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Amazon Prime Video is an internet video-on-demand service where users can watch exclusive Amazon Originals as well as popular movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere. The service contents are either for rent or purchase.

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  • Andy Wang
    Written on May 5, 2017
    "Prime video is the man. It's definitely one of the best streaming sites for series. It's got some good Paul Thomas Anderson movies and some others ones as well. I like B-horror movies. Yesterday I watched 'Dementia 13' which was alright, i guess. You get free two day shipping if you have Amazon Prime, and the movies come with it. "
    Ronald Butler
    Written on March 23, 2017
    "If you're not already subscribed to Amazon Prime, their video streaming service makes it all the more worth it. They offer some of your favorite TV shows, as long as original shows created by Amazon! It is a great competitor to Netflix and Hulu."
    John Turner
    Written on March 18, 2017
    "I watched some TV shows here and found this service quite good. However I hope the selection can be broadened. Currently the choices are still somewhat limited."
    Andrea Pena
    Written on June 28, 2017
    "Short, sweet, to the point. Only thing that would make it better is including cost/that you need to be a member"
    Mark Banks
    Written on January 12, 2017
    "Great service to stream but I had to start an account. They have a lot of great content that I love. "
    Jirina Byrne
    Written on October 7, 2018
    "im just starting but so far disapointed! very limited shows and mainly old ones."
    Hisham Shaban
    Written on October 8, 2019
    "new york time tv and sport tv"
  • Jose Daniels
    Written on October 2, 2018
    "Been buying and renting movies and TV shows on Amazon for a long time already...and i am also a Prime member so why would I look for other platforms to watch Zombieland eh?"
  • Julie Kelley
    Written on October 8, 2018
    "I absolutely love this movie! The first time I watched this was on a flight to Paris a long time ago and I remember not sleeping throughout the flight because I was so immersed with the film's beauty. It took me a while to find the title and now I'm here rewatching it, it truly brings back fond memories."
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  • Wayne Hall
    Written on June 20, 2019
    "Stumbled upon The Wire on imdb. It just really seemed like that type of show that you'll want to binge. Streamed the whole season on Amazon in one sitting! Didn't shower at all cuz it was that gripping 🤣 DONT JUDGE ME OK"
  • Gerald Reid
    Written on July 3, 2019
    "I've been using amazon prime for a long time now, and then I saw this and HAHAHAHAHA THIS IS DEFINITELY AMUSING AF. TO SEE ALL THEM CELEBS IN A SINGLE PLACE =))) "
  • Harry Thompson
    Written on July 13, 2018
    "This is a really great app! It has a one month free trial and you can enjoy tons of exciting movies and series available to amazon as well as exclusively produced films and tv shows."
  • Vibhore Mistry
    Written on August 7, 2019
    "If ur living in US like me, i recommend to watch hindi medium eng sub here. It's very nice for low price and even free trial you can get..."
  • Cheryl Douglas
    Written on September 20, 2019
    "Thanks to Amazon Prime I now have my own digital copy of Reign of the Supermen which I can watch repeatedly whenevr I want. "
  • Juan Stone
    Written on June 11, 2018
    "Amazon Prime is my favorite way to watch videos on the go. Sure it may not have everything being offered by other streaming platforms, but it is the only one I have never had a problem with on my phone. There is no long periods of buffering or errors. If I had to choose one subscription service I would stick with Amazon Prime."
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  • Alice Weber
    Written on September 18, 2019
    "I've already pre-ordered it and can't wait to finally watch it. I read the article that it was based on and I'm excited to see J. Lo in a new movie."
  • Abhinav Lobo
    Written on July 2, 2019
    "i absoutely love Sai Pallavi's acting so I couldn't miss watching (and rewatching) Fidaa. There are only few sources to watch fidaa legally but i think amazon is the one that is most worth paying for. The video and auido quality is superb!!!"
  • Susan Welch
    Written on October 9, 2019
    "I think Amazon Prime Video is now the leading streaming service provider in the United States now because it has all of the latest movies as soon as it is released in theaters, such as Judy. That's aside from the fact that Prime Video already has a wide variety of movies in its catalog."
