written on October 23, 2018
    "كيف مبتش تفتح "
  • Liu Ma
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This is an interesting game that has you defending against zombie as well as watching out for attacks from other players. The dread that you will have until you hear that terrifying and piercing scream every 30 minutes is worth it."
    Amit Tata
    Written on January 23, 2017
    "Very atmospheric and tense. I'm not very into horror games... Playing alone is fine when I'm in the mood, but while playing co-op makes things a little lighter, it was really fun navigating through the game's dark environment, especially with a friend. Solo and multiplayer are both fine, but I definitely had the most fun playing multiplayer."
    Gary Guerrero
    Written on September 28, 2018
    "Got this as a gift from my officemates. In my opinion horror is more like ghosts or something, but this game is more of a zombie gore than horror for me. Still enjoyable to play wioth my colleagues."
    Jose Howell
    Written on June 27, 2018
    "This is like camping with cannibals and wild animals truly scary for me who doesn't like the outdoors. Its more like it made me more scared to go outside :'("
    SgtRaves BX
    Written on May 14, 2019
    "This is not gore or ''ZOMBIE'' horror game, most people who have commented here havent play the game in serious way or understanded what it really is about. Without giving away spoilers im just gonna say its an awesome game, medium sized open world and great storyline that you have to figure out by urself or with ur friends. Its worth 14.95 trust me!"
    Johnny Hanson
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "This game looks good. I am huge fan of survival horror games, including the classic Resident Evil series. This game reminds me a lot of the movie The Descent. The scene where you traverse the caves and light up a flare revealing the mutants around you is certainly a scary surprise. "
    William Moreno
    Written on April 3, 2017
    "The Forest is one of the best survival games on PC and the creepy but beautiful game has earned very positive reviews on Steam. I especially enjoyed the crafting mechanics, you can build your home out of raw materials but watch out for the cannibal mutants!"
  • Ana María Alarcón
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "Thrill seekers will like this game. It has an intense atmosphere that feels like a combination of action, horror, and survival. The story is unique too and I've tried lots of survival games before 👍"
    Vihaan Subramanium
    Written on July 9, 2018
    "The scary part comes in when you realize that your fear of being alone is triggered. I personally have that phobia and perhaps it gets triggered knowing the fact that the game makes me the only survivor of a plane crash and the scary part comes in when cannibal creatures would that would attempt to deceive you that they are harmless would suddenly attack you randomly during the day!! This is a survival game so develop your skills very well!"
    George Aguilar
    Written on February 15, 2017
    "I really love a good scare. Recently I was looking for a multiplayer game that would give me that scary thrill. I found it. The game is Called Forest and it is absolutely frightening. This is a new game put out by steam and best of all it is multiplayer."
    Scott Delgado
    Written on January 22, 2017
    "The Forest was able to help me get over my fear of scary multiplayer games. I learned a lot about the different techniques developers use in games to make you afraid. Now, I pretty much expect anything when it comes to a scary multiplayer game! "
    Rakesh Jhadav
    Written on January 10, 2017
    "I think this game has really good graphics it looks very realistic like a real forest. It does indeed leave the player scared with the impression they have been running through it. I also like that it has multiplayer so I am able to play this with my friends."
  • William Lopez
    Written on November 20, 2017
    "The Forest is a hugely popular game that allows players to experience the game through the eyes of a lone survivor of a plane crash, and must work to survive against the creatures of the forest. It offers both single player and multiplayer experiences, and offers tons of hours of entertainment. I really enjoyed this game when it released."
    Aadhya Tambe
    Written on October 26, 2017
    "I HIGHLY recommend The Forest game. The amount of hours I put in this game is insane, I've only played 5 but I still have to uncover 2nd of the things. Its sooo much fun and addictive. "
  • Jonathan Pearson
    Written on January 12, 2017
    "Realistic survival horror simulator. So real I thought I was there in the forest after the jet crash. This really teaches one true survival skills. Try it now!"
    Aadhya Chauhan
    Written on March 24, 2017
    "this is a very interesting game"
  • Wei Lai
    Written on June 17, 2019
    "one of the games like minecraft with better graphics. this puts on a very scary twist to adventure and survival. it's scary but entertaining at the same time"
    Jack Gonzales
    Written on January 11, 2017
    "I picked up The Forest because i was bored and it looked interesting. To my surprise it reminds me a lot of minecraft in survival, creating and building items. I would say it's a survival game that is very under the radar and a gem in a mine. I would suggest this to anyone of my friends."
