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The Dark Knight

  • 152min
  • Drama, Action, Crime, Thriller
  • 94%
  • 9/ 10

The Dark Knight opens with a bank robbery scene carried out by a gang of criminals that are all being led by the Joker. After the robbery, Batman, Harvey Dent, and Jim Gordon form an alliance in an attempt to destroy all of the organized crime in Gotham. Throughout the film, the Joker reveals a lot of his history and shows a very sadistic side that shows his true manipulative and evil nature. The Joker wants to know the true identity of Batman in the film and unleashes terror on the city of Gotham in pursuit of his quest.

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Rainier Sulla
It's been so many years since the epic conclusion to Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy hit the theaters, but you know what? We still can't get over it! And we think it makes perfect sense to talk about it now, especially that we're about to see a new actor wearing the Batsuit. How do you think will he fare? While we're at it, let's also talk about the new actress who's going to play as the sexy feline villain Catwoman. How do you think will she live up to the standards set by Hollywood megastars who came before her? Well, it's kinda hard to tell if you haven't seen the movie or if you know little about Batman. Alright, don't worry, because we at have our minds set on guiding you through this dark and twisted adventure! On this page, you can find all the answers to all your Batman questions, specifically ones related to The Dark Knight Rises. Check out our page for more info!

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