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  • 60min
  • Crime, Drama, Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Unrest plagues Tulsa, Oklahoma after believers of the antihero Rorschach begin attacking policemen who have hidden behind masks to avoid identification. This sends a detective named Angela Abar on a conquest to find the perpetrators who conspired the attack recently attempted on her colleague. HBO’s adaptation takes on a unique retelling to the Watchmen you’ve grown to know and love.

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    Sam Credo
    When Daenerys Targaryen died at the hands of Jon Snow, Game of Thrones surely piqued everyone's curiosity. And there could only be one question: What's next after HBO's hit series? Watchmen. Except that this time, it's gonna be a superhero series inspired by a DC Comics title of the same name. Before wondering if the series would live up to your expectations as Game of Thrones did (or even beyond), we actually think you should read the graphics novel from which the show was adapted from. Why? Because people who were able to watch say that it is more of a continuation rather an adaptation. But don't fret, some characters like the godlike Dr. Manhattan is gonna be there! Get bedazzled by badass superheroes with insane superhuman abilities, dressed in their costumes. And brace yourselves for distressing violent opening scene in the pilot episode! (PS: You can read Watchmen the graphics novel here!)

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