    James Walters
    Written on July 6, 2018
    "I recommend this game for people who have strong hearts. Overall, I'm really impressed with the challenges. "
    Russell Simpson
    Written on January 19, 2017
    "The graphics are far better than what Minecraft currently has to offer. I also feel that there is more survival in this game than in Minecraft. The creativity seems limited, however, in that I don't feel there are likely to be as many "building blocks""
    Anthony Weber
    Written on January 11, 2017
    "Such a fun game. I highly recommend. It involves you as the lone survivor of a passenger jet crash and you battle to stay alive against a society of cannibalistic mutants. "
  • Donald Kim
    Written on April 20, 2017
    "It looks rather simplistic at first but it's really a fun game of survival in a place where you're the intruder. I especially liked that you didn't necessarily know what's around the corner so it kept me in suspense wondering what I would be encountering next. Recommended."
    Chao Liu
    Written on September 21, 2018
    "GRAPHICS ARE AMAZING. 3-D AND REALISTIC. There is no other greater way of making a survival and horror game better than providing a realistic environment right in front of you"
    Caroline Lin
    Written on April 9, 2017
    "I got a craving for some good old horror games. I tried The Forest on my PC and it is pretty scary. The game perspective is first person and there are quite a few good jump scares and the cannibals are very creepy. It got my heart racing for sure."
    Mary Walters
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "The Forest is a great horror game. When you are playing it you get completely engrossed in the story. Very apparent that this was one the developers took time with."
  • Aaron Grant
    Written on March 16, 2017
    "The Forest is one of the best horror games out there right now. It is still in early access and is heavily under development, but is already in a great and stable place. The game is only getting more and more features added in to make it even better than before. CYou can play with friends which is a good thing because it's too scary to play alone!"
    Jesse King
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "I just started playing this game and the story of this game is captivating. I have mainly focused on building and survival, as I progresses through the game, I can only speculate on a possible ending to the story of this game."
    Ananya Chatterjee
    Written on February 27, 2017
    "I was looking for a horror game on steam. I found The Forest and it was perfect, just the type of scary game I was looking for and it was fun and well made."
  • Xiang Gong
    Written on October 19, 2017
    "This my speed right here. Not a lot of games appeal to gorehounds like me. This game is sick, though. If you need blood and guts in your game play, then here i your answer. Seriously messed up. Wow!"
    Edward Banks
    Written on November 16, 2017
    "I played this game, and it is terrifying. We all would fear being stranded and helpless. I know I sure do. Being chased by cannibals -- I find it scary."
  • Anna Sullivan
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "'The Forest' is still in development with fixes or upgrades to apply a couple of times a month. Some are quite extensive which left me wanting to start over. It has amazing graphics and is quite dark. Those who like this genre will surely find this intriguing and worth being in at the start of what may become a viral series. Personally, the living dead aren't 'my thing' and I'm suspecting I will lose interest sooner rather than later."
    Alan Reynolds
    Written on July 20, 2017
    "I understand this game was made by only 4 people but they seriously should have done more testing to make sure their minimum system requirements were based in reality. I bought this game because it was supposed to dark and intense, not laggy and blurry and I was closer to the recommended requirements. "
    James Mills
    Written on March 5, 2017
    "For people that like dark theme games this could be a game for you and make you interested into this new game coming out to steam."
  • James Murray
    Written on January 14, 2017
    "Try to imagine being the sole survivor of a deadly passenger plane crash and having to come to grips with staying alive in a dangerous forest full of cannibals. This website has all the information and means to test your survival skills. Horrifying and challenging all in one place."
    Donald Murphy
    Written on June 24, 2017
    "The Forest is a great game for those who love the survival games. It has a different twist than most in that you are a survivor of a plane crash and have to avoid getting eaten by cannibals. It is a pretty cool game."
    Carl Alexander
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "I could not get into this game. The premise is interesting but the approach to survival features is kind of boring. There's not much variety in the settings and survival strategies."
  • Vincent Weber
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "I gotta say, I am a huge horror fan, and a huge horror game fan so I am always on the lookout for the next best thing. I think I found it. The Forest is a great horror game where you have to survive after a jet crash. It's available on Steam and my new favorite game right now. "
    Jean Long
    Written on January 21, 2017
    "I love the pace of the The Forest. The game involves a nice mix of grinding - e.g., building a hut - and horror - e.g., defending against the mutant cannibals. I got hooked on the storyline, which exposes you to the culture of the cannibals. "
    Peter Flores
    Written on January 8, 2017
    "Scary and exciting. Well done and very engaging"
  • Keith Guganda
    Written on March 12, 2019
    "As the survivor of a plane crash on an uncharted peninsula, you must use nature and the tools you scavenge to build bases and defenses against the native cannibals while looking for the missing passengers and your son. Open world with single player or online two player. Players must maintain hunger, thirst, warmth and optionally sanity."
    Matt Carlisle
    Written on May 28, 2019
    "Great Survival game that has an actual story and end to it. Loved playing with my friends, building a great base and exploring the dark and dangerous caves all while defending against the mutant cannibals. "

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