What are the best anime like Sword Art Online?

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Certified ardent anime fans certainly know that Kirito's attempt to escape from the video game he's trapped in is just hard as looking for the best anime like Sword Art Online. For whatever reason, be it the idea of an alternate universe or the existence of action-packed episodes, lovers of Sword Art Online like you are surely in for a treat from us. We thought of compiling the top anime like Sword Art Online. Well, you can watch them whenever you feel like venturing in another isekai featuring MMORPG games and whatnot. Explore our list below!

  1. 1Log Horizon


    Just like we always tell, more often than not, the biggest fans of Sword Art Online are those who are hooked on both MMORPGs and anime. So here is Log Horizon, our top pick for the best anime like Sword Art Online in terms of featuring someone who's trying to get out of a game after being trapped. Perhaps, the only difference is that here, people are transported into a virtual reality game. Ladies and gents, if you loved Kirito, then you will surely love Shiroe. And just like in real life, game overs are not a thing in this anime!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?


    If there is one thing SAO fans are into, it would be the real struggle of Kirito as he attempts to battle his way through the top of the dungeon. This is where Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? comes close to being one of the best anime like Sword Art Online. Meet Bell Cranel and his grand adventures of Hestia. Fighting monsters, leveling-up, treasure-hunting, name it and this anime has it!

  2. 3Accel World


    Hardcore anime fans, you are in for another anime treat conflated with some elements of an MMORPG video game. Join in on the journey of Haruyuki Arita and how he copes with all the bullying he's experienced at school. By a random twist of fate, he then gets introduced to Brain Bust by Kuroyukihime. He then finds himself hooked on this virtual reality MMORPG slash fighting game. Ready to watch now?

  1. 4Overlord


    Didn't we all dream of becoming powerful beings in this life or another? Like, gamers would totally know how it feels when you are engrossed in a game. So much so that the line dividing what's real and not is slowly disappearing! This is what Overlord is about. And this is what makes it a good choice if you are looking for an anime like Sword Art Online, as they both tackle an alternate universe where you virtually fight for your life. The interesting clash of personalities is another thing to look forward to in this anime!

  2. 5No Game No Life


    Even though No Game No Life is a relatively new anime series, it sure earned a spot in our list of the best anime like Sword Art Online because of its riveting plot. As the title suggests, No Game No Life revolves around the lives of siblings, Sora and Shiro. They are hardcore gamers! In terms of similarities, both SAO and No Game No Life are about getting accustomed to a new life in a video game.

  3. 6Future Diary


    Also known as Mirai Nikki, Future Diary is yet another series comparable with Sword Art Online in terms of its survival theme. This psychological thriller introduces you to Yuki Amano, an introverted guy who is deeply attached to his diary and his imaginary friend. Not to spoil you but this is somehow heartbreaking. The story of friendship will always play a vital part in this anime series!


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This list is about What are the best anime like Sword Art Online
1Log HorizonTV Shows 15 Paid
2Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?TV Shows 8 Paid
3Accel WorldTV Shows 7 Paid
4OverlordTV Shows 3 Paid
5No Game No LifeTV Shows 1 Paid
6Future DiaryTV Shows -2 Paid

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