What are the best apps to get followers on Instagram?

Didn't we all once dreamt of having a lot of followers on Instagram? Well, now you can turn it into a reality! Whether it is for business or personal purposes, these apps will surely rev up and boost the number of your followers, likes, and comments on Insta!

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    #1Instagram Followers Generator

    Instagram Followers Generator

    Instagram Followers Generator is an online tool that allows users to get free and unlimited followers on their Instagram accounts by simply connecting and entering their username.

    Online Tools


    Brittany Wade
    Written on June 11, 2019
    "Quickest way on how to get instagram famous!"
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    ShareSupplier is a website that presents social media marketing solutions. They have different low-cost services for Instagram, just select a service, IG link, quantity, and place order.


    Varies by plan

    Al- E
    Written on March 2, 2018
    "This is the BEST!!!! I just got 1,000 followers for 6 bucks hahaha :D"
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    Instazood is an Instagram bot that automatically follows, like, comment, DM, unfollow, and post on a user's Instagram account instantly. Instazood is safe to use and mobile friendly.


    $9.99- Varies by plan

    mynoo hilton
    Written on March 8, 2018
    "Instazood is the best Instagram bot I've found on internet. And they have really great support, they did respond the next day and solve my problem right away. They will help you almost immediately."


Brush off the idea that getting a million, or a least a thousand, followers on Instagram is useless! Did you know that you can actually make a lot of money from having thousands of followers? Yes, having a massive following on Instagram has benefits. This is not a drill. Marketers of brands actually look for potential Instagram accounts they can use for advertising. One rule is for an account to have at least a thousand of followers. And to tell you the truth, they really pay a lot! Little did people know that celebrities such as Beyonce, Cameron Dallas, Gigi Hadid, Kylie Jenner, and many more actually make millions out of posting something that seems to be useless for some. Crazy, right? In this golden age of digital media, one way of succeeding is boosting your number of followers. It is more likely that they will follow you on your other social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube.

Well, not everyone is a celebrity, but the closest thing that you could get to it is by buying Instagram followers. It sounds humorous but it is true that some apps let you buy followers or even likes! Yet, always be cautious with trying out these apps--it could be easy money down the drain because some apps are not legit. Some just phish for your information and gets you falling for their promise of gaining followers. On one hand, if you are just getting started with your account, getting organic followers and likes for the Instagram app is still possible. With the right amount of effort to take interesting photos, catchy captions, the right hashtags, and of course, well-lit selfies, you are good to go.

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    Likegrowers is a professional Instagram Auto Liker service that generates attention to your IG profile by fulfilling your preferred liking strategy. They guarantee safe & organic interactions.


    $9.99- Varies by plan

    Soni Bibi
    Written on September 30, 2018
    "Likegrowers is Amazing Instagram Auto Liker tool. "
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    Crowdfire is a powerful and popular social media tool used to drive social media growth and engagement. Crowdfire comes as a free to install app for both iOS and Android devices.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Varies by plan

    Alan Sanders
    Written on March 3, 2017
    "If you're like me, trying to attract some attention to your little patch of the web is a daunting task. I have a blog and I've been working hard to drive some traffic to it, with reasonably good results (modest, but real). This app really helped me get to the next level. There is a lot in there to help you use what you have to the best of its potential. I learned a lot of things that can be applied to many other ends and I've just skimmed the surface yet. "
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    Boostgram is a web tool that promises increased Instagram exposure and real organic engagement on users accounts. In just three clicks, you'll be able to enjoy new organic fans.


    Free trial available

    Andrés Ochoa
    Written on May 12, 2017
    "Look, I want to be internet famous just like everybody else. But I don't want to have put the work in to be interesting or entertaining. I also don't have the boobs or butt, due to being a guy, to get a bunch of followers so I use this and they do the work for me. I love it."
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    Hypez is a website for buying top-quality followers on Instagram. They have different packages depending on your needs and they also provide fast delivery time which is 10 minutes. 


    $2.99- Varies by plan

    Daniel Castro
    Written on February 4, 2017
    "After I setup my Instagram a couple of years ago, I kind of struggled to raise my number of followers since I wasn't sure what would be "interesting" to others. That being said, Hypez does a great job in helping get my numbers up and the service is very user-friendly. "
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    Deemed as one of most sought-after IG follower boosters, Statusbrew is an online tool available on mobile. It is enabling users to optimize and boost their presence on Instagram.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Varies by plan

    Dhruv Jain
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "One thing I got from this is that I got to optimize the online presence of my brand. Targeting has never been easier for me thanks for Statusbrew, Now I'm able to gain worthwhile followers who I follow back because I want them to stay"
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    MyIgFollowers provides paid Instagram services to level up the following and fan base of its users. They don't require any logins and provide 24/7 support and fastest service possible.


