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Etsy is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. It helps local sellers to make money by getting them in touch with millions of online buyers.

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  • Martha Valdez
    Written on October 10, 2018
    "I have found a DIY craft stencils for wall painting in here. I normally go for the simple letter stencils for decors but they also have custom designs which is great."
  • Mark Howell
    Written on October 13, 2017
    "Etsy has always been a top marketplace for personal art and crafts. It allows users to put up their work for sale on their own pages and works to promote good artists."
    Rafael Leal
    Written on November 1, 2017
    "Etsy is the easiest way to sell what you create. From art to knitting, whatever you hand make you can sell on there and it makes it easy to sell too!"
  • Martha Solís
    Written on December 8, 2017
    "Etsy remains one of the nicest places to sell your wares. The site is very popular, so you can get a lot of traffic if you take nice photos and set up your project pages well. They do a lot of the work for you, and it's easy to set up. The app is very clean and attractive, and they even offer a card reader so you can scan credit cards and make sales in person using their payment processing services. "
  • Ai Jin
    Written on October 25, 2017
    "I work in a second-hand store and this site has helped me get new products. I have had no problems."
  • Kelly Moore
    Written on July 30, 2018
    "I've bought my personalised photo gifts from Etsy as far as I can remmeber because I see here photos that I really like to have on print to include for my scrapbook for gifting to my special ones. I'm liking the service so far."
  • Daniel Greene
    Written on June 7, 2018
    "This is a good site for niche items. But there is virtually no customer service when issues come up. A few flat-out rips have occurred. It is generally cheaper to sell than on ebay, but there is a pre-sale fee which might turn off some sellers. So, for both buying and selling, there are a few pros and cons. It's not perfect, but not useless either. "
    Christina Weaver
    Written on June 12, 2018
    "I LOVE ETSY SO MUCH! I make a lot of arts and crafts stuff and Etsy's such a wonderful place to sell them :D If you're into making accessories, crafts, or just anything handmade in general, check Etsy out!"
    Saúl González
    Written on June 11, 2018
    "this is the best store to buy electronics and computers.. i already bought my printers here and just recently i ordered my lg gaming monitor.... it still hasnt arrived and its taking longer than my first orders but i dont think the delay will be a repeat customer..."
  • Joseph Hayes
    Written on November 28, 2017
    "Etsy is a one of a kind store! I find so many hidden gems on here that always get complimented wherever I go and it always gives me a kick being able to tell people it's not some highly manufactured product. "
  • Rosario Álvarez
    Written on January 9, 2018
    "This is not a good solution for apple watch apps. Etsy is an online store that features handmade crafts and vintage items, not apps. While I love the Etsy store, is is not a good solution at all for the topic. "
  • Benjamin Riley
    Written on November 16, 2017
    "A good app to shop for furniture but not necessarily the best"
  • Edward Ray
    Written on September 30, 2017
    "I needed a Halloween costume immediately for my child's upcoming party that will be held a week before Halloween. I needed it to be tasteful and elegant. I went to Etsy's website and there were dozens of options that suited a young child. I chose the costume, ordered it and it was on my doorstep in less than 48 hours. This will be the best Halloween ever. "
    Juan Willis
    Written on September 20, 2018
    "Handricrafted items are very welcome here. I am selling my own handmade dream catchers bcos i wanna spend on my halloween costume this year."
    Emma Baker
    Written on September 21, 2017
    "Not cheapest for that. More unique costumes for sure."
  • Antonio Contreras
    Written on July 28, 2018
    "My wife and I recently bought a new home. She wanted decors on the walls so she looked for huge prints on Etsy. Our order just came a while ago and I must say she liked it very much. Etsy's reponse is quick too which is good I guess."
  • Kathy Riley
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I got alot of things and crafts here! definitely worth buying and worth visiting coz there are alot of choices to choose from tho some of the item were a bit pricy for me but so far what I got is really good."
    Cheryl Meyer
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I got alot of things and crafts here! definitely worth buying and worth visiting coz there are alot of choices to choose from tho some of the item were a bit pricy for me but so far what I got is really good."
    Ruth Alvarado
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I got alot of things and crafts here! definitely worth buying and worth visiting coz there are alot of choices to choose from tho some of the item were a bit pricy for me but so far what I got is really good."
    Catherine Phillips
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I got alot of things and crafts here! definitely worth buying and worth visiting coz there are alot of choices to choose from tho some of the item were a bit pricy for me but so far what I got is really good."
    Anna Henry
    Written on June 5, 2019
    "I got alot of things and crafts here! definitely worth buying and worth visiting coz there are alot of choices to choose from tho some of the item were a bit pricy for me but so far what I got is really good."
  • Frank Dunn
    Written on July 30, 2018
    "There are plenty of customizable canvas prints you can have here in Etsy. Trust me, I got 3 prints here too."
  • Martha Saldaña
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "Etsy is an awesome website or app for finding those perfect homemade products. You can find some great gifts on Etsy which shows thought and creativity rather than just a regular store bought gift. Etsy is definitely one you will want to have. I use it for birthday shirts for both of my kids and those gifts for grandparents when you can't think of anything they need because they have it all. Etsy has so many options for gifts they will love and will last a lifetime."
