The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead


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The Walking Dead is an adventure horror game based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series. It is delivered in a decision based, tale-tell gaming system wherein every decision you make would impact the story and how it unfolds.

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  • Margaret Ross
    Written on July 6, 2018
    "What's not to love with The Walking Dead??? The TV show was great and the game is excellent. But what I like about this game is that you get to make your own story. Granted that it really forces you to make certain decisions and gives you the illusion of free-will by giving us choices, but it kinda let you feel that you are there, at the thick of things, about to lose your life, or about to lose a valued friend. Great game and great value for your money. I would recommend this to all zombie-haters. LOL!!!"
    Larry Smith
    Written on February 13, 2017
    "The Walking Dead is a story driven game that puts the player in the directors chair. Make your own choices that affect the outcome of the stories as you fight along side survivors in the zombie apocalypse."
    Juan Delgado
    Written on June 19, 2017
    "This game is an ideal solution for my problem. The Walking Dead is a popular TV show so the game should be an entertaining version of the show. "
    Paridhi Mehta
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "This is a zombie game for steam so I feel that it fits the solution. Overall pretty good solution here as this game is pretty well thought of."
  • Marcela Ávalos
    Written on November 24, 2017
    "I am a huge fan of the tv show, so I was surprised that I loved the app. The story is great and the gameplay works really well. Recommended for all fans of the show or anyone looking for a great apocalypse/horror game."
  • Susan Fisher
    Written on April 6, 2017
    "I hate this game, personally. I hate the entire series of the Walking Dead, find it overly violent for the sake of violence, and can't stand it. I don't understand how this game got such good reviews for its story, but for the sake of being a Telltale Game based on the Walking Dead IP? I guess it's good. It's their best brand for a reason, I guess."
    Daniel Griffin
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "I was looking for a game that tells a great story, and The Walking Dead does not disappoint. Filled with adventure, cultural references, and suspense, I found myself so wrapped up in the story that I forgot that I was playing a game. This is an excellent solution."
    Eugene Crawford
    Written on May 31, 2017
    "the walking dead is one of the best games I have ever played, It is very engaging and has so many things you can do in the games.I like how it is based on a comic book series."
  • Danielle Peterson
    Written on August 16, 2018
    "I love TWD, the comics, the games, the spin off series, even the rather controversial TV show. This game lets you decide what happens next, even the littlest choices can affect something in the long run. It's every zombie fan's top game"
    Austin Peterson
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "Ever wonder what happened if Zombies rules the earth and you have to fight against mindless creatures? Get ready to practice for such scenarios in the walking dead, kill some zombies and save the humanity."
    Raymond Peters
    Written on February 8, 2017
    "This is an interesting game, but it is very much not a choose-your-own-adventure. There's no branching decision tree. This is just a normal adventure game."
    Henry Reid
    Written on January 30, 2017
    "The choices that I make matter. It puts me in control, but it also makes me wonder about the other options I don't choose."
  • Mildred Cole
    Written on December 17, 2017
    "True to the series!"
  • Jerry Cole
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "The Walking Dead really feels like the comic book in game form. I picked up the season pass and have loved every minute of it. The characters and dialogue are near-perfect translation of their comic counterparts. The story really helps to flesh out the world and the game-play will keep you on your toes."
    Pamela Welch
    Written on January 10, 2017
    "Comic books have literally been my best friends since I was a little tyke. I'm always on the lookout for great comic book based games on steam. When I found The Walking Dead game on steam, I lost it! It's an awesome game and really does TWD justice."
    Lawrence Schneider
    Written on January 17, 2017
    "One of the best games ever when it comes to storytelling. These are so fun to play and the choices you make actually matter."
  • Mildred Armstrong
    Written on December 7, 2017
    "I love the show and I like the game too. The graphics are really good. The game play is engaging and fun. I found it to be realistic for the most part as well. It's available in many languages and there is help should you need it. Only draw back for me is the single player format. I would rather a group play for this one. It's really challenging to play the game as well. Every choice you make affects the rest of the game. It makes you think and strategize for the long haul. "
  • Phillip White
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "As a fan of first the comic book, then the television shows, I have to say that The Walking Dead game for the PC is the best episodic story games I've ever played. The characters are excellent and the game play is both challenging and fun. I highly recommend you put down your crowbar & step out of your orange suit so you can embrace the dead."