    $3- Varies by plan

    Crystal Myers
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I tried similar service like this before but I got scammed :( The followers I got were all dummies and they were not worth to have. So a fellow influencer recommended Myigfollowers to me bcause she said this helped me have worthy followers. It's been almost a year since I started using this and I must say this is worth the price!"
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    #10Followers Pro For Instagram

    Followers Pro For Instagram

    Followers Pro For Instagram is an application for managing Instagram accounts. Users will be able to see and review analytics concerning their accounts through this app for free.


    Paul Meyer
    Written on April 5, 2017
    "Followers Pro for Instagram is a great tool that I have used to analyze people that are already interacting with my Instagram posts. It's not a great tool to actually gain followers, but offers a more behind the scenes look that I can understand how my content retains followers. I really recommend this app to take a look at your analytics and improve your content from there."
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    TagsForLikes is a social app for Android and iOS devices. You can find out what are the most popular Instagram tags then Copy and Paste the hashtags fast and hassle-free with no ads.


    Android, iOS


    Jacqueline Black
    Written on April 25, 2017
    "I wanted to increase my Instagram presence so I tried out TagsForLikes. It was a cheap way to get insight into how to tag my posts. The app is easy to use and has increase my likes a bit but it is not a be-all-end-all solution as it is too simplistic. It is however a good first step in increasing followers but don't expect miracles."
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    Instarazzo is a web service specially made for Instagram users and account owners. This allows them to automate IG activities including DMs, post scheduling, and managing comments.


    Varies by plan

    Gigliola Padovesi
    Written on September 4, 2018
    "It is really interesting, when I checked other solutions to this subject, almost everybody is talking about Applications who provide you with fake likes, fake followers, and fake craps. Is everybody looking for JUST that "BIG Number Shown as their number of followers? Everybody is JUST looking for that NUMBER??? In my opinion, every user on instagram with any type of content, can have lots of followers and likes and comments and anything that you think, it is ONLY the matter of being ACTIVE, it is ONLY the matter of being engaged more and more on instagram so that other users can interact with you and check your profile and follow you back. THAT IS IT guys. And by being active, I mean doing hundreds of activities (likes, comments, follow blah blah blah) on instagram EACH DAY. That takes hours if you want to do it by yourself. So this is when Automation Tools like Instarazzo comes to the play (the one that I have been using after testing 7 different IG bots). What is instarazzo? To make it simple, consider Instarazzo as a person whom you have hired to spend all day long doing thousands of activities, improving your social impact, and as a result, being followed by the people WHO REALLY LIKE YOUR CONTENT on Instagram!!!! And for how much? € 0.5 each day!!!! Isn't is precious??? In my own experience you can easily, I mean super easily, get 100-200 active followers each day. It is only the matter of finding the best targets that suit your content the best. Try this service guys. I promise you will love it like me. Do not buy followers, do not pay for FAKE NUMBERS. Your real and active followers are all out there on instagram, CATCH THEM!!! They are all yours."
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    MegaFollow provides an effortless way to skyrocket your Instagram accounts. Get noticed and automate likes, follows, and comments through this easy to use safe and secure platform.


    $8.99- Varies by plan

    Tyler Willis
    Written on September 10, 2018
    "Yeah, sure, you are free to use or even purchase these third-party apps to get likes, followers, or whatever you wanna get. Okay, to be fair with Megafollow is transparent and clear about their pricing. I mean the prices are displayed for you and the payment options are secured enough. However, the website is not secure--that means the information you share on the web is most often than not vulnerable to hackers. "
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    #14Boost My Followers

    Boost My Followers

    Boost My Followers is a mobile app for boosting Instagram fans and followers. It works by recommending your account to users who might be interested in you or your account.


    Adam Carr
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "Too bad this isn't available anymore :( This used to be my go-to app whenever I wnt to boost the number of my followers. This will be remembered."
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    #15Flaming Social Media

    Flaming Social Media

    Flaming Social Media is a platform that provides users social media services like gaining Instagram followers, YouTube views and subscribers, and a lot more for affordable prices.


    Varies by plan

    Written on August 5, 2018
    "I usually buy cheap Instagram followers from Flaming Social Media. They have Instagram Likes too. A lot of people say don't buy them but I have grown a lot by having a higher follower count. It's appealing to people and you get more Instagram Followers. They are owned by a U.S Army Veteran and they have phone support. Not to mention 5% cash back on all purchases."
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    #16Social Shop

    Social Shop

    Social Shop is a marketing service available online for purchasing the best Instagram Followers and Likes in the market. They offer lots of packages with very fast delivery.


    Varies by plan

    Kimberly Obrien
    Written on September 10, 2018
    "I havent tried availing of their service but interestingly, they also offer plays for souncloud..i'm tempted! I hope this isnt a scam. "
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    #17Media Mister

    Media Mister

    Media Mister is a marketing platform for various social media accounts. They specialize in providing cost-effective strategies for Instagram accounts that need attention and traffic.


