Avengers: Endgame cover

Avengers: Endgame

  • 181min
  • Adventure, Science Fiction, Action
  • 8.6/ 10
  • 94%

Grappled by the loss of their loved ones, the Avengers must do whatever it takes to reverse Thanos' fatal snap that wiped out half the universe. As humanity's only hope, their success relies on how much they are willing to sacrifice.

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Rainier Sulla
Now that the Mad Titan has wiped out half of the universe, we think it's high time you finally immerse yourself in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and join the fight! Alright, for the sake of those who haven't watched Avengers: Endgame, we won't reveal anything crucial. After all, we waited for almost a decade for this saga to come to a close. We don't want to spoil all that glory for you. But just so you know, the Mightiest Heroes of Earth really kicked so much ass. And truth be told, we want you to see them for yourself! So, we're giving you the right resources to hype you up and ride the fad. Of course, this hub is also for those who still can't move past what happened in the film. All your questions related to Marvel - games, theories, quotes, fight scenes, celebrities, comic books, movies, cameos, and more - are here! If you also wanna see Josh Brolin underneath that Thanos suit, then, by all means, take a look at them here! Trust us, he's a lot less frightening in his other films. See some of his images for reference.

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