    Jessica Miller
    Written on October 28, 2017
    "This app sells their goods in both online and offline mode. It also sells some craft items and clothing. We can easily find the product by browsing the category. "
  • Manuel Cortés
    Written on July 18, 2017
    "I don't have piercings or tattoos; instead, I like personalizing my identity with funny and/or provocative slogans on t-shirts and tank tops. I was looking for a funny tank top to wear, and found myself on the greatest site for such things (and many more), etsy. I'm always amazed by the creativity and ingenuity of the creators who sell their wares. Unfortunately, there's so many t-shirts on etsy that it's hard to find a good one if you're not willing to hunt around for a long time. Maybe some further quality control would help. "
    Lawrence Fisher
    Written on May 20, 2017
    "I work out a lot, and I've been wanting to bring more fun into my workouts. I looked around for some funny workout tank tops, and I ended up finding some good ones on Etsy. They are vintage shirts, but I think it will be a lot of fun to lift weights in them."
    Gregory Boyd
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "Etsy has a pretty good collection of funny workout tank tops. They are not too expensive either, compared to a lot of their other products. It's definitely worth a look."
    Brenda Fisher
    Written on May 22, 2017
    "I didn't see what I was looking for. I know there are sellers on Etsy that make custom orders, just not sure how to find them."
  • Linda Zhong
    Written on September 19, 2018
    "Tho Amazon and ebay exists, this is the first buy and sell site I've used frm the start for my cosplaying needs. The quality of the products are always perfect and whenever an issue arises, the sellers are ALWAYS quick to mend it. Won't be buying from anywhere soon!"
  • Theresa Taylor
    Written on November 1, 2017
    "I love etsy. There is really just about anything you can imagine on it and buying from a person instead of a corporation is always a good thing. Selling on it is a bit difficult just because there is so much on there, it is hard to get noticed. "
  • Edison Fan
    Written on June 21, 2019
    "I go online to check Etsy all the time. Been able to get a lot of vintage items here that are worth the price. Great online thrift store for me cause it has tons of good brands"
    Jeffrey Jackson
    Written on April 11, 2019
    "Etsy is one of those sites that does not necessarily focus on just clothing but rather on a larger selection of other items as well. You can find plenty of vintage pieces here but there are also plenty of creative arts and crafts on offer as well."
    Aadhya Jhadav
    Written on February 15, 2019
    "Surprisingly a lot of Etsy's products are quite nice and cheap for their quality. It's worth the try"
  • Linda Zhong
    Written on June 19, 2019
    "I got ankle winter boots from etsy on 2017 and it's still intact"
  • Jessica Jiang
    Written on June 12, 2019
    "I was raised to value things and care for my items, and i trust that there are people out there who were raised the same so it's no problem for me to buy used items cause they're cheaper and some are still very durable. This site gives you the opportunity to select from a wide array of supplies that real people are selling! Got a ton of things here for my apartment!"
  • Nathan Wood
    Written on November 10, 2018
    "I have a huge collection of Beanie Babies and now i am thinking of selling them since i am really in need of money as of the moment. So I checked out Etsy and found that people are selling their Beanie Babies for more a thousand bucks. Is this real? "
  • Lucía Arellano
    Written on August 2, 2018
    "Definitely recommending this site to anyone out there who wants to sell the handmade goods they made/created themselves like me. :))) However, this site is not entirely free to sell items becauuse it charges you a percentage for every item you sold. Anyway, this will still be a good place to share/sell your crafty goods. "
  • Teresa Murray
    Written on June 29, 2018
    "Etsy is a pretty good buy and sell type of site, and you can really find a lot of things there related to beauty, health, fashion, and a lot of other stuff too. I think of it as a much prettier eBay, lol. I'm a simple kind of girl who wants a simple wedding and I think that this will be the place to get my own wedding dress from. I've actually scoped out a few possibilities. Yay!"
  • Brenda Contreras
    Written on June 20, 2019
    "this has always been a place for affordable minimalist jewelry brands! the only thing i don't like about is the shipping period.. it really takes a while before i receive what i order."
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  • Cheryl Jensen
    Written on November 19, 2017
    "it is a better designed website to get the apparels and everything by its own platform"
  • Lawrence Black
    Written on October 10, 2018
    "I got a vintage mattel dc comics batman action figure here and another vintage roboccop,, they are pre-loved but still in good condition."
  • Vihaan Patil
    Written on June 11, 2019
    "I use this for selling my own stuff but it's also a pretty cool site to buy your own esp when it comes to household items cause there are a ton of sellers offering new and used products!"
  • Joshua Lopez
    Written on May 17, 2018
    "I was looking for a Father's Day gift for my dad. He loves cosplay, so I figured I would search for the best cheap anime cosplay websites and see what I could find. Luckily, I wound up finding the site Etsy and was completely blown away. Etsy is a peer-to-peer commerce website that has a ton of different sites that specialize in cosplay. I was able to find a unique gift that was exactly what I was looking for. I would definitely recommend the site."