    Varies by plan

    Lawrence Perez
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "I tried this app out three months ago and now realize it was a huge waste of money. The followers I gained all left within a month and my likes and comments never changed. There has been zero long-term benefit to using the app. I am very disappointed with the service. I highly recommend everyone stay far away from this app. "
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    InstaTags is an application for both iOS and Android devices. It helps users to boost their Instagram account likes and followers by providing the most appropriate and relevant tags.


    Nicole Fisher
    Written on September 30, 2017
    "InstaTags is an okay app for upping your Instagram game, but I'm not sure it will really get you more followers. I think it helps refine your strategy to posting so I guess that would translate into more followers, but in terms of just straight up getting you followers, there's other options out there."
  16. 9735

    #19Get Followers Fast

    Get Followers Fast

    Get Followers Fast is a mobile app for users who wish to have more fans, likers, view, and subscribers. The app provides tips and tricks to have more or stronger Instagram engagement.


    Lee Mao
    Written on February 14, 2017
    "I was looking for a solution to boost the social accounts of my business (especially Instagram). With this app, you can "buy" followers, clicks and more for IG and other Social Networks. Although the easiest way to do it (obviously) is to pay an amount you can have followers and more for free if you have enough patience to see videos and do other tasks you'll earn free credits to invest."
  17. 9735

    #20Social Rocket for Instagram

    Social Rocket for Instagram

    Social Rocket for Instagram is an application for boosting your status on Instagram. Acquire likes and followers through a point system. Give likes to other users and receive it back.


    Tracy Li
    Written on March 8, 2018
    "Apps full of ads, really hassle to use, losing time as it have connection problems so the coins arrive one by one, and ads always popping up ...stay away"
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    TagScout is a growth and engagement engine for Instagram users. You can add unlimited IG accounts with a 5-day free trial each. Post scheduling, and DMs are part of the package.

    Online Tools

    Varies by plan

    Zhengwei Ding
    Written on December 22, 2018
    "It's a great platform! Everything is automated and makes my life easy!"
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    Buzzoid is an Instagram marketing tool for increasing following by buying real and engaged followers. All you have to do is type in your IG username, Email address, and chosen package.


    $2.97- Varies by plan

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    BuyCheapFollowersLikes is a website ideal for buying Instagram followers. They provide real and active followers almost instantly. They have different offers at affordable prices.


    $16.99- Varies by plan

    Ajay Khandelwal
    Written on September 9, 2018
    "This is the best website to get 100% real and authentic Instagram marketing. They have served my marketing agency to grow up by 300%. Must try!"
  21. 9734



    FansFaster is a website that recommends online services like Instagram Auto Comments, Instagram Auto Likes, Instagram Auto Views, and a lot more for instant fans and followers.


    Varies by plan

    Emma Hou
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "We have this school project whose grades would be determine by the most number of likes. To do that, we need to get lots of followers. We contributed cash to avail their service and finally, we got the most number of followers from the whole class! At least we never had to beg people for likes!"
  22. 9734



    Gramplify is a paid Instagram boosting service that offers a free trial. It increases the engagement level of the IG profile of its customer by moderating likes and other activities.

    Online Tools
    pubg loves pubg king
    Written on May 23, 2019
    "Ok "
  23. 9734



    Zaraserv is a digital platform specialist offering Instagram Auto likes, followers, post likes, and a lot more. They don't require account passwords and provides high-quality results.


    Varies by plan

    Juan Lewis
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "Been using this for my Facebook and now for Instagram! I'm so happy for the results!"
  24. 9734

    #27IG Flash

    IG Flash

    Considered as one of the top auto-follower services, IG Flash is an APK for Instagram. It's a free auto liker, auto commenter, and auto follower service all in one app.




    Hanif Khan
    Written on December 13, 2017
    "IG flash is a free tool for Instagram to get likes, comments, and followers."
  25. 9734



    Like4Like is among the best APK for having auto-likes on Instagram. Just download the latest version of Like4Like and follow basic instructions to get the likes that you need for free.




    Kathy Mason
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "What I like about Like4like is that this does not ask for my Instagram password. I've got other apps for consideration before but I backed out because they want to have my password. Why should I be stupid enough to do that? That's why L4L is perfect for me "
  26. 9734



    InstaNobel is a professional SMM tool for business as well as personal Instagram accounts. In just 3 clicks, you can get real Instafollowers, comments, likes, and popularity. 


    $14- Varies by plan

    Aaron Graham
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I couldn't be more thankful for Instanobel for making my instagram active again :) I really got difficulties engaging my followers or even gaining followers but thankfully for Instanoebl I'm on track again."
  27. 9734

    #30Drip Feed Followers

    Drip Feed Followers

    Drip Feed Followers gives organic growth to its customers. Primarily, they offer Instagram followers and maximum IG engagement. Get IG followers on a daily basis through this site.


