What are the best anime like Tower of God?

After watching all the episodes of Tower of God, you’re left with a feeling of wanting more. Is that right? I know, I know, you wouldn’t be here looking for similar anime series if you don’t have some anime thirst to quench. In that case, I’m very much happy to oblige. After all, from one anime lover to another, we only have each other to rely on. Okay, that’s too dramatic but still, I’m here with a list of anime series which are sort of similar to Tower of God. As unique as Tower of God may be, some of its elements are actually present in various anime series. Anyway, I won’t delay you any further. Here are some anime you should check if you loved the Tower of God anime.

  1. 1Hunter x Hunter


    Arguably, Hunter x Hunter is the closest anime to the Tower of God in terms of story. Both of these anime series focuses on test arcs. The system of Hunters in HxH is also similar to the Rankers of ToG. Many of the characters also share similar elements.

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  1. 2Sword Art Online


    Probably the closest one in terms of the tower theme, Sword Art Online is pretty similar to the Tower of God. However, how the levels in the towers are interpreted differently. In SAO, the levels represent a video-game level while in ToG, the levels are different worlds.

  2. 3Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


    The bizarre similarity between the Tower of God and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood lies in the fact that both stories need a little time to get used to. In addition, the main characters are also quite similar to each other. Lastly, the tone and pacing of both stories are very alike. However, if you’re looking for similar drawing styles or stories, you might want to check the other answers on this list.

  1. 4One Piece


    At first glance, there are not many similarities between the Tower of God and One Piece. However, if you put these two under a microscope, you’ll realize that the world-building and the main characters are similar. Both Twenty-fifth Baam and Luffy got their powers through unnatural methods. The different islands in One Piece also resemble the bizarre differences between the levels of the tower.

  2. 5Noblesse: Awakening


    Since the Tower of God is basically adapted from a South Korean manhwa, it is to be expected that it will have many similarities with another anime adapted from a manhwa. Although their stories are quite different, the styles, story-telling, and character design of Noblesse: Awakening and ToG are very similar.


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This list is about What are the best anime like Tower of God
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