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Yify.tv is a website for watching free full-length movies online. You can find torrents and watch films online in HD 720p and 1080p quality. The site compiles movies by tags such as popular releases, animations, and more.

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What the community says about Yify TV

  • Lori Burns
    Written on June 28, 2018
    "Yify tv reminds of Gomovie they have the same user interface on their website. I love that I can actually sort the movies I wanna watch. And most especially it offers free service. But I miss their old website with all the movies featured, unlike this new one seems empty website."
    Sandra Allen
    Written on January 4, 2018
    "I do not recommend anyone use Yify.tv. When I try to connect to the website I am faced with a malicious page that warns me about using it and my safety. If you are looking for an alternative to Yify.vc, keep looking."
    Ramón Guillén
    Written on February 15, 2019
    "it isnt as empty as it looks, mate. fyi you have to search speciically since not everything is sorted into a categories so you really have to look. tough break but then again, you are watching for free"
  • Victoria Hunter
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "This is an iffy and questionable site to use. You still have to sign up and I'm not sure it's legal. I'm worried this would get me in trouble with my isp. I can't recommend this as a solution."
    Alan Rios
    Written on November 7, 2017
    "I love to watching streaming movies without having to look up each title. This website seems to be a great resource in finding some of the most uptodate movies to watch. "
    Andrew Goodill
    Written on August 27, 2018
    "Yify has always been a reliable source for movies no one can really say otherwise.............he has been a reliable source for the past 10 Years nothings changed.....A personal Thank you Yify you Rock U really are a GEM, and appreciate All your hard work and EFFORT you put in. As for those wining get VPN and chill, never got spyware or any viruses for that matter from any of yify site? unappreciative so and so.....for those like Joe get an antivirus program lol and vpn that simple."
  • Matthew Gray
    Written on June 10, 2019
    "The movie is here but you have to take precaution in using this site because i dont think its really safe."
    Antonio Balderas
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "Yify TV is a great website for finding movies you want to watch, its simple you go on the website and type the movie you want to watch into the search bar, you enter your search, and the results pop up and you click what you want to watch, easy and fast."
    Ángel Santos
    Written on December 26, 2018
    "Finally. First one on the list that doesnt really require sign up to play the damn movie. Now let me watch Dakota Johnson in FIfty Shades Freed in peace!!!😝"
    Joe Matthews
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I am I unsure if this website is a good option, it seems to be full of spyware and virus's I would not recommend this, and it seems like it promotes piracy."
  • Yolanda Franco
    Written on August 15, 2018
    "I LOVE THE QUALITY! WHILE WATCHING, IT'S AS IF I'VE GOT THE HIGHEST QUALITY ONE! Anyways, yeahhh Ronaldo 2015 can actually be streamed here for free which is what I just did, and the movie is just soooo inspiring! Now I'm idolizing Ronaldo even more after watching it!"
    Eric Malinois
    Written on April 5, 2019
    "You simply are the best, thousands of words can not, describe your excellent work, thank you very much, luck that I have found you"
  • Benjamin Harper
    Written on May 23, 2018
    "Yify is well polished and not cluttered with ads, it is straight to the entertainment. I am surprised by the quality of torrents and films available, this is a solid platform and service. "
  • Cat Zhang
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Yify is a decent alternative to torrents if you want to STOP torrenting. Yify lets you stream video, but it's not mainly a torrent site like The Pirate Bay. I think it's a good option simply because it's easy to use though."
    Dennis Salazar
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "Yify.tv is all I use now to stream free movies online. I'm really not sure how it compares to other alternatives, but it works well for me, albeit if the layout could be improved upon. I would suggest giving it a try."
  • Bruce Chen
    Written on July 30, 2018
    "There are many windows opening when I clicked the play button but the loading of the video is fast. "
  • Cheryl Bryant
    Written on November 22, 2017
    "From Black Swan to Wonder Woman, from It to Passion of the Christ, this site has something for everyone. You can easily search by genre and year, and even IMDB rating. I'm in love!"