    Varies by plan

    William Estrada
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "Of all services I've tried before this is the most economical in my opinion. I gained 10% savings since I used this and I even gained more followers from this!"
  28. 9734

    #31Get River

    Get River

    Get River is an Instagram account management tool for busy professionals, online celebrities, and e-commerce. Once you sign in, their experienced team will be in charge of your account.

    Online Tools


    Christopher Ruiz
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "The good thing about Get river is that it's real people you can talk with about the engagement on your IG posts. I've put necessary precautions on my IG account in case these people try to take it over so that I still get to keep my IG. So far they haven't disappointed me and I can see their really keeping my account safe."
  29. 9734



    CoinCrack is an online service for achieving immediate credibility and notoriety on Instagram. CoinCrack aids marketers, brands, and creators to be established on the social platform.


    Varies by plan

    Arjun Bose
    Written on May 1, 2017
    "If you want to have more followers on Instagram and don't care to pay, Coincrack can be a good solution. It has different plans depending on what you're looking for: pay for them and you'll see your followers growing very fast. Yes, the followers you'll get won't be "real people", but who cares when you are looking to increase your fan base quickly?"
  30. 9734



    WizBoost is an online service to accelerate your followers on Instagram. The service provided is similar to having an employee working on your IG account 24/7. Try it for 7 days free. 


    $23- Varies by plan

    Frank Jones
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "As a travel vlogger it is really important for me to target my followers well because I want them to engage too in the posts I'm uploading. So far, WizBoost has answered to my need of gaining active followers!"
  31. 9734



    iDigic offers packages for Instagram likes and followers. They promise instant delivery once the purchase is done. If you want to try their quality and speed, a free trial is offered.


    $2.95- Varies by plan

    Bryan Ellis
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "My fellow make up blogger on IG recommended this to me. I have inquired on the iDigic team and so far they've been accommodating to all my questions. Still waiting for my purchase to get approved."
  32. 9734

    #35IG Forsage

    IG Forsage

    IG Forsage is an app for iOS and Android devices. Users can increase their popularity on Instagram by simply earning coins that can be redeemed for likes or followers on their accounts.


    Oleg Drobyshev
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "This tool allows to exchange likes and followings amonst real people."
  33. 9734



    Ingramer is an Instagram automation tool and growth assistant. Users can get fast and real likes and followers without downloading anything. A 3-day trial for new users is available.


    $22- Varies by plan

    María Luisa Rivas
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "THis one's more of a web app than an app itself but somehow their webapp is mobile friendly so this could work too. I use this mostly to schedule my post but these past few weeks I see significant increase on the number of my followers."
  34. 9734

    #37Social Tradia

    Social Tradia

    Social Tradia is an online tool which aims to connect potential buyers and sellers of authentic Instagram accounts. This also helps the accounts to have more followers in 5 easy steps.

    Online Tools

    Varies by plan

    Brandon Hill
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This app really increased the number of my followers! 5 stars!"
  35. 9733



    Instavast is an Instagram bot that serves as an auto-liker, auto-follower, auto-commenter, post scheduler, hashtag planner, mass unfollower, and a lot more with reasonable pricing.


    $10- Varies by plan

    Jose Obrien
    Written on April 27, 2018
    "Power users only! Just kidding. This is a neat tool or bot for those people like me who need help keeping up with their Instragam hordes. Makes for a great play. "
  36. 9733



    InstaFollowers is a website that provides Instagram users with different packages of the followers and likes they need with the best prices. The website provides 24/7 customer support.


    $2.6- Varies by plan

    Amy Bishop
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I only tried this for IG so far and the results are satisfying. I gained more knowledge on the posts I should have on my account so as to gain more followers. I'm planning to use this on my FB too"
  37. 9733

    #40Followers Guru

    Followers Guru

    Followers Guru is an online service that provides its users with Instagram followers and likes at cheap prices. Their advertising network on IG generates unique visitors daily.


    $2.95- Varies by plan

    Joan Arnold
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I know that nowadays, we need to be exposed on social media so that we get our presence known to our potential customers. I'm glad for followers Guru for making it possible for me to be active."
  38. 9733

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.



    Gaininsta is a marketing automation tool for IG accounts. It allows users to get Instafamous by organically growing their followers and engagement on IG through marketing techniques.


    $25- Varies by plan

    George Gaininsta
    Written on November 24, 2017
    "They have nice pricing plans, and great platform."
  39. 9733



    Joolstar is an IG Bot for free Instagram followers. Within 7 days, get laser targeted likes, comments, and followers automatically. Users can access this IG Bot straight from the web.


