Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone cover

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

  • 152min
  • Adventure, Fantasy, Family
  • 7.6/ 10
  • 81%

Harry Potter is an orphan whose parents are killed when he is a baby. He is raised by his aunt and uncle, Petunia and Vernon Dursley. Harry has a pretty miserable life growing up due to being bullied a lot by his cousin Dudley, and generally being ignored and given the bare essentials to survive, such as having his bedroom be the broom closet under the stairs. When Harry's 12th birthday begins approaching, he starts receiving letters in the mail for the first time ever, but they are destroyed before he can read them by the Dursley's. However, on the night of his 12th birthday, he is hand-delivered a letter by Hagrid, played by Robbie Coltrane. The letter is an acceptance to Hogwarts, a wizarding school, and Harry is introduced to the mysterious world of magic for the first time and learns that he is actually a wizard.

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Rainier Sulla
As much as we hate to tell you the sad truth, we won't get to see much of Harry Potter on the big screens anymore. Although we'll feel his presence in the spin-off prequel films, that's the closest we'll ever be to our favorite wizard. But don't fret, that doesn't mean you'll never experience the Wizarding World once again! In fact, we're here to give you that unlimited chance to explore it again. Yes, you can even go all the way back from where everything started - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! Do you remember the first time Harry discover his powers? Do you remember how he felt when he first stepped foot on Hogwarts? We're sure you want to revisit wonderful moments like those! Well, here's your chance! Below, we give you answers to all your questions related to the first installment in the franchise. Whether it be about streaming websites, books, movies, or merchandise items, we got it here. This is not a drill, Potterheads, we're really taking you on a trip down this magical world!

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