    Diana Duncan
    Written on October 31, 2017
    "When I want to watch a movie or show I just head to Yify.tv. They have it all from old to new and in great quality."
  • Rachel Ramirez
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Yify.tv is a great source to torrent movies. Yify.tv allows you to watch movies online in high quality or find torrents. It does not have all the big name movies but it does have a lot of movies that have recently left theaters. I like the feature that shows the most popular movies of the week because it helps me stay current."
    Adriana Cisneros
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "If you want to torrent movies fast and with nice HD quality, try yifiy tv. I've been a KAT and TPB user but found myself searching on Yify a lot nowadays. Maybe because it doesnt get shut down as regularly as KAT and TPB. "
    Alice Mendez
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Yify has an excellent selection of movies on their site, often shortly after they come out in theaters! This is a great resource for downloading movies online."
    Ethan Fernandez
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "This site has many movies to choose from. I am a film lover and I can recommend this site to you."
    A.R Rinan
    Written on March 1, 2019
    "This is a fake site of YTS"
  • Linda Simpson
    Written on November 14, 2017
    "If you need to find the best site to watch movies besides yifi.co, you should consider yifi.tv. With this site, you can watch all the full-length movies you want online. You can not only find torrents, you can watch them online in HD quality with 720p or 1080p quality. "
    Anthony Ramirez
    Written on June 26, 2018
    "YifyTV has a large collection of titles. You have the option to watch it via streaming or download the movie. For a free site, I don't mind the maze I have to go through to watch movies."
    George Arnold
    Written on January 12, 2018
    "Very handy resource to find and watch all your favorite movies all in one place."
  • Laura Edwards
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "If you want to watch movies online, yify.tv does the job. Unfortunately, the website can be slow to load and overall glitchy, so be wary if you choose this option. They do have movies, however, which gets the job done. "
    Bella Zhou
    Written on January 1, 2018
    "Horrible recommendation! I can't even check the site because my virus protection wont allow me on the site. Plus isn't this type of activity illegal?"
    Rose Campbell
    Written on September 29, 2017
    "wouldn't load for me"
  • Rubén Arriaga
    Written on October 15, 2018
    "Been a frequent user of yify for months out ever since I found it months ago to watch The Greatest Showman. This site has all the movies you could possibly want with many more. Good video and no pixels much. Sound is great as well, but I recommend earphones to hear it properly"
    Alice Alexander
    Written on June 26, 2018
    "In my opinion, Yify has the most excellent video quality site. We watched a newly-released blockbuster movie here and we couldn't believe how amazing the quality of the movie was. "
  • Denise Pearson
    Written on June 26, 2018
    "Yify is a very trustworthy site!! I download movie torrents here and when I'm feeling not in the mood to wait for downloads to finish, I just stream online here. Even better is that they are quick to have the latest movies and the quality is already HD!"
  • Petra Barrios
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "You can watch movies in so many different genre's it's unbelievable. The site is laid out nicely and easy to use and the quality is excellent. Thanks for saving me 60 bucks at the movie theater to take my family!"
    Marilyn Schultz
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "I can't recommend this because media and art shouldn't be free. I don't care who is losing money and if the big corporations deserve it. I can't get behind any service that supports devaluing art."
    Xiang Feng
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "Yify.tv is one of my favorite places to find online back ups for movies I own. To save time copying the DVD I just go here and I can watch the movie anywhere I have an internet connection."
    Samuel Hernandez
    Written on January 11, 2018
    "yify.tv is good for a free solution to tv "
  • Daniel McDonald
    Written on September 18, 2018
    "the video screen for the movie display is pretty wide in length, which kinda looks weird to watch that way but when I tried expanding it to full screen, it turned out pretty well. Still in a good quality even in full display.."
  • Pranav Sengupta
    Written on June 11, 2018
    "this webpage is good. it has the movies and tv shows that you need to watch. the only downside in this page is the interface and the pop-ups. if the website would be easier to navigate and get rid of those annoying ads, i think this will go number one."