    $7.99- Varies by plan

    Betty Pierce
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "Aside from getting more followers, I really like how I can automate much of the IG tasks even if I'm away. I can auto like, auto follow and even auto comment and that makes my IG seem active."
  40. 9733

    #43Relaxed Social

    Relaxed Social

    Relaxed Social is a web app for getting additional followers on different social media accounts especially Instagram. See visible growth on your IG account as early as one month.

    Written on November 2, 2017
    "I found this tool in a comment on Crowdfire in this same page. I've been curious and had a look at it. It seems an interesting app for this purpose, and professional... (unlike so many other ones). It has not a mobile app though -as far as I saw"
  41. 9733

    #44 RiteForge


    Featuring an Android app and Chrome Extension made to help users enhance and optimize their social media posts, RiteForge is a note-worthy tool to help users achieve IG popularity!


    Android, Chrome


    Aarav Pillai
    Written on May 7, 2017
    "RiteForge helps me managing the "boring" part of publishing in social media: hashtags, shorten links, finding the right image to talk about an idea, etc. It's true that with this app you won't get new followers instantly, but helps you enhancing your posts so it will be easier to get the attention of new people and engage them."
  42. 9733



    SocialCheap is an online platform where you can get all Instagram services. Users can order for likes, followers, comments, and views here. You also get a free offer with every order.


    $2.99- Varies by plan

    Marco Antonio Anaya
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I initially used this for my Twitter account and I saw how my Twitter performed better with SocialCheap. Now that I'm using this for my Instagram to get followers I must say I'm getting my money's worth. My followers are not idle. THey're really into my brand!"
  43. 9733

    #46Get Instant likes

    Get Instant likes

    Get Instant likes is a social app for Android devices. This app can help users to be more popular and influential on Instagram by gaining more views, likes, and comments on their posts.




    Jeffrey Morales
    Written on April 3, 2017
    "I wanted to spread my brand on social media to increase my options for my business. I had no idea how to organically grow it. I found Get Instant likes and was quickly able to monetize in my new found popularity on Instagram."
  44. 9733



    Instaboostgram is an online service where IG accounts can purchase real and active Instagram followers. Choose from 100 up to 10,000 followers and it will be delivered within 24 hours.


    $2.89- Varies by plan

    Eugene Hunter
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I like how my purchase here really translate to real people followers. This is just enough for what I need. I don't need dummy followers or idle ones. I need active followers who will really engage in my company."
  45. 9733

    #48Media Amp

    Media Amp

    Media Amp is a website offering services like social media account management specifically, on Instagram. It provides clients with automated likes and comments as well as followers.

    Gregorio Alarcón
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "After seeing how this workd for my friend, I recommended this for my boss. I'm currently working for my boss' line of fashion clothing and it would help that we've got many followers in Instagram. Hopefully after just a month of trying Media Amp, we get more followers on Instagram each day."
  46. 9733

    #49IG Auto Like

    IG Auto Like

    IG Auto Like is a professional Instagram promotion service. You can order Instagram views, Automatic comments, or Scheduled followers and they will do the rest to promote your account.


    $1.5- Varies by plan

    Harold Nguyen
    Written on February 6, 2018
    "Auto Like is great when you are just getting your Instagram started. I had Auto Like provide 30 posts for my profile with 5 comments. They were a bit slow, but delivered what they promised. Sometimes they offer specials that feature additional likes or comments. "
  47. 9732



    Mr.Popular is a website providing Instagram promotion services. You can order followers, mass likes, auto views, saves, comments, mentions, highlight views and more on their site.


    Varies by plan

    Steven Reid
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "Ever since I subscribed to Mr. Popular, I gained lots of followers. This product really gave me what I paid for."
  48. 9732



    IGhero is a website allowing users to get real engagement and target followers on Instagram. This platform sells auto-likes, auto-follow, auto-comments, and more for affordable prices.

    Efrat Maatuf
    Written on November 11, 2018
    "I appreciate the fact that you are not planning to buy fake followers. This means that your account stays safe, sound and within the terms stated by the Instagram. Now, the next thing is growing your followers organically. Before i am giving you the app names, you MUST know that in order to get real and authentic growth, there is no escape from quality content! In this post, will explain more in depth how i growth my account from 300 to like 5K in few months! And the tool i used call IGHERO (dot) com Let me share a few tips from my experience and study on Instagram. Content is the king. Irrespective of your niche and your location, your content is what matters the most. All other strategies will not be of any use until your content is rock solid. Spend time and create content that is original and cool. Next, follow the influencers in your niche. Check out how do they interact with their audience. What kind of content do they post, when do they post, what kind of posts perform the best for them. Try to learn from their mistakes and create your strategies accordingly. Use ‘safe’ automation. There are many things that you will have to do to reach thousands of people on a daily basis. It is true that hashtags bring in people to your content but most of them do not bother to follow you. This is why you need a solution that helps you to reach the right kind of people. I recommend giving a try to IGHero. This intelligent solution does exactly what I said. Finally, interact with people who are in active in your niche. They might be influencers or not. Either way, you are reaching to your potential audience and that is all that matters. Instagram has grown rapidly and it will continue to do it. You just need to create a perfect marketing mix."
  49. 9732



    Upleap is a paid online platform that serves as a dedicated account manager for a client's Instagram account. Increase your reach, followers, and engagement easily with Upleap. 