    Stephanie Kennedy
    Written on March 26, 2017
    "As a huge Walking Dead fan, I HAD to try this game. It is so engaging and it feels just like I'm in the TV show. The zombies certainly kept me on my toes and the decisions I have to make are so suspenseful, I never know what is going to happen!"
    Samantha Simpson
    Written on April 16, 2017
    "I am a huge fan of the show and have been very impressed with this game. I bought The Walking Dead as soon as it was available and I haven't been disappointed. The story is great and the gameplay is incredibly engaging. Highly recommend!"
  • Gloria Adams
    Written on March 19, 2019
    "First of all i am not really a fan of video game neither the best pc story games that my boyfriend has been suggesting me to check out when he saw me play this. HAHHA! Anyway, i only started playing this when i got hooked on TWD tv series. So yeah i got addicted to this game i find its story even better than the TV show haha! "
  • Evelyn Wong
    Written on May 31, 2017
    "It you love the show, you'll love this game. It's a suspenseful, interesting game. "
    Vivaan Venkatesan
    Written on January 30, 2017
    "great interactive fiction game where you choose how the story progresses"
  • Jose Soto
    Written on December 11, 2017
    "I think the best FMV game that I have played on my Android is "The Walking Dead." It's exciting, lively, and feels like a new adventure every time! I would love to continue playing it for as long as possible. I hope they keep up with the new updates!"
  • Samantha Fields
    Written on December 11, 2017
    "This is really very good. I don't play it often. I played it enough to make sure it was a good game. Then I gave it to my sister who loves the show, and all things zombie. She loves this game."
  • Jacob Turner
    Written on January 17, 2018
    "Play the OSX version of your favorite zombie game. The Walking Dead chapters are available now on OSX"
  • Judith Bryant
    Written on November 15, 2017
    "The Walking Dead game is absolutely brilliant. If you love the show then you will love this game. It gives you a chance to experience the world some your favorite characters experience. Lots of fun!"
    Adam Cox
    Written on October 28, 2017
    "The Walking Dead is a great iphone game if you need a scare. It is based on the comic and everything you love about it will be in the game."
  • Jane Bell
    Written on April 2, 2018
    "The Walking Dead is an okay game to stream. "
  • Moisés Sánchez
    Written on December 30, 2017
    "If you are a Walking Dead fan, you have to have this game. Set in the same zombie infested world as the show, you will experience many highs, and many lows as you progress along your quest to safety. Great dialog and beautiful graphics make this one of the best games I have played this year. Highly recommend. "
  • Jacob Flores
    Written on May 20, 2018
    "Doesn't really tell me anything. People who don't watch or are familiar with the program, may be get lost as well."
  • Danielle Flores
    Written on November 17, 2017
    "IF you are a fan of the walking dead this game is for you. It's extremely realistic and will have you thinking you are taking part in a real zombie apocalypse. You have to figure out how to survive and the game is a lot of fun. I would highly recommend. the game. "
    Jane Jackson
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "This game series doesn't have such a great gameplay to it, but this is because it's more story-driven. It's more of a point-and-click adventure game with quick time events. But the first season is excellent and is a must-experience for everyone."
    Sandra Stevens
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "If you are seeking any PS4 survival games then the walking dead is a good choice. the walking dead is a five part adventure horror game based on the award winning comic book series. this game is very realistic and quite enjoyable."
  • Randy Flores
    Written on December 27, 2017
    "I usually don't like horror. Whether it's movies or games, I stay away from anything horror. I heard my friends raving about Alien: Isolation and reluctantly decided to give it a try and I have to say I really like it. Keeps my energy up and makes me feel like I'm exploring a whole new world."
  • Tiffany Franklin
    Written on March 11, 2017
    "This is easily the best video game based on a series I've ever played. Its lore is rich and the characters are just as compelling as they are in the show/comic book, and I love how important each of your decisions are in the game. Definitely would recommend this--in fact, I'm recommending it to myself as I'm about to do a third play through!"
    Ryan Burns
    Written on May 4, 2017
    "Do you ever find video games to have too much action and not enough dialogue? I am a PC game player and have this problem all the time. That is why I was thrilled to find the Walking Dead game for PC. If you like the show you'll love the game. It follows the same story line and is good for hours and hours of exciting play!"
    Isabel Castellanos
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "The Walking Dead is definitely one of the best dialogue PC games around. It's very engrossing, highly engaging and surprisingly moving for a game. It really is like you're in the middle of the TWD world. It's very cool."