  • Stephen Alvarez
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I have gone to different websites to rent movies online but I think Amazon has a lot more classic movies, like older movies. And if you are into indie films, you might want to try to subscribe to them. Amazon is good for those who do not want to pay a monthly subscription and would rather pay for individual movies."
    Joyce Andrews
    Written on September 6, 2018
    "Of course this is the top one. I mean, who doesn't know about Amazon?? They sell ALMOST ANYTHING that is possible to sell online. LOL. Been a prime member for quite a while now. The good thing about it is it offers SD and HD viewing options, although the HD viewing is priced higher. In temrs of selection of popular titles, I don't think any other site can beat Amazon Prime Video. 30-day grace period upon renting is another plus. :) "
    Crystal Hudson
    Written on February 13, 2019
    "Planning to avail the amazon prime subscription. I've read several reviews and so far users are satisfied. Aside from you can rent movies, the subscription also includes prime video channels like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, and many more. "
  • Amanda Pierce
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "Amazon Prime Video offers original programming that is very good and entertaining. I like all the programs that are available as part of my Prime membership. It seems like I'm getting a bonus in addition to my other Prime benefits. The platform is good and it is easy to find content to add to my watchlist for later watching."
  • Steven Wheeler
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "I have been a Prime member for years so this is a no brainer. I couldn't live without it! I cannot recommend this enough!!"
  • Russell Peters
    Written on August 16, 2019
    "I am not sure, but do I still need to have an Amazon Prime account before I can stream The Record of the Lodoss War online? Please let me know guys. I really need answers."
  • Ramón Hurtado
    Written on August 28, 2019
    "As soon as the Endgame was digitally released I wanted to get a copy of this because i know there will be new never before seen behind the scenes included on here. So I rented a copy on Amazon Prime but then now I am thinking that i should have bought a digital copy. LOL"
  • Roger Fox
    Written on August 12, 2019
    "life-saver! didn't get watch child's play when it was first released but pre-ordered my copy here! they say it's really good haha can't wait"
  • Ajay Jayaraman
    Written on October 3, 2019
    "Anyone who is looking to watch Gully Boy full movie online I believe you can only watch this through Amazon Prime. So what are you waiting for? Watch it now! Because this movie is a must-watch and very inspiring. "
  • Philip Ryan
    Written on September 23, 2019
    "I don't know what makes Amazon Prime Video stand out from other streaming sites here that offer Ad Astra. Maybe I should try it myself to see from my own perspective."
  • Sanvi Malik
    Written on August 8, 2019
    "I wasn't expecting that this prime video original series would be this great! The story is engaging for me, but ofcourse won't spoil, but, if you guys are looking for a legit site to watch four more shots please, I'd recommend the amazon prime video since the series is just exclusively available on this site!"
  • Lucy Yang
    Written on August 5, 2019
    "Do I still need a Prime membership before I'll be able to watch this documentary? Or I can still buy it even if I am not a member?"
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  • Shirley Lopez
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "This is a great show. You could watch it on Amazon if you want to pay for it but if you have Hulu you can watch it on there since that is where it is originally aired. I have watched a few episodes on Hulu and really enjoyed. "
    Janice Phillips
    Written on May 21, 2019
    "This is where I've watched the handmaid's tale season 1 episode 1 and then I got cut short because of time. Now I wanna continue. Seems like Amazon Prime always got great and complete content "
  • Jonathan Young
    Written on September 4, 2019
    "Thank goodness there's a 7-day free trial with HBO so I can watch this breakthrough film of 2018. I absolutely love Bohemian Rhapsody and Queen so this is a pretty sweet deal!"
  • Claire Shi
    Written on April 13, 2018
    "Now if you love movies and videos Amazon Prime is the one for you because it have so many shows and movies you can watch. i enjoy it because it have a cheap monthly price."