    $29- Varies by plan

    Gary Daniels
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I like how after using this, I gaine d more followers. Nnow I have more exposure online for my brand!"
  50. 9732



    SocialCaptain uses automated targeted marketing and Artificial intelligence for delivering real followers, comments, and likes to their client's Instagram profile automatically.


    Varies by plan

    Frank Phillips
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I thank socialCaptain a lot for their free trial. I got to see first hand what's their service like. Like others, I thought they're just gonna be a scam but turns out they're legit."
  51. 9732



    Fastlykke is a website for social media marketing services. It covers different platforms including Instagram and IGTV. Get plans under the best price and receive your order on time.


    Varies by plan

    Lori Handley
    Written on November 6, 2018
    "Fastlykke offers real likes,comments and followers. I recommend this site from my personal experience. I am getting targeted and genuine Instagram followers from here which helps me in boosting my business Thank you so much Fastlykke"
  52. 9732



    SMViews is an online tool used for boosting Instagram presence. You can choose from their packages to see what best suits you IG needs. They deliver your desired results instantly.


    Varies by plan

    Harry Long
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I'm a very busy person so I don't really have much time being online all the time. Hopefully, SMVIEWS makes it easy for me to seem active and I get followers on Instagram even inf I'm offline"
  53. 9731



    AddMeFast is a network for growing social presence, particularly on Instagram. Through their mobile apps, get free followers and photo likes in the shortest time possible. 


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free trial available

    Madison Mitchell
    Written on May 13, 2017
    "I have a small start up e-business. I have been trying to promote my business on Instagram but got stuck in the catch 22 of not enough followers and needing to have followers to get more. I decided to use AddMeFast to help me out. I'm very pleased with the results. Just having lots of followers brought in lots of genuine followers and my sales have increased this month. No issues with the app and solid service. A+"
  54. 9731

    #57IG Hoot

    IG Hoot

    IG Hoot is an APK that allows users to attract tons of auto likes and comments for free on one of the most popular social platform, Instagram. IG Hoot features a user-friendly interface.




    Shaurya Mehra
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I'm fed up of begging people to like my IG posts. Fortunate of me, a friend recommended IG Hoot for me and for a month I've been using this, I gained around 300 followers! This is a lot for someone like me who's still building an instagram profile. Thanks a lot!"
  55. 9731



    Followers+ is an APK and professional Instagram dashboard. This also allows users to monitor follower growth, get up to 1,000 free auto followers and up to 5,000 likes on their profile.




    Jessica Wu
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "This app doesn't really give you followers per se. But the dashboard is helpful enough for its insights. I got to see the best hashtags, the demographics to target, just to make sure that I improve every instagram posts so that I get more followers. This doesn't fail!"
  56. 9730

    #59Instagram Auto Followers

    Instagram Auto Followers

    Instagram Auto Followers is an APK that helps to achieve almost instant fame on Instagram. Just log in to the IG account on which you want to receive auto likes etc and download the app.




    Sajid Afiyat
    Written on October 1, 2018
    "Download the latest version of Instagram Auto Followers free for Android smartphones. This is the best solution if you want more followers on Instagram."
  57. 1397



    Aside from boosting the user's number of followers on Instagram, this works as an automation tool that does the job of following, reposting, liking, and commenting for you.


    $79- varies by plan

    Ashlyn Boudreau
    Written on June 7, 2019
    "After trying too many so called solutions for Instagram, I’ve finally found MaherGram and it’s unbelievably good! I’ve never reviewed any product anywhere on the internet, but I’m writing it for the first time because of MaherGram. If you are looking for a good Instagram bot for everything related to your Instagram accounts, MaherGram is your best option. MaherGram has helped me increase my followers and overall engagement on my Instagram accounts and this has helped me make many sales for my real estate business, I really can’t believe how helpful it is. If I had found it a year ago, my business would be on a whole new level today. All in all, if you are looking for an Instagram tool to increase your Instagram engagement, followers, go for MaherGram, I highly recommend it. "
  58. 1377



    FollowersClub is a social media service which will help boost your Instagram profile from its followers, likes, comments, and more. It will help optimize your online presence to gain more exposure and attention. 


    Varies by plan

    Kevin Haggins
    Written on May 26, 2019
    "I like FollowersClub. I'm using them since last year, this is the best app to get followers on instagram I have ever tried!"
  59. 1162



    SocialMediaVan is a marketing tool for different social media sites. Their services include providing users with likes, followers, views, and more on Instagram and Instagram TV.


