How to watch Dragon Ball in order?

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If you're one of the many Otakus who are still asking how to watch Dragon Ball in order, then worry no more because this page is created just for you! Since Dragon Ball has been in the industry for over 30 years, it is really normal that some of you have no idea which series comes first. Sure, you may be familiar with Goku's signature attack, or you may have said the Kamehameha to your friend when you were a kid. But Dragon Ball shows aren't just about those familiar Super Saiyan and other interesting battles that Goku and his team fought. There's really more to the series that's why it lasted for more than 30 years. To learn more about the franchise, browse through the list below.

  1. 1Dragon Ball


    For those of you who have been asking "in what order should I watch Dragon Ball", then you would definitely appreciate if you start on the very first production. The story of Super Saiyans and Battle Power in Dragon Ball should be streamed on its 1986 production, which is the Dragon Ball. You might initially notice the awkward animation on this but it certainly captured the core narration of the series that led to successive episodes. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Dragon Ball Z


    Now that you’re itching to know the next narration, Dragon Ball Z serves as the second part of the series. Here, the narration has been made better than the initial streaming of the first episode. This comes with the introduction of more characters where it was shown that Goku and Vegeta had a fight.

  2. 3Dragon Ball GT


    Fast forward from the initial 1986 production, Dragon Ball GT was produced in 1996. This is the third part of the series where the search for the seven Dragon Ball continues with more jam-packed combats among the characters. Here, Goku’s growth into becoming a great fighter has been further realized. It was shown how he and his friends have dealt with new villains who prevent them from accomplishing their goals.

  1. 4Super Dragon Ball Heroes


    As the story closes its finale, Super Dragon Ball Heroes made every fan watch in awe. Here, Goku, Vegeta, and Future Mai met Fu who informed them that Future Trunks is being held captive on Prison Planet. This adds to their search for the seven dragon balls, but it has surely added depth to the story as they discovered the seventh ball. 

  2. 5Dragon Ball Z Kai


    To watch dragon ball in order, Dragon Ball Z Kai should come next after watching Dragon Ball GT. In this fourth series, the intensity of the story continues. This was coincidentally produced with the Dragon Ball’s 20th anniversary. Here, Goku’s adventure progresses but with more high definition, better sound and special effects have been incorporated into the story. 

  3. 6Dragon Ball Super


    Close to its finale is the Dragon Ball Super which was produced in 2015. Here, you would see the character development, especially on the protagonists. This what makes this series unique because the viewer tends to appreciate more the story more than its animation. 


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