What are the best anime with female lead?

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If you think only anime with a male lead is capable of gaining a massive amount of viewers, then you clearly haven't seen how female anime characters are slowly taking over the anime series. In fact, there are a lot of anime with strong female lead whether you're into mystery, action, sci-fi, fantasy, or any other anime genre. But in case you're not yet sure which one to watch, we've listed down some of the best anime with female lead in order to help you decide. Find out how interesting these anime series are! When you start binge-watching one the anime series listed below, you'll also get to meet some of the bad-ass women in anime who are taking on the lead roles.

  1. 1Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit


    Another anime with strong female lead is Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. This fantasy anime series tells the story of a spear wielder and bodyguard named Balsa, as she gets assigned to become Prince Chagum's bodyguard after she saves his life. But since Chagum's own father orders his son's assassination, the two begins their journey together to try to evade assassinations and fight against their enemies. Things start to become complicated when Balsa finds out that Chagum is connected with a spirit that is capable of destroying the entire kingdom.

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  1. 2Violet Evergarden


    If you love watching fantasy anime series with a female lead, then you'll probably like Violet Evergarden. This 13-episode anime centers on a young female ex-soldier who works as a ghostwriter for others who can't write in order to help them connect with other people. In 2019, this fantasy drama won the Best Animation Award at the Crunchyroll Anime Awards.

  2. 3The Promised Neverland


    In The Promised Neverland, you'll get to meet three orphans who are also best friends. They are Emma, Norman and Ray, and they live in The Gracefield House, where they have 34 other siblings and a caretaker they call "Mom". Everyone in the house is living a better, happy life even if they are not blood-related. However, things start to change when Emma and her friends find out what happens to every orphan who is sent away to be adopted. Will they be able to find a way in order to save everyone? Stream this show to know more about this anime with female protagonist.

  1. 4Puella Magi Madoka Magica

    They may not be the female anime characters with white hair, but the strong female leads in Puella Magi Madoka Magica are definitely the reason why this is one of the best anime series on this list. This centers on Madoka Kaname after she gets offered a great power if she agrees to become a magical girl. Although the female anime characters in this series appear to be cute, they also possess mature personality.
  2. 5Fate/Zero


    In case you're looking for another great anime with female protagonist, Fate/Zero is also worth a try. This is kind of different compared to other anime series with female lead since Fate/Zero features a lot of great action scenes. In this action and fantasy anime series, you'll meet Saber, a knight who also serves as a Servant to her Master, and as a Servant, she is tasked to fight in the Holy Grail Wars.


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2Violet EvergardenTV Shows 18 Paid
3The Promised NeverlandTV Shows 7 Paid
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