What are the best anime like Goblin Slayer?

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Did you know that Goblin Slayer was once one of the most-streamed anime series on Crunchyroll? And not only that, it also took the world by storm on its inception in October of 2018. And we are pretty much sure you here because you also got hooked on this Japanese dark fantasy series. We know you want more. We know you are looking for top anime like Goblin Slayer. Fret not, as we present you a list of anime series that brim with adventure and dark elements, yet satisfying enough to quench your thirst for more good anime like Goblin Slayer. Prepare your mind and body for the exciting twists and turns that these shows have to offer!

  1. 1Berserk


    When we talk about the best anime like Goblin Slayer, Berserk would probably the first anime title that comes to mind. The similarities lie in their main characters and the nature of both anime. First, Goblin Slayer zeroes in the life of the Goblin Slayer (as the title suggests), who is depicted as a cold-blooded and merciless fighter. On the other hand, Berserk features the Black Swordsman, who is remarkably known to be a brutal and savage fighter. Both of them prefer to slay enemies alone. And by nature, the two main characters greatly draw inspiration from their unforgettable tragic past as their source of strength and drive.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Overlord


    Anime lovers have always Overlord as good anime like Goblin Slayer because of the out-of-the-world power of titular roles in both series. Both main protagonists have the capacity to fight away whoever gets in the way. For the Goblin Slayer, goblins have no room in this world. And oh, not to mention that these two anime are wrapped in dark fantasy, except for Overlord that has some elements of comedy conflated with it. Nevertheless, the two are equally beautiful. Ready to watch?

  2. 3Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash


    If there is one thing Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash and Goblin Slayer would teach us, it never ever trusts the goblins! And yes, you read that right, goblins play a vital part in both anime series. And that's what makes Grimgar a good anime like Goblin Slayer. The realistic atrocity of fighting off the goblins is very much apparent in both of them. If you can still remember, the victims of rape in Goblin Slayer are both innocents, just like the kids in Grimgar. Also, don't forget that both slayers do kill the goblins, wave after wave because it's the only way they can earn money to survive. The constant fight and plight make them two of the most-watched anime series ever.

  1. 4Akame ga Kill!


    We are all pretty much aware that life isn't about rainbows and unicorns. Such is the main premise of Akame Ga Kill. But really, if you haven't seen Akame ga Kill and been also wondering why Otakus dubbed it as one of the best anime like Goblin Slayer, it is because of their common denominator--blood. That's right! Talk about gruesome bloody fights filled with innocent dead bodies. Both of the main characters from Goblin Slayer and Akame ga Kill fight their way off to make this world a better place to live in. Goblins (for the Goblin Slayer) and the corrupt officials (for the Night Raid) have no room in this world. And did we say both are from the same animation studio, White Fox? And yep, both are licensed by Crunchyroll!

  2. 5Re:ZERO - Starting Life in Another World


    Yet, another anime creation from White Fox studio that made it to the list of good anime like Goblin Slayer is Re:Zero ? Starting Life in Another World. Both started as a series of light novels but when you actually watch the anime adaptation, you'll realize that it is far from being less brutal. Both anime series try to deconstruct the fantasy world by making it realistically atrocious and brutal. So if you truly love violence, then Re:Zero ? Starting Life in Another World is the way to go.


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