What are the best acting roles by Olivia Colman?

Remember the 2019 Oscars that was filled with unexpected moments and twists? Just when everyone was talking about how Glenn Close was going to be the default best actress for her performance in 'The Wife', veteran English actress Olivia Colman won it instead. The thing though is, she never remembered winning it due to her drunkness. Still, Olivia Colman's win for 'The Favourite' is considered the Academy's biggest upset this year. But should it really come as a surprise that she bagged the Oscar after all? She is a seasoned veteran who has taken on different acting roles both on TV and on film since 2000 and one will surely be baffled by looking at a full Olivia Colman filmography at any given time.

Already with two Golden Globes and four British Independent Film Awards at her helm in addition to her priced Oscar, she seems even more primed to take on next year's awards season with her role in the third season of Netflix's The Crown as she plays Queen Elizabeth II. There is much to say about her with accolades that would overtake any newbie actress's credentials and the least that we can do is revisit and look at the best acting roles by Olivia Colman as we have in this list.

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    Queen Anne - The Favourite

    A lot of us would probably agree that Olivia Colman's role as the frail and complicated Queen Anne in 2018's period black comedy film 'The Favourite' is one of her best, if not the best, roles that she has taken over the course of her seasoned acting stint. She surely fits the bill as her acting like a woman filled with hardships with her personal life and as a queen has earned her an Oscar best actress recognition (the first of her career) which we feel would not be her last.

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    Godmother - Fleabag

    For starters, one might not easily associate this evil-ish role to an English national treasure but indeed, Phoebe Waller-Bridge's BBC tragicomedy 'Fleabag' has put Olivia Colman in the centerpiece of it all. With her role and superb acting as the Godmother and the anti-heroine of the show, her fans would definitely adore Colman's performance as she becomes selfish, pretentious and with a thinly-veiled smile. With this acting role, Olivia Colman has indeed taken cruelty on a whole another level.
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    Angela Burr - The Night Manager

    The decision for Olivia Colman to accept her role in 'The Night Manager' as a spy could not have been more of a blessing for her fans. As an intelligence operative obsessed with taking down Richard Roper, she has shown that she is more than capable of portraying roles like this with lots of decision-making and secrets to unveil by her character. Showing her craft alongside co-stars Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and others, her role as Angela Burr is indeed suspenseful, intelligent, and impressive, to say at least.

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    DS Ellie Miller - Broadchurch

    Playing police officer Ellie Miller has been admittedly been a real challenge for Olivia Colman as it is probably one of the more serious and dramatic acting roles by Olivia Colman you will find. With the long-running series seeing how this top actress has handled a role involving unpredictable character interactions and storylines, Olivia Colman's followers are sure to be delighted. Colman as Ellie Miller is the epitome of how gentle and caring a police officer can be as can be seen in the show.

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    Hope Slaughter - Them that Follow

    Olivia Colman's latest movie role as Hope Slaughter in 2019's 'Them that Follow' is one that is hard to ignore. Here, she plays a snake-handling Pentecostal congregationalist in the Appalachian mountains. Her role can be considered as something that would make viewers think and question their faith. Despite mixed reviews, Colman's performance here is the stabilizer of the dragging plot of the film, thanks to her superb acting.

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