What are the best anime websites?


Anime is arguably one of the greatest things in modern entertainment. In fact, it's even more popular today than ever before. A big part of that is because of technology. Anime shows have debuted outside of Japan pretty early on but did gain much traction. This left fans with very little options to get their anime fix. Only the most hardcore of fans would import their favorite anime over to their country. It was not until the Internet became ubiquitous that getting hold of anime became so much easier. When it came to the actual show themselves, the sky's pretty much the limit. You'll find all manner of shows to cate to all types of preferences. Do you want dragons that grant wishes? Done. Epic action sequences and battles? Check. Magical girls in cute outfits? Why not. Deep and through-provoking stories and character development? For sure.

The only real point of contention when it comes to anime, is how faithfully recreates its source material which in most cases, would be manga. Adapting a manga series into anime is never an easy task. Regardless, having your favorite manga series come to life is its own reward and is enough sometimes. There's also the matter of subbed vs dubbed versions but that boils down to personal preference. If you're new to the world of anime, you're in luck. Some of the best anime shows are just a few clicks away. Our friend, Shinobidea is asking what would be some good websites to watch anime. Check out our list of some of the best anime websites working in 2020 and start watching. You could find yourself becoming a fan and start a life-long obsession. We wouldn't blame if you did, we're one ourselves.

  1. 1Anime Simple


    Yet, another site that made it to the list of our best anime websites is Anime Simple! As its name suggests, simplicity and going back to basics are the two main premises of this site. So, if you are a lover of classic anime like One Piece, One Punch Man, and Naruto, this will surely become your staple! Try it absolutely for FREE!

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  1. 2Anime Karma


    Just in case you are wondering why Anime Karma is the top-notch choice for a lot of Otakus, well the answer lies in its enormous collection of Anime Series. If you don't know where to even begin, it has its user-friendly interface that provides you with suggestions of TV shows, movies, and even episodes so you can kick-off your binge-watching.

  2. 3GoGoAnime


    Raise your hand if you like a LOT of options! Because with GoGoAnime, you can choose from a number of servers where you can watch your favorite anime! You know how links can sometimes be broken and you end up jumping into another site? This solves that problem! By the way, Boku no Hero Academia S4 is here!

  1. 4Chia-Anime


    Chia-Anime offers HD anime content that's subbed or dubbed in English which can be streamed or downloaded. It’s said to update content 10x faster than other free streaming websites.



    Another cult favorite in terms of choosing their anime website is If getting talked about by people on Reddit isn't proof that this is a staple, well, you can check out their site and see the schedule of the latest shows to be released this week! Enjoy free watching!

  3. 6AnimeLab


    What if we tell you that you can put your favorite anime series in your pocket and bring it anywhere with you? Yes, that is right! Because AnimeLab is one of the few legal anime websites that also has an app version for both iOS and Android! Imagine bringing Dragonball with you on the way to work or wherever!

  4. 7AnimeHeaven


    AnimeHeaven offers subbed or dubbed versions of animes with nearly no advertisements. You can also download the movies or series found on their site for offline viewing. 

  5. Unavailable

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.



    PRMovies allows users to stream the latest and most popular Hollywood, Bollywood, and South Indian movies and TV shows for free without needing to sign-up.

  6. Free Trial



    Hulu is a website that offers high-quality videos and a wide range of selection of anime films and series. Hulu, unfortunately, is not available in all parts of the world. 

  7. Free Trial



    Netflix offers anime movies and series that can be streamed through smart TVs, game consoles, computers, and mobile devices. Subscription is required to access their digital library.

  8. 11The Lost Otaku


    If you think you've had enough watching for today and need an icebreaker, going to The Lost Otaku may just be the most convenient option for you! This blogsite slash anime website is where you can get reviews from for your next anime series. Also, you can get yourself posted with the new season releases with the news written by certified Otakus here!

  9. 12EasyAccessAnime


    EasyAccessAnime is a website that allows you to online stream anime series and movies that are in Japanese language but dubbed or subbed in English for free. 

  10. 13My Manga Anime List


    My Manga Anime List is a website for anime and manga fans. Aside from online streaming of movies and series, it has discussion forums and a bibliography of manga and anime casts. 

  11. 14Anime Network


    Anime Network is an on-demand cable network based in North America. It provides access to streaming of both licensed and original anime content through streaming providers like Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, and Xfinity.

  12. Free Trial



    Crunchyroll is a legal anime website that offers premium membership to exclusive video contents. Updates happen almost every hour to ensure you never miss out on the latest episodes. 

  13. 164Anime

    1 is a website where you can watch all your favorite anime series absolutely for free! Like its contemporaries KissAnime, GoGoAnime, and others, its catalog is always up to date, as you can see in the 4Anime Recently Added section. Now, you can enjoy watching the latest releases such as Plunderer and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba English-subbed episodes, along with the classics like One Piece anime and Naruto Shippuden! And unlike other anime websites, you don't need to ask us how to stop buffering on 4Anime. Why? Because the players are loading quickly. 4Anime also has a user account feature, although everyone can still watch even without signing up on the site. And if you want to get in touch with the people of, as well as other fellow users, there is a Discord group that you can join. By clicking on the link below, you can start exploring the site and have an enjoyable binge-watching experience!

  14. 17Anime Urban


    Anime Urban is an online store which enables users to buy anime products. This online shop is powered by Shopify. Its website is designed in various categories to choose from such as clothing, plush, figures, accessories, and decor.

