What are the best anime like High School DxD?

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High School DxD is a popular anime that balances fantasy, romance, harem, and ecchi all in one. It's no surprise that many people, including yourself, finds this series addicting! While waiting for the next season, you need something just as awesome to pass time. With that said, you're most likely looking for anime shows like Highschool DxD that please your preferences. Fortunately, there's a good sum of anime out there that have the same feel as High School DxD. You will definitely be watching them from start to finish! If you can't get enough of ecchi and fantasy, here's a list of the best anime like Highschool DxD that you must watch. Feast yourself for a good time!

  1. 1The Testament of Sister New Devil


    If you want a balance of ecchi fanservice and action-packed scenes, this is the anime for you! The story of The Testament of Sister New Devil is about a boy named Basara who suddenly has new stepsisters, although they aren't quite normal. The stepsisters Mio and Maria are actually demons!

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  1. 2Campione!


    Campione! is the perfect blend of supernatural, harem, and ecchi that will leave you satisfied! The protagonist of this anime is a gamer who finds his life shift after defeating the boss in the game Mortal Combat. He becomes a God Slayer in which many pretty women worship and adore. Although, other agendas also await.

  2. 3To Love-Ru


    Rito Yuuki's problem was simple in comparison to what is coming: he just wanted to confess to his long-time crush. All that is about to change when an alien princess falls from the sky while he's taking a shower. This makes it all the more complicated for him. If you want to see beauties fawning over one boy, watch this.

  1. 4Sekirei


    Sekirei is an interesting harem and ecchi anime like Highschool DxD that you can't miss out on! The anime revolves around a boy who failed his college entrance exams and feels like a failure. He believes that he needs a woman, and lucky for him, a woman literally fell out of the sky in his vicinity. This anime has a lot of hot anime girls that you will have you in awe.

  2. 5Freezing


    Ecchi anime like Freezing with action-packed scenes are always worth checking out, especially if you liked High School DxD. The women in this anime are known as Pandoras while men are known as Limiters, they are normally partnered together. Freezing revolves around a brilliant Pandora who hasn't had a Limiter until she meets Kazuya Aoi.

  3. 6Rosario + Vampire


    This supernatural harem anime takes place in a high school setting. And yes, it also is ecchi. The anime tells the story of a human who studies in an academy where monsters study. If humans are caught in this academy, they will be executed. How will this go for the protagonist as he befriends a creature and tries to get closer to her?

  4. 7Highschool of the Dead


    Highschool of the Dead is an ecchi anime set in a zombie post-apocalyptic world. If you want to be entertained, you must watch this series. The protagonist ends up killing his friend after the latter got bit by a zombie. He now vows to protect his friend's girlfriend from other zombies wreaking havoc.

  5. 8So, I Can't Play H!


    So, I Can't Play H revolves around a pretty normal dude with a knack for ecchi. This is an anime that is quite similar to High School DxD especially if you're in it for the hot female characters! Even the art style of both anime are pretty close. Get ready for a fun and horrific time with this anime.

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The Testament of Sister New Devil is an anime banned in China. There are loads of reasons why certain anime are banned in other countries but for this ecchi anime like Highschool DxD, it's almost obvious. The Testament of Sister New Devil was banned due to its explicit content such as sexual scenes and graphic violence.

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