What are the best AFK Arena Heroes?

Within six months since it was released, AFK Arena has become one of the best turn-based RPGs right now. The game has a healthy roster of heroes to choose and here are some of the best heroes to use in the game.

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    Brutus is a proud, solitary fighter, such as the embodiment of martial prowess. He follows the way of the warrior, neither offering nor expecting mercy. He believes that the only crime in war is to lose.

    • Larry BellWritten on July 23, 2019
      "Brutus is universally recognized as one of the best if not, the best AFK Arena hero due to his high stats and powerful skillset. Skills grant him amazing survivability and at the same time, doubling his damage output."
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    Tasi, sometimes known as the fairy of dreams, is responsible for the dreams of all people. She possesses the power to give both pleasant, restful dreams and the most terrifying nightmares.

    • Sandra BakerWritten on July 23, 2019
      "Her skillset makes a must addition to your line-up and one of the best AFK Arena hero for both defensive and offensive support which revolves around teleporting around the battlefield and banishing enemies for a period of time."
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    The House of Lanward is well known throughout Esperia. Lucius, the eldest son of the house, would continue the traditions of his forebears. At the age of 15 he was sent to join the King's forces and was given a place in the cavalry, as befit his station.

    • Phillip PhillipsWritten on July 23, 2019
      "If you're looking for the best tank that you can place in your frontline, Lucius would be it. His whole skillset revolves around soaking up as much damage as possible while still being able to provide light healing support to his teammates."
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    A soul forged in sorrow with nothing left to her in the world. Shemira is a durable mage who is famous for her high sustain in the battlefield. She can efficiently heal herself and deal continuous damage.

    • Amy FengWritten on July 23, 2019
      "She is super powerful in the game and is one of the best AFK Arena heroes as mages go. She can heal herself, she can disable opposing spellcasters, and she is easy to ascend. Go try her out."
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    Athalia could be described best in her current form as a living weapon. She was once a mortal woman, but after being Ascended by Dura and made a demigod serve in the Celestial Order, she wields incredible power. 

    • Yan JiangWritten on July 23, 2019
      "She is a pure offense hero with her skillset enabling her to stun, cc, and just deal large amounts of damage in general. She won't be easy to ascend due to her rarity but she is still quite worth it."
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    Ferael is adept at dealing high sustained damage over his foes while harassing them with certain unique debuffs. The souls he applies over his enemies deal a good amount of damage while interrupting them and reducing their energy.

    • Bruce YangWritten on July 23, 2019
      "He is more of a mid-late game hero before you can take advantage of his stun and silence attacks. Be a little patient and build him up. He's a solid hero worth using."
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    King Thoran was a wise and beloved ruler. His kingdom prospered as it never had before. After being betrayed and slain, he rose again. The kindness and goodwill for which he had been famous had drained from his heart, replaced with a cold rage.

    • Jack MatthewsWritten on July 23, 2019
      "He is a decent hero overall with balanced stats has skills that are good against high damage compositions."
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    Saveas is a strong marksman capable of hitting enemies with raw damage. He can be a carry hero due to high damage and a high amount of sustained damage which he inflicts on the opposition.

    • Xiang QiaoWritten on July 23, 2019
      "A good hero with high damage output. Be sure to pair him up with a healer though to keep his health up (his damage is dependent on his current health)."

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5AthaliaGame Elements 2 Paid
6FeraelGame Elements 2 Paid
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