  • Scott Fernandez
    Written on June 21, 2019
    "Since their focus is vintage items i'd say this is a good market for old things including valuable antique collection. And most of the time people dont try to low ball you!"
  • Virginia Burke
    Written on July 27, 2018
    "okay so in order to buy some unique gift for my best friend, I visited the etsy site (because I didn't want to roam around the mall and end up finding nothing). Was able to get a journal with some rainbow leather wrap though its quite expensive but atleast its worth it!"
  • Huang Wan
    Written on July 15, 2019
    "This is a great place to start looking for a place to buy a fursuit or even to have one commissioned. It's a great site built around a community of artists and crafters. Worth the visit."
    Marie Jordan
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Etsy is a unique shop that has a variety of fursuits for dressing up. It's sometimes hard to find things like this, but Etsy has these kind of unique things and they stand out from other well known sites that because of the unique inventory they sell here."
    Jason Walters
    Written on July 3, 2017
    "etsy is a great place to buy homemade items including fursuits "
    Judith Mason
    Written on January 16, 2017
    "No a lot of competition a lot of great handmade products"
  • Tammy Torres
    Written on August 2, 2018
    "When it comes to crafts and gift ideas, etsy is my go-to online market. I guess this has been my staple side way back in college. "
  • Rakesh Gavde
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "Etsy is a great place to get custom made items for any occasion. I have a friend who runs a shop on Etsy where she sells handmade bed for small pets like mice, ferrets, and rabbits. As a buyer, I've had numerous great experiences with Etsy and from what I understand, it's a great place to start a small business."
  • Paul Daniels
    Written on December 14, 2018
    "If i am not mistaken cuckoo clocks here refurbished but still they are in good quality. And you get to buy it in quite a cheaper and reasonable price. "
  • Jacqueline Brown
    Written on June 18, 2019
    "Nice place to buy old toys. Many choices and other products!"
  • Gregory Henderson
    Written on June 29, 2018
    "Been selling stuff on Etsy for almost six years already. So I am warning you to be careful with wedding dress sellers as some of the sellers are sketchy on the site. "
  • Victoria Pan
    Written on September 10, 2018
    "This is more of handcraft guys/ I am selling some of the dreamcathers I made and some bracelets made up of ratan :D "
  • Roy Barnes
    Written on September 29, 2017
    "It is a one stop shop for everything crafty,, even cosplay costumes and you're dealing with the creators themselves not some second hand store. However, they dont have much of different cosplay costumes and anime pegs because it is rather a buy and sell website.All the proceeds are goign right to the maker with no middle man, and this is so beneficial to the creators. It's like Amazon for Crafts, so great, I love it"
    Julia Montoya
    Written on March 17, 2017
    "Etsy is a fantastic site connecting you to designers making mostly handmade items that I use often when I want more specialized and original items. It's great for finding things that you won't see on everyone else when you're going out. So it's definitely a great option for costumes and cosplay."
    Gary Shaw
    Written on February 22, 2017
    "Etsy is a good site for finding rare items that, for the most part, aren't mass-marketed outright. The goods are handcrafted by everyday people, and you won't find someone else buying the same exact costume as you."
  • Kevin Yi
    Written on December 26, 2017
    "Etsy is a great site for selling stuff you have created. If you are looking for something to be able to sell, it would be worth taking a look at what else is being sold."
  • Kathryn Roberts
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "Mother's day has always been special between my mother and I. After discovering the Etsy app I just knew that I would be able to find her a nice present. I looked all over and found an awesome gift that she loved."
  • Anthony Flores
    Written on February 27, 2017
    "I have a ton of collectible items I've wanted to sell, but never had the courage or know-how to create my own business or website to sell them. Etsy proved to be a valuable resource that made it easy to establish myself as a seller and put my products online for the world to see. I sold four items on the first day and never looked back. The amount of people I was able to connect with and showcase my items was better than anything I could have done on my own."
    Nicholas Obrien
    Written on April 17, 2017
    "I have been a loyal customer of Etsy since 2010. The website focuses on not only handmade or vintage products, but also some unique factory-manufactured collectibles. The cost of selling is low, and the user interface of the website is very simple to use."
    Jacqueline Brown
    Written on March 8, 2017
    "Etsy is a fantastic site for finding unique crafts from small business owners. You can find artists who will make custom pieces for you. "
  • Janice Stewart
    Written on November 26, 2017
    "Etsy has a little bit of everything and is definitely a viable option for a place to shop online. Their clothing styles are unique and unlike any other stores that I know exist. Would recommend for sure. "
  • Justin McDonald
    Written on September 29, 2017
    "Jewelry these days has become very corporate and stale in design. The best place to get new and interesting designs is on Etsy. By shopping for jewelry on Etsy, I have access to the fresh ideas of individual creators who have the newest and best DIY jewelry that I've seen."
  • RaMBLe BaBBLw
    Written on May 10, 2018
    ":Shop, Create & Be Inspired By Unique Items You Can't Find Anywhere Else. One-of-a-Kind Gifts. Independent Makers. Handmade & Vintage Items.'"

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