Who are the best Avengers characters?

Time to suit up in spandex and fight Avengers-level threats! Curious to see who the best members of Marvel's most famous superhero team are? Check out our list of the top heroes in the Avengers and see if it fits your insights!

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    Iron Man (Anthony Stark)

    Wounded, captured and forced to build a weapon by his enemies, billionaire industrialist Tony Stark instead created an advanced suit of armor to save his life and escape captivity. Now with a new outlook on life, Tony uses his money and intelligence to make the world a safer, better place as Iron Man.

    • Randy PearsonWritten on May 12, 2018
      "Iron Man is one of the best Avengers characters out there in my opinion. He is a very rich and smart man. His suit is amazing as well."
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    Captain America

    During the dark days of the early 1940's, a covert U.S. Military experiment turned Steve Rogers into America's first Super-Soldier, Captain America. Throughout the war, Cap and his partner Bucky fought alongside infantry and with a group of heroes known as the Invaders. In the closing months of World War II, Captain America and Bucky were both presumed dead in an explosion. A few decades later, Captain America was found trapped in ice and revived in the modern world.
    • Eric MunozWritten on May 10, 2018
      "Was wanting more info on some the Avengers characters and this page gave me a lot of info about Captain America. This was perfect as he happens to be my favorite Avenger and has such a good story. I am very pleased that I found this page."
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    Thor is a fictional superhero from the Marvel universe. He is from the land of Asgard serving as the son of Odin and as the god of thunder. With this power, Thor possesses the powerful hammer called Mjolnir.

    • Johnny AlvarezWritten on May 12, 2018
      "Nothing like having a big ole hammer to convince your foes to see things from your point of view! Follow Thor as he pounds his way through his foes and does great things!"
    • Christian HunterWritten on May 9, 2018
      "marvels product was good"


Did you know that Janet van Dyne, also known as the Wasp, was the one who coined the name "The Avengers"? Another interesting thing worth mentioning is that The Avengers was born due to an issue of Daredevil missing its deadline for release. Unsure of what to do due to the publisher realizing that its first issue wasn't going to be prepared on time for its scheduled print run, Marvel's primary creative leader Stan Lee pitched in the idea of bringing in a couple of already-existing Marvel heroes together to form a team. Doing so would let them skip over the "in-depth origin story" part of introducing new characters. Thus, The Avengers was born.

After the positive reception of The Avengers comic issues, Marvel took it as a success and trademarked the team name in 1970, roughly 7 years after its inception. The aforementioned team always experienced a lot of changes in its roster, especially after the four original members left and were replaced by Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver. Interestingly, these three were surprising choices for members since they were previously considered Marvel villains within the universe. Presently, the franchise has been met with astounding success, bringing about a variety of Marvel movies based on The Avengers, as well as video games, and a wide selection of spin-offs.

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    Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)

    Doctor Strange or Stephen Vincent Strange is a fictional superhero from the Marvel Universe. Before he attained the ability of sorcery, Strange was a skilled physician. His first appearance was in Strange Tales No. 110 in 1963.

    • Ralph WilliamsWritten on May 20, 2018
      "Doctor Strange is one of my favorite characters! His attitude towards life and mindset on never giving up is really admirable. His cape is literally the coolest weapon ever. Should he have a fight against any other superhero, I think he would win."
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    Spiderman (Peter Parker)

    Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider while in high school, the spider bite caused him to develop powers and abilities similar to that of a spider. He was soon able to crawl up walls and sense imminent danger, and eventually even developed his own method of creating webs to swing from. Upon the death of his Uncle Ben due to Peter's indifference, Peter decided that 'With Great Power there must also come Great Responsibility', and thus became Spider-Man.
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    T’Challa - Black Panther

    T’Challa - Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1966, he was Marvel's first black superhero. T'Challa ascended to the throne of Wakanda after the death of his father. T'Challa returned to his country as a protector.

    In the Black Panther film, Chadwick Boseman plays the role of T'Challa. Black Panther has received numerous awards and nominations. Watch Black Panther to see T'Challa in action.

    • Kai WangWritten on May 10, 2018
      "Me and a friend of mine got into a pretty long debate on who the best Avengers character was. He said Iron Man and I said T'Challa. We used this resource to compare hero attributes and get a better understanding of all the characters we wanted to compare. Great resource and I think i may have swayed my buddies opinion to agreeing with me."
    • Ai YuWritten on May 15, 2018
      "T’Challa - Black Panther is the best character. He has been through a lot and has come out with a great perspective. He is a sharp and assertive character that gets it done. Best Avengers character there is."
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    Black Widow (Natasha Romanova)

    Black Widow or Natalia "Natasha" Alianovna Romanova is a fictional superhero from the Marvel universe. She is a Russian spy who goes by other aliases such as Natalie Rushman and more. Her first appearance was in the Tales of Suspense No. 52.

    • Gary WellsWritten on May 22, 2018
      "favorite character"
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    Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff)

    Scarlet Witch or Wanda Maximoff is a fictional superhero from the Marvel universe. Her superpowers include mind manipulation, reality warping, and magic. Her first appearance was in The X-Men No. 4 in 1964.

    • Janet OliverWritten on May 15, 2018
      "I love the Scarlet Witch. She's the best Avenger from the Marvel Universe because she shows how strong women can be and how they can compete directly with the men. She has a lot of different superpowers and has been a part of the Marvel universe for over fifty years."
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    Captain Marvel

    Carol Susan Jane Danvers, or Captain Marvel, is a Marvel superheroine who gained her powers when her DNA was fused with Mar-Vell's in a near-death situation. She was created by Roy Thomas and Gene Colan, and first appeared in 1968.

    • Grace HopkinsWritten on September 9, 2019
      "IDC what they say about Captain Marvel, I like her character and I think she deserves to be on top of all the other guys in this list! She's all-powerful, after all! !"
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    Spider-Woman is a character in the Marvel Universe. She was born as Jessica Drew and was experimented on by Hydra. After being shown the true nature of Hydra, she fled the scene and would later come back as a hero, bounty hunter and finally as a member of the Avengers.

    • Cherry HanWritten on September 9, 2019
      "Spiderwoman was a great addition to the Avengers in the comics. I hope they add her character to the MCU!"

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