What are the best anime about pandemics and virus outbreaks?

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The great thing about anime is that it can draw inspiration from just about anything and the result would be an interesting show, more often than not. That has been the case for anime about pandemics and virus outbreaks. These shows have become quite relevant given the situation that the world is facing right now. While we all practice social distancing by staying at home and being safe, we are all trying to figure out ways to pass the time. It will be impossible to not think about the virus so these shows might just be what you need right now. Happy watching and tell us what you thought in the comments section below.

  1. 1Cells at Work!


    Cells at Work! is a great anime to check out if you're looking for a show about pandemics or virus outbreaks. It takes a lighter and more personal approach to the theme with the story taking place inside the human body itself.

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  1. 2Guilty Crown


    Guilty Crown tells the story of a world hit by a virus outbreak and has left it in a state of chaos and struggling to survive. It does a great job of expressing the idea and severity of a virus outbreak and portraying it through its complex characters and dystopian world.

  2. 3Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


    If the anime Attack on Titan and the film Snowpiecer were combined, it would result in something like Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. It takes cues from both of those and creates something that's unique and all of its own. This is a great anime about pandemics and virus outbreaks that you should check out.

  1. 4Highschool of the Dead


    The zombie genre is nothing new in the world of anime but Highschool of the Dead manages to stand out by being serious and funny at the same time. It does so all while portraying the events of a world hit by a virus outbreak that has turned its population into the undead.

  2. 5Black Bullet


    Black Bullet is an anime that tells the story of a world hit by a virus outbreak and has turned the majority of its population into man-eating monsters. It centers around a civil service officer and a young girl that's one of the Cursed Children, the only ones capable of stopping these monsters.

  3. 6Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign


    Seraph of the End is an anime about a human-made virus outbreak that has infected the world save for children under the age of 13, who seem to be unaffected by it. This event marked the reemergence of vampires who prey on these children and the special military force sent to stop them.


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