What are the best anime like Food Wars?

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If you loved the comedy cooking anime Food Wars, you might have landed on a gem on the internet! Known as one of the most hilarious shounen anime that graced our TV screens, Shokugeki no Soma or Food Wars is now down to its fifth and final season. Yeah, we feel you. It's just sad when we know our favorite show is about to end. But as I've said earlier, don't fret because we have something for you! You can see on the list below some of the best anime like Food Wars that you can watch online now! Cooking anime like Yakitate!! Japan made our list, as well as the 90s anime Cooking Master Boy. The latter is now available on DVD in limited quantities only, so don't miss your chance to watch it! And although not a cooking anime, Haikyuu!! and No Game, No Life is also included due to its tropes similar to Food Wars. Watch now through the links provided below!

  1. 1Yakitate!! Japan


    Of course, one of the closest anime to Shokugeki no Soma that you can watch online right now is Yakitate!! Japan! Like Soma, Yakitate!! Japan's Kazuma Azuma aspires to be the best in his craft and to create Ja-Pan, a national bread for Japan.

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  1. 2Cooking Master Boy


    Even though the anime aired ages ago, and even with its dated animation, Cooking Master Boy is a must-watch if you liked the story of Food Wars. Aside from also being a cooking anime, Cooking Master Boy also shares the same trope as Food Wars wherein the protagonists aim to be the best chef.

  2. 3Toriko


    Since we're already here talking about food, why don't you give Toriko a try? But unlike Shokugeki no Soma, the protagonist here isn't a cook or a chef. The anime follows the titular character who is a gourmet hunter, a man always in the lookout for the rarest and most precious food in the world to complete his full-course meal.

  1. 4Gourmet Girl Graffiti


    Have you been trying to cook, yet you think you still don't get the taste right? If yes, then you might relate to the struggles of Ryo in Gourmet Girl Graffiti, which you can watch after finishing Food Wars. And unlike Food Wars, it only has 12 episodes so you can finish the whole anime in one sitting!

  2. 5Yumeiro Patissiere


    Are you a sweet tooth who loved the plot of Shokugeki no Soma? If the answer is yes, then Yumeiro Patissiere is the anime that you should watch next! Watch how Ichigo used her knack for tasting sweets to become a pastry chef and win the Grand Prix!

  3. 6Ben-To


    Have you ever imagined fighting for food like it's of high importance? If so, you could add Ben-To to the anime to watch next after Food Wars! Like Soma who wants to be the best in his academy, Yo from Ben-To also aspires to become stronger to win all-out brawls for half-priced bento boxes.

  4. 7No Game No Life


    In No Game No Life, the protagonists already excel in the world of online gaming, yet they still want to take it to the next level. Although this anime doesn't involve cooking or food, it shares the same theme of wanting to be the best, just like Food Wars. Hence, No Game No Life is still a great anime to watch next if you want a breath of fresh air.

  5. 8Haikyuu!!


    Haikyuu!! is probably one of the most popular sports anime ever, and one reason for it that maybe all its fans would agree with is the establishment of Hinata's path to becoming the best athlete he could be. The same trope can also be found on Food Wars, making Haikyuu!! a great anime to watch if you loved the cooking anime series.

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Did you know Mister Ajikko is the first cooking manga adapted into an anime? The adaptation, produced by TV Tokyo and Sunrise, aired from October 8, 1987, to September 28, 1989, and had 99 episodes in total along with one TV special. Although it had a memorable run in Japanese airwaves, the pitch for a US broadcast of the cooking anime was otherwise unsuccessful.

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