What are the best anime that are banned in some countries?

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If you're an avid fan of anime and you plan to migrate to China someday, you might want to reconsider. Among the countries in the world, China has the most popular anime shows banned in their country. There are also other countries that blocked off a specific anime show for several reasons that are both valid and crazy. From elements of violence to a societal threat to the nation. Are you dying to find out which anime series are not allowed in other countries? Get ready to explore seemingly harmless on the surface shows as well as shocking (and expected) banned anime!

  1. 1Attack on Titan


    It comes to no surprise that a violent anime series such as Attack on Titan is banned in China. The country has banned a number of anime shows but Attack on Titan is expected since aside from the violence, it shows a huge opposition towards authorities. It's not the kind of message China would like to spread to society.

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  1. 2Tokyo Ghoul


    Tokyo Ghoul is perhaps one of the most popular anime series although it's banned in one country, China. Although the reason is not explicitly stated why it is banned, it may be because of the violence and appearance of the characters in the anime.

  2. 3Parasyte: The Maxim


    Parasyte: The Maxim is one of the several anime shows banned in China. Although the reason as to why is not stated, we can gather that it's because of the gore and excessive body horror depicted in the anime series.

  1. 4Osomatsu-san


    The first episode of the comedy anime Osomatsu-san is banned in Japan because it parodied a bunch of popular anime shows and parodies are not under the country's copyright law. Because of this, the first episode is not so easy to find because it has been pulled out from streaming sites.

  2. 5High School DxD


    High School DxD is banned in New Zealand because of its sexual themes and minor characters, it depicts young people who are sexually active and engaged. The anime is a harem anime after all but it won't sit well with some conservative audiences.

  3. 6Pokemon


    Why would Pokemon get banned in the first place? Well, the officials of Saudi Arabia have lots to say about why they have banned Pokemon in their country. According to sources, they think that the Pokemon games are a form of gambling and also the anime series has symbols that promote Zionist religions.


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