What are the best anime on Adult Swim?

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Nope, the title isn't about what you think it is! Although partly, it is about more mature content in the parlance of anime series. You may know Adult Swim as a late-night segment under the cable network Cartoon Network. BUT, there's a big but, Adult Swim shows only start to air when most kids are already fast asleep. To be honest, anime on Adult Swim isn't a lot, to begin with, but they're guaranteed fan favorites. And for sure, the saying 'a new broom sweeps better but an old broom knows all the corners' remains true for our list of the best anime on Adult Swim since it brims with classic and nostalgic anime series. So, are you ready to take a trip down the memory lane? Enjoy watching!

  1. 1Cowboy Bebop


     A go-to show in our list of best anime on Adult Swim, which still remains true today, is Cowboy Bebop. And since most of you like anime that revolves around a western-themed adventure, this might become your staple from now on. Follow some mighty bounty hunters in their quest of hunting criminals in the outer space on Adult Swim and other safe anime sites here.

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  1. 2Attack on Titan


    From the first season up to the fourth, you can be sure to catch up on everything if you haven't seen an episode of Attack on Titan. This Hajime Isayama creation is just in time for every Otaku out there to catch on Adult Swim. Stay tuned for more updates on this anime series!

  2. 3Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma


    We know how frustrating it is to expect for the next season of your favorite anime series, like Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. Yet, you have the assurance that while it has been put on the back burner at the moment due to some unforeseen events, it will eventually be released. Meanwhile, Food Wars aired on Adult Swim from July 2019 to April 2020. It may have ended there, but mind you, only the first two seasons were aired so you didn't really miss out on it. Catch up on the rest of the seasons here.

  1. 4Boruto: Naruto Next Generations


    Who didn't get obsessed with Boruto: Naruto Next Generations after watching the Naruto the Movie, right? And if you still crave a sequel to Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, we made streaming a breeze for you. If you feel like you missed its airing last 2018 to 2018, worry not because you can watch it here anytime you want.

  2. 5Dr. Stone


    Wait, don't ever fret if you missed Dr. Stone's airing on Adult Swim. To be fair, it had a good run from August 24, 2019, to February 22, 2020. But that doesn't matter, Dr. Stone still made it to the roster of the best anime on Adult Swim just because anime always finds it way back into the arms of real Otakus like you. A list of options on how you can watch this awaits you.

  3. 6Bleach


    Produced by Studio Pierrot from Japan, Bleach is yet another anime series adaptation that was dubbed to be one of the best anime on Adult Swim that was once aired. Lucky are those who were are able to catch it in September of 2006 on Adult Swim BUT luckier are you who landed on this page since you can watch it anytime on other reliable anime streaming services.

  4. 7Death Note


    Death Note is a classic anime that is well-loved by almost all Otakus out there. And ever since its inception on Adult Swim in 2007 and its re-run in December of 2009, anime lovers have been longing to watch Light Yagami on screen again. Good news, folks! Adult Swim may no longer carry this title but we found ways on how you can watch them conveniently.

  5. 8Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood


    You may be one of those fans of Fullmetal Alchemist who hoped for the second adaptation of the original manga (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) to run on Adult Swim. True enough, it had a good run on the Adult Swim from February 13, 2010, to December 13, 2014, making it one of the best anime to have aired on Adult Swim. No worries though, because you can still watch this on different anime platforms today. Find out more here!

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The original creator of the manga Bleach literally experienced stomach cramps due to stress over his work. Yep! You read that right! While everyone else thought Bleach was a wonderful manga (and yes, it really is wonderful), the writer and illustrator Tite Kubo wasn't feeling the same way when the anime version of Bleach debuted on the screen. To his dismay, he asked the showrunners to send him the script so he could purposefully correct and align it with the original manga he created. Talk about know your craft by heart and soul! Nevertheless, Bleach became everyone's staple in terms of watching the best adventure anime of all time!

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  • #1
    December 16, 2019
    "there isn't a lot of anime on adult swim for starters so im glad that my favorite shokugeki no soma is here. i love this anime even though it seems like h*nt** on a surface level XD"
    Refering to:
    Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
  • #2
    December 16, 2019
    "Although AoT is famous, I didn't expect this to be on Adult Swim for some reason, I'm happy it is though, that means I can suffer once again."
    Refering to:
    Attack on Titan
This list is about What are the best anime on Adult Swim
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2Attack on TitanTV Shows 16 Paid
3Food Wars!: Shokugeki no SomaTV Shows 9 Paid
4Boruto: Naruto Next GenerationsTV Shows 3 Paid
5Dr. StoneTV Shows 3 Paid
6BleachTV Shows 3 Paid
7Death NoteTV Shows 2 Paid
8Fullmetal Alchemist: BrotherhoodTV Shows 2 Paid

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