  • Hannah Pearson
    Written on December 8, 2017
    "I am a huge comic book fan, and The Walking Dead definitely isn't my favorite comic book based iOS app. Of course, The Walking Dead isn't among my favorite comics, so that probably has something to do with my opinion. Still, there are much better comic based iOS apps."
  • Patricia May
    Written on March 11, 2018
    "Horror and a strong warning of content awakes you with this The Walking Dead game. If has five stages and you can purchase a season pass to them. The game as the same setting of the comic book that shares its name."
  • Emma Mitchell
    Written on March 31, 2017
    "This is a great story line....I would almost compare it to riding the wildest roller coaster with its many ups and down, twists and turns. It really depends on your choices depending on what you pick is what story line you will follow. One of my favorite Telltale games by far. Definitely is one of the best games with a compelling storyline that will hit you in the feels."
    Ramón Santiago
    Written on September 28, 2018
    "A big fan of the tv series so I played this game. So far, I'm impressed!"
    Angela Xiao
    Written on June 5, 2017
    "Without a doubt one of THE best horror games you could possibly get. The characters are fully-fleshed and complex and the narrative is harrowing and keeps you on your toes. If you're a horror fan at all, a fan of zombies or even a fan of good storytelling, this game checks all those boxes and it would be a shame to not have it in your library."
    Lidia Nieto
    Written on March 9, 2017
    "This is the best interactive telltale game I've ever played. The story and characters are excellent, and I would absolutely play again. Highly recommend!"
  • Johnny Gordon
    Written on April 27, 2018
    "This is exactly what I was looking for in a zombie game. I think a horror game with the walking dead has a lot of interesting concepts about zombies and I think the story mode will be really interesting. "
  • Gregory Carlson
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "The Walking Dead is a very plot-heavy game, with a focus on personal choice rather than on actual gameplay mechanics. Because of this, its perfect for anyone seeking a more story driven game."
    Carolyn Wagner
    Written on April 16, 2017
    "If you love the show you will love playing the game. Playing the game gives you chance to feel like you are in the show. Fighting zombies to stay alive cool."
    Benito Saldaña
    Written on June 14, 2017
    "This is a good storyline type game that is based on the popular series, so I could see a lot of people really liking this one."
  • Teresa Reyes
    Written on September 21, 2018
    "Although this may be a dream come true for Walking Dead fans, those of us who do not watch the show, this game leaves a little to be desired. It is a good/fair game but there is nothing special to it unless you are a fan of the show. Worth playing to make your own decision."
    Timothy Guzman
    Written on November 23, 2017
    "I'm not a huge zombie fan, but I do like playing The Walking Dead games, which are gory and spooky and engrossing. Unfortunately this game, for sale on Steam, is for PC and Mac only, not PS4. "
    Anna Diaz
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "The Walking Dead for PS4 is just as scary as the show! This game embodies the Horror game genre at it's best. Don't play this game in the dark."
  • Ananya Chavan
    Written on June 18, 2017
    "This was really atmospheric. I felt so much like I was in the game that it was almost too scary sometimes, if you can believe that. If you're really into the horror genre, you'll probably like this one quite a bit."
    Henry Carter
    Written on February 21, 2017
    "This game was what I wanted. I thought it was nice that it was 5 parts, because you could progress between them and knew where to have a stopping cue."
    Kimberly Weaver
    Written on February 20, 2017
    "I was looking for a good, atmospheric game that wasn't "The Last of Us", and boy was I not disappointed by this! This game had me hooked right away. "
  • Grace Gao
    Written on March 8, 2018
    "The Walking Dead is the best PS$ adventure game I've ever played. Based on the show by the same name, the game brings you into the world and lets you play along, super fun. I love it!"
  • Sarah Newman
    Written on January 24, 2017
    "The Walking Dead is a great horror game for PC. It's based on the hit tv show of the same name and it is filled with great scares, drama and of course zombies! I love both the show and the game and I love playing it late at night when it's extra scary!"
    Shirley Douglas
    Written on January 22, 2017
    "This should be a great solution for horror games for PC. It has overwhelmingly positive reviews. If I like this kind of games, I have to try it."
    Vishal Patil
    Written on September 20, 2017
    "Now this is exactly what you are looking for. Incorporates exactly what I would want, and also the amazing TV series helps here."

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