What are the best anime like Tsugumomo?

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Well, after everything that has happened around the world, life is still great for anime fans! And with the second season of hit ecchi comedy anime series 'Tsugumomo' right before us, we know you're all hyped and excited. After all, who can resist the very entertaining tale of 'Taboo Child' Kazuya Kagami and Kiriha, his bossy yet pretty blue-haired tsugumomo protector? Though the series ain't that perverted compared to other series that boast of being ecchi, it still has a great combination of intriguing scenes, hilarious dialogues, and of course, harem overload! And guess what, there are actually other great anime shows like Tsugumomo which will bring you to otaku heaven while cracking you up at the same time! Check out this list and we'll guide you to some of these titles! Enjoy!

  1. 1High School DxD


    If you love what you saw in Tsugumomo, just think of High School DxD as a few levels higher on the harem scale. Well, for starters, both anime series feature clueless lead boys in Kazuya and Issei, who are both protected by insanely sexy and powerful bodyguards. In this case, those are the overly pretty shape-shifting girl Kiriha and the harem goddess Rias Gremory. If you're all in with devil girls doing ecchi stuff without them making a show look less endearing, High School DxD is an anime you shouldn't miss.   

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  1. 2Omamori Himari


    Well, similar to what you have in Tsugumomo, Omamori Himari features a powerful cat demon who plays bodyguard to a helpless school boy. Watch this anime and you'll love how the pretty, sexy, and battle-skilled Himari saves protagonist Yuuto against evil and vengeful spirits. And by the way, the show is overpopulated by felines. So, in case you're allergic to cats, don't worry because Yuuto also is and he seems to be doing okay in the anime!

  2. 3Heaven's Lost Property


    So much for harem anime shows having perverted lead characters and sexy saviors. But Heaven's Lost Property is one anime series that dwells on that premise quite well. Similar to what Kazuya has been blessed with in Tsugumomo, the series protagonist Tomoki has been lucky enough to be next to pretty angel Ikaros for the anime's duration. Well, both shows are actually quite perverted and hilarious too! And if you love Tsugumomo, you might want to watch this next.

  1. 4Bakemonogatari


    Both Bakemonogatari and Tsugumomo won't have any shortage of fun and harem elements for you. Watch high-school boy Koyomi Araragi as he deals with vampires and other otherworldly elements, all while surrounded by a plethora of beautiful girls. If you love Tsugumomo's brand of comedy and fanservice, Bakemonogatari is definitely a must-see for a good dose of supernatural, harem, and adventure anime goodness.

  2. 5To Love-Ru


    To Love-Ru will shock you with an unexpected appearance of a devil girl from another world, which will remind you of Kiriha's surprising self-revelation in Tsugumomo. Well, both series actually features classic elements of harem anime, which includes all the fanservice you can think of! And well, both of them actually play on the less perverted side of harem, making you enjoy all their comedy scenes on the side. 

  3. 6So, I Can't Play H!


    If you see Tsugumomo's Kiriha as a pretty violent and kick-ass female lead, wait until you see 'goddess of death' Lisara by way of So, I Can't Play H! You'll be fascinated by how both anime girls are able to summon large weapons and abilities when they're ready to battle. And well, both Kiriha and Lisara also take pride in punishing the series' protagonists for their perversions. Now, isn't that funny? See all that and more when you watch So, I Can't Play H! 

  4. 7Spice and Wolf


    Spice and Wolf showcases a lot of romance between its lead characters, wolf deity Holo and country businessman Lawrence. Well, that in itself will give you a respite from all the comic stuff you'll find in Tsugumomo. But, both anime shows still dwell on a premise involving a supernatural girl and how they are able to change the lives of everyone around them. Also, this anime isn't harem unlike most of the titles on this list but it will still give you a great binge-watching experience!

  5. 8The Testament of Sister New Devil


    Well, Kazuya has got a mysterious protector in Kiriha. But in The Testament of Sister New Devil, you'll meet Basara, who has not only one, but two cute sisters beside him. But of course, plot twists will always be there. And it turns out that his two sissies, Mio and Maria, are actually demons. If you want to find out if both end up sticking with Basara until the end, you need to watch this harem anime! And mind you, the ecchi elements in here are a notch higher than what you see in Tsugumomo!

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