  15. 18Naruto-Guides


    Naruto-Guides is a website that provides information about Naruto. The site features detailed biographies of Naruto characters, their notable skills, match-ups, and team compositions.

  16. 19Fanmerch Store


    Fanmerch Store is a shop filled with apparel and merchandise related to anime and pop culture such as The Avengers, One Piece, Harry Potter, Attack On Titan, and more. The merch shop also offers collectibles and costumes for any occasion.

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Did you know that the first Japanese animated film to be released in Japan was Dekobo Shingacho - Meian no Shippai? Also known as  Deboko's New Picture Book - Failure of a Great Plan, the anime was released in February of 1917. Interestingly, it was during World War I, when animation was only a concept. During the same era, around twenty animated short films came out. We could not but thank the three men who were responsible for this sudden boom in the field of art. They are manga artists Oten Shimokawa and Junichi Kouchi, as well as a painter named Seitaro Kitayama. These three men received the nickname, "the fathers of anime". Japanese anime would see one of its major milestones during the 1960s, with television. The first one aired in 1958, was in color and was 9-minutes long. The anime was Moguro no Adventure or Mole's Adventure. One of the first popular shows to come out was Osamu Tezuka's Tetsuwan Atom or Astro Boy. It came out in 1963 and was a half-hour long, a format that is still followed today.

Some of the most popular anime today started out as manga series and until today, they never seem to get obsolete. Despite the various ways to enjoy anime, some people still enjoy reading. But this time, the mangas are in their smartphones. Thanks to a few of the best ios apps to read manga and Android, avid manga readers could bring their hobby anywhere. Some took more creative liberties with the stories. All were fun to watch regardless. The Internet made it possible for people to watch anime online through anime sites. Some of the best sites to watch anime get updated on a regular basis. New shows and episodes become available soon after they air on TV. Now is a great time to be an anime fan with so many shows and genres to choose from.

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  • #1
    November 11, 2017
    "I have had experience with this website and I must say it is a good solution for this problem. The site offers a wide variety of anime to watch for free. My favorite anime is Hunter X Hunter 2011 and I just so happened to discover the show using GogoAnimes. I used the comment section to communicate with other anime fans and receive recommendations. Overall, the site offers a great experience for newcomers and veterans of anime."
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  • #2
    November 3, 2017
    "The site itself is a little dated and sketchy looking, but I am able to find a lot of different anime here that I can't find anywhere else. And, best of all, its free! It takes a little getting used to, but there is a lot here and everything is pretty easily found using the index. If you're looking for an alternative to Crunchyroll or something like that, this is a great way to get some free anime!"
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  • #3
    April 11, 2018
    "I watch movies occasionally on HULU because it has good selection of a wide range of movies and exclusive programming. Hulu, the only online subscription service that delivers streaming video of currently running shows from all of the top television networks, comes in two iterations: Hulu Plus and is available entirely free of charge. Hulu Plus costs $7.99 per month."
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  • #4
    February 28, 2019
    "Explore new Anime and Manga or popular ones like Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, One Piece and more. Watch top airing anime, trending anime, top upcoming anime, highest rated anime, most popular anime and more."
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    My Manga Anime List
  • #5
    November 13, 2017
    "Crunchyroll has hundreds of anime television programs from all types of genres and styles. Whether it's something mainstream and popular, or unique and obscure, Crunchyroll is a great option to find all types of anime!"
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  • #6
    November 14, 2017
    "Has a whole multitude of different anime series. Can search for different animes and receive suggestions based off of genre or type. Many anime are also added frequently and seasons are updated fairly regularly."
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  • #7
    May 27, 2019
    "Naruto-Guides is a new website dedicated to the anime Naruto. Their content is 100% unique and interesting to read. You can see and feel the quality! New content is releasing every week."
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  • #8
    November 22, 2018
    "This page is as simple as it gets. very minimal ads and with a responsive webpage. it's so easy to watch anime here because it's this responsive."
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    Anime Simple
  • #9
    January 20, 2018
    "This site has so many episodes of like everything I want to watch. I love it! I like that they don't have a ton of ads."
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    The Lost Otaku
  • #10
    March 7, 2019
    "Most animes that are available on this app are free, for some movies u do need premium tho. but its a really good."
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  • #11
    May 31, 2019
    "wonderful explanation ,really fan of you,must check for more "
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    Fanmerch Store
  • #12
    March 7, 2019
    "This anime site is really good! There are many animes to choose from!"
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    Anime Network
  • #13
    February 9, 2019
    "All Anime in hd quality and no ads!"
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  • #14
    January 16, 2019
    "Cool site for watching HunterX hunter!"
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  • #15
    March 2, 2019
    "This website is fake. Don't sign up."
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    Anime Karma
  • #16
    July 6, 2019
    "Best website ever "
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This list is about What are the best anime websites
1Anime SimpleWebsites 4858 Free
2Anime KarmaWebsites 4845 Free
3GoGoAnimeWebsites 4815 Free
4Chia-AnimeWebsites 4807 Free
5Animefever.tvWebsites 4807 Free
6AnimeLabStreaming Services 4806 Paid
7AnimeHeavenWebsites 4806 Free
8PRMoviesWebsites 4806 Paid
9HuluStreaming Services 4805 Paid
10NetflixStreaming Services 4805 Paid

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