    Varies by plan

    Srdjan Prunic
    Written on January 22, 2019
    "Werry quallity webb site with good service. I enjoyed in it"
  60. 679



    AiGrow is an online service specializing in making your Instagram profile grow through Artificial Intelligence. They have different packages and prices for clients to choose from.


    $49- Varies by plan

    Aanya Jindal
    Written on February 7, 2019
    "The AI of this AiGrow does its job to get followers on Instagram pretty well. This deserves higher ranking on this list because of its features!"
  61. 479



    InstaGrowing extends an exclusive service for Instagram users who want to buy Instagram followers, likes, and views. Just select a package, select a landing page and get your order.


    Varies by plan

    Epistafi Immelman
    Written on March 1, 2019
    "Few months ago I bought 5000 followers and I'm still happy with the results. Smart hastag strategy and InstaGrowing followers give me real good boost. "
  62. 391



    Bigbangram is an all-in-one promotion bot for Instagram that imitates real human activity. Their service is ideal for IG users who have no time for mass-following and manual liking. 


    $9- varies by plan

    Ivan Ivanov
    Written on February 27, 2019
  63. 155

    #66Free Followers Now

    Free Followers Now

    Free Followers Now is an online tool that offers free Instagram followers. You can get up to 500 instant followers delivered to your account. Provide an Instagram username to get started.



    Samantha Brooks
    Written on February 3, 2019
    "I could not believe there was a website that actually give you Instagram Followers for Free! Most websites are just a scam that let you fill out a survey and give you nothing in the end! Freefollowersnow kept the promise and I received my followers quickly. Sure you have to invest a bit of time but it's well worth it since you actually get the Followers in the end!"
  64. 134



    Instagooo is an online service offering competitive plans and pricing for promoting Instagram accounts. Get their IG comment tracker, auto DM, post scheduler at a cheaper price.


    $29.99- Varies by plan

    Bruce Davidson
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "At first I was readdy to give up my instagram because I don't have anyone there with me :(( I was all alone no one seems to like my posts :((( Hopefully with Instagoo that all changed. Now I have followers who love talking to me and we share stuff on our feeds to update one another."
  65. 67

    #68IG Instant

    IG Instant

    IG Instant is a website where you can purchase automatic Instagram likes depending on your needs. Choose from 100 to 10,000 likes and increase the popularity of your posts and content.

    Online Tools

    $2- Varies by plan

    Rohit Sharma
    Written on November 28, 2018
    "I'm using the automatic Instagram likes subscription over six months, and the service is very impressive. Everyone should also take advantage of this service from this website."
  66. 59



    SMMPortal is a social media marketing portal offering different Instagram boosting plans. They guarantee extreme security over client accounts and provide refund assurance for orders.


    Varies by plan

    Eric Glover
    Written on March 21, 2019
    "Wow. I was amazed how fast SMMPortal came through with getting me followers. They are a must have. "
  67. 24

    #70The Social Grower

    The Social Grower

    The Social Grower is an online provider of different social media services specializing in plans where Instagram account users can purchase views, likes, and followers at reasonable rates.


    Varies by plan

    Faisal Sheikh
    Written on February 17, 2019
    "Good for everything.....always good"
  68. 14

    #71SARA Agency

    SARA Agency

    SARA Agency is a website that offers Instagram automation services. They promise to make your account grow at a steady rate depending on your selected plan. A free trial is available.


    $9.99- Varies by plan

    Howard Kelley
    Written on December 19, 2018
    "What I like about SARA is their auto comments/likes because this makes my account active even if I may not be personally on my instagram all the time. This is a great interaction benefit for me!"
  69. 8



    SocialNetworkBoost is an online platform providing their subscribers with Instagram boost plans including followers, comments, and likes. Their service is guaranteed 100% safe and fast.


    Varies by plan

    Kumar Jdepa
    Written on February 11, 2019
    "Get Free Followers from SocialNetworkBoost.net Best website for social media boost."
  70. 8



    Increaster is a social media engagement service for Instagram which helps users increase their likes, comments, and followers. Increaster also creates smart suggestions and reports to maximize the Instagram account's management.


    $5- Free trial available

    Marina Hov
    Written on August 17, 2019
    "Great app that provides flexibility to choose between different criterion - likes, follow/ unfollow etc."
  71. 3



    IGAssistant is an Instagram automation tool and growth bot to promote visibility on IG. You can purchase likes, followers, etc. with bundle prices and special offers from their website.


    $15- Free trial available

    tito augusto gallo
    Written on December 18, 2018
    "If you are looking for real and active followers on Instagram, really recommend IGAssistant, A web-based Instagram Bot that has many incredible features. IGAssistant acts on your behalf 24/7, likes, Follows, put comments and unfollows users and raises your engagement rate. Best way to grow organically."
  72. 3



    IGOptimizer is a website and Instagram Optimizer that automatically follow, unfollow, like, DM, comment, or post whenever you want it to. They work on real people and real growth.