    Aradhya Venkatesan
    Written on June 5, 2018
    "This is pretty solid and I would use it if needed. I would use some others that are better but I would rather watch on something like the Roku or Netflix."
  • Charles Webb
    Written on June 26, 2018
    "My son always asks me to watch this movie together. good thing i know this site for long time already and i know i will found it there."
  • Kevin Harrison
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Yify TV is a new place I found to get all the movies I want to watch online. Everything is there in great quality. "
    Xu Pan
    Written on August 16, 2018
    "Their database is not updated, Can't find The Meg yet. "
  • Liu Hou
    Written on June 13, 2019
    "The great thing about this website is that you have the option of either streaming movies and TV shows or download them for yourself."
    Barbara Williamson
    Written on September 24, 2017
    "All I did was follow the link and within the second I landed at the website, I was hit with multiple screens opening up, exhibiting all manner of foreign pleas to sign up for things. Free streaming websites online are ALWAYS chancy, because they're often nothing more than magnets run by hackers who want to get into your operating system. After I'm done here, I'll be sure to give my machine a good cleaning to rout out the nasties that are now on my computer."
    Sean Liang
    Written on September 5, 2018
    "Not only you can watch fifty shades but u can also download it from here. Thanks for bringin me directly to the page! "
    Ryan Bennett
    Written on November 25, 2017
    "I went to Yify.tv to watch Fifty Shades Darker online for free. As soon as I clicked a link to watch the video my antivirus software kept alerting me to the possible dangers of proceeding to the site. If this site is trying to infect my Mac is not worth the free view in my opinion."
    Jose Fuller
    Written on September 22, 2017
    "I use this website to watch all sorts of movies from South Park to Disney movies. It's a great way to avoid paying for netflix, redbox, or hbo. I'd highly recommend it."
  • Victoria Nguyen
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "I've tried many streaming movie sites, it can be hard to find a good one, that doesn't get shut down. Yify seems pretty resistant to being taken down, it's a bit slower than others but it's there when I want it."
  • Bruce Allen
    Written on May 23, 2018
    "If you're willing to use an illegal site and take your chances with malware and viruses, this is a popular site and you can find a lot here to watch. Personally, I stick to legal sites and wouldn't recommend anything on the other side of that line. Tons of blockbuster movies and you'll have to download special software to use the site."
    Charlotte Fu
    Written on July 30, 2018
    "What I like the most about Yify TV is that it always gives me options for which quality I wanna see the film (720, 1080, etc) so yeah I like this Yify tv site and this is where I watched 50shades of grey as well. :P"
  • Ajay Patil
    Written on September 21, 2018
    "Has lots of English movies with the best video quality that I found so far. "
    ALLHD Movie
    Written on November 30, 2018
    "Very bad site"
  • Ayaan Rodrigues
    Written on June 26, 2018
    "This is a streaming site which I sometimes use to watch movies that are not yet out on dvd and blu-ray. I wanted to watch A Quiet Place at my local cinema but I was unable to catch it while it was showing there. Good thing there is a website like this that is pretty easy to use and which gives me what I want pretty much instantly. "
  • Patricia Kennedy
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "I'm always on the look out for sites to download TV shows. I ran across Yify.tv and hit a bonaza. This site has a wide variety of movies both new and old. I haven't yet run across any TV shows because I got caught up in the awesome movies. It even has movies from other countries. So far cool site."
    Trishla Patel
    Written on October 11, 2018
    "i dont think i can download TV shows using this website. i looked into it and found that it only offers movies that you can download. why is this even here? LOL"
    Katherine Ruiz
    Written on June 28, 2018
    "My friend recommends this website to me because the one I'm using before gives shitty quality or it's cut unlike this one."
    Melissa Cruz
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "Yify.tv is one of the coolest places to download tv shows. You can watch full length shows and movies online for free."

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