    Written on March 28, 2018
    "The link given seemed to be too restricted and had problems working in my region. I don't think it can help many others. "
  • Pamela Bell
    Written on June 14, 2018
    "Never thought that an online store would provide such decent videos considering the amount of morons who hang around Amazon"
  • Brandon Douglas
    Written on January 6, 2018
    "Prime video is much like other video services. It is about $10 a month which isn't bad and there is a pretty good selection. The originals are pretty good but the rest of the selection isn't anything amazing. I think Netflix or even HBO is a better value but this might be worth it for you."
  • Grace Brewer
    Written on August 28, 2019
    "Yaaaay! Schitt's creek is on Amazon prime and there's a free trial! Time to start watching this show that everyone can't seem to stop talking about!!"
  • Karen Diaz
    Written on June 14, 2018
    "I've been using Amazon for years now and I've had no complaints so far! 5/5!!!"
  • Sarah Aguilar
    Written on June 25, 2019
    "Im streaming the hills through here and would really recommend it cause they have like specials on the show that u should watch "
  • Ethan Shaw
    Written on May 7, 2017
    "I have been using Roku for a while and found that I wasn't getting enough channels with it. I then heard about Amazon Prime Video and gave it a shot. I found a lot more options to view materials that wasn't available to me before, and it's amazing! "
    Jean Hart
    Written on April 15, 2017
    "I've had a Roku device for my kids and they loved it. I use Amazon Prime Video for myself and it does have some of the channels that Roku has. I'm happy with the content that's provided including the Amazon original shows. "
    Ángel Ochoa
    Written on June 22, 2017
    "After watching the Amazon Prime Video I now know that Amazon Prime video is available on Roku. I believe that there are other channels available that are not listed though. "
  • Alan Luo
    Written on October 4, 2019
    "All full episodes of the show are here and are great. I'm only at season 4 right now but this is an amazing show and definitely one of the best reality shows out now. Give this show a try if you haven't yet."
  • Xu Ding
    Written on July 18, 2019
    "Price here on amazon is totally worth it if it means I can watch young justice season 3 online and complete!!! I rarely buy TV shows but I know this one is good..."
  • Joy Kang
    Written on November 9, 2018
    "I LOOOVE THIS MOVIE! ♥️♥️ i recently watched ariana grande's performance and oh my god, it made me want to watch first wives club again after sooo long!!!"
  • Diana Carlson
    Written on August 7, 2018
    "Was able to purchase all episodes of the second season here on Amazon! Ofc the quality is great since it's not for free!! And yeah it's already given that Versailles really has an amazing plot! "
  • Grace Ross
    Written on June 5, 2018
    "Amazon Prime Video is very difficult to use. While Amazon typically has easy apps and is fun and easy to use, that is not the case with this app. You pay for the service, then most all of the good movies require an additional fee to watch. If you like 1 or 2 star shows, then this is for you, but if you're looking for quality, you may ought to see the competitor. "
  • Kevin Qiu
    Written on September 24, 2019
    "Ok it's about time I started to watch haikyuu, i feel like i've been missing half of my life. Also relieved that this is subbed and not dub bc i just can't stand the dub voices they sound really off."
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  • Leticia Gálvez
    Written on September 28, 2018
    "Think of a movie that you probably think that only you know or appreciate. Done? Good, because 8/10 times it's already on Amazon Prime, most likely priced reasonably. The range of movies available here is unbelieveable. From action to comedy to horror, they're all here."
    Hannah Howell
    Written on July 10, 2018
    "Hey @Juan Philips, don't be mad about the ads. Amazon just needs more funds to give us better service and more movies. It's just fair. LOL :D"
    Juan Phillips
    Written on June 7, 2018
    "The only thing I hate is the annoying ads! But in total its great!"
  • Josefina Vázquez
    Written on July 5, 2019
    "My mom has been bugging me to watch Lady Bird on Amazon Prime Video since we have a monthly subscription on the service. And i did after a number of her bugging me. LOL. She told me this movie is touching and memorable and yeah it was!!!"
  • Dylan Santos
    Written on May 28, 2019
    "I'm glad amazon prime decided to feature kamal haasan. I thought no one but me knew him in america 😂 he's like a one man show. i saw on imdb that he's an actor, screenwriter, director, producer, and choreographer. That's astounding! I feel like an old man for supporting him but I really think his movies hit the heart."
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