    Online Tools

    $7- Varies by plan

    Bes Bbrock
    Written on March 1, 2019
    "It's the easiest one to use to increase instagram followers quickly."
  73. 3



    Followersup is a website offering services for different social media platforms including Instagram. Just choose a package, fill out the required info, pay, and enjoy your order.


    Varies by plan

    Polina Shevyakova
    Written on January 17, 2019
    "I have tried so many different social media service providers, but followersup is the best. All the services are always delivered fast and the quality is great."
  74. 2

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.



    Social-Explosion is an online web service offering Instagram likes, followers, comments, views, and a lot more to boost your account/profile. Their service is extended to other social platforms.


    Varies by plan

    David Barnette
    Written on February 4, 2019
    "I ordered 10,000 Instagram followers for cheap and they were delivered without a hitch. Couldnt be happier!"
  75. 2



    Combin is an online tool for businesses or individuals with one or multiple Instagram accounts. It helps to manage or grow IG accounts by providing statistics, search results and more.


    Windows, Mac

    Varies by plan

    Alex Miller
    Written on March 21, 2019
    "Combin is very convenient tool to manage and to grow Instagram account. It includes Account Statistics, Powerful search options, Follow/Unfollow system, User Management etc. Really a lot of features with very affordable freemium model."
  76. 2

    #79Instagram Bot Follower

    Instagram Bot Follower

    Instagram Bot Follower is a website providing help for users who want to save time and automate different Instagram tasks. Schedule IG posts directly online with their service.


    $4.99- Varies by plan

    Alessandro Parisi
    Written on January 10, 2019
    "This Bot is cheap and works really well. It has a lot of functions and I get good results"
  77. 2



    Instapromo is an online service which will help you to promote your Instagram accounts. This offers automated actions without limitations. It can also schedule posts, bulk send direct messages, and track comments. 


    $11.3- Free trial available

    Oksana Bagdasarina
    Written on July 1, 2019
    "Instapromo — powerful service to promote accounts in Instagram. Little free time? The service allows you to fully automate the process. Need to post a record at a specific time? Postponed posting will be good news. Working in the cloud once again will save time and ease the process of promotion. The client will also be able to order the newsletter and thereby tell a wide audience about his product or service. A trial period of 3 days will help the client to get comfortable, and thanks to the referral program everyone can earn."
  78. 1



    InstaFollowFast is a website for promoting and improving your Instagram accounts. They provide an online team to give you more followers, guaranteed views and fast likes. Try for free.


    Varies by plan

    Ken Wu
    Written on December 27, 2018
    "I like the perks in their subscriptions. I was only looking to grow my follower base but they gave me free comments too."
  79. 1

    #82Buy Instagram Followers by TargetedLikes

    Buy Instagram Followers by TargetedLikes

    Buy Instagram Followers by TargetedLikes is a website selling IG followers. You can choose any package that suits your needs. You can order 500 up to 5,000 real human followers.

    Online Tools

    $7.99- Varies by plan

    targetedlikes com
    Written on December 11, 2018
    "this is the main Instagram supplier you can test his followers by your self is the highest quality in the market"
  80. 1



    Trollishly is a website offering a variety of different packages to give users high-quality Instagram likes and followers. They guarantee fast delivery and 24/7 support for any concerns.


    Varies by plan

    Steve Birch
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "I used Trollishly's Auto Instagram services (Followers, Likes & Views) many times, Great Experience. Guaranteed result. Very fast support team!!!"
  81. 1

    #84SK Followers Pro

    SK Followers Pro

    SK Followers Pro is a website offering services to boost presence on Instagram. They guarantee an increase in Likes and Followers from actual accounts/users and a secure payment system.


    $0.55- $4.78

    SAndy Kill
    Written on March 1, 2019
    "They this app you can easily get Instagram followers without compromising your Instagram account"
  82. 1



    AppSally is an online platform that provides growth hacks for Instagram accounts. They deliver promised growth through real users, not bots. You can reach them through Skype or Email.


    Varies by plan

    Alan Zucker
    Written on January 18, 2019
    "Excellent job always, fast service. I've been using this service for getting more likes on my Instagram post for more than 6 months now and I have never had any problems. I'm happy with the result at an affordable price."
  83. 0



    Freeinstafollowers.net is an online tool that offers an easy way to get free Instagram followers in an instant. Just type in your Instagram username and Email and you're all set.

    Online Tools


    Insta Jool
    Written on January 4, 2019
    "Freeinstafollowers.net is so easy to get the initial followers boost for free. They provide upto 5000 followers for free and i already received free followers to 2 of my Instagram account"