What are the best bachelor party movies of all time?

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What could possibly be the danger in attending your own bachelor's party? Well, probably a lot! If you're a soon-to-be-married man and a movie fan at the same time, you must have already known this! Well, that's probably because the idea of saying goodbye to being single has been a favorite venue for showing 'bachelors gone wild' kind of stories. And more often than not, tons of actors or comedians have found their niche by portraying guys who go crazy in their own bachelor parties. Want to know more about these supposed-to-be smooth sailing parties infested with booze, gals, and not-so-clean fun? Why not call your best man for some good movie and check out our list of the best bachelor party movies of all time? 

  1. 1Bachelor Party


    Considered as the granddad of bachelor party movies, this film just showed everyone how crazy it could be in the '80s. Well, Bachelor Party from way back 1984 will crack you up with unclean fun by way of crazy strippers, elevator deaths, and drug-snorting donkeys. Yes, you read that right! Well, all of these are shown by way of a young Tom Hanks' bachelor party so you know for sure that there's more to expect from this film!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2The Hangover


    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! However, if things get as riotous as it did in The Hangover, you've got to expect things to get really out of hand. If there is a super crazy film that you wouldn't want to associate with your own bachelor party, it's surely this one. After all, who wants to completely black out after a night of hard partying only to find Mike Tyson's tiger in your hotel bathroom? Sounds crazy enough? Well, just watch the movie as it's just that fun!

  2. 3Very Bad Things


    Well, as the title suggests, you'll actually see really 'Very Bad Things' happen in this movie! Just like with The Hangover, you already know what to expect when a bunch of guy friends give it a go during a night to remember in Las Vegas. Watch this film and you'll see what was supposed to be a simple bachelor party turn into a night of deaths and crazy events. Still, this is one hell of a dark comedy film which you might want to show your best man just for the fun.

  1. 4Bachelorette


    Well, who else has fun in a bachelor's party? Probably, the girls do enjoy it too! That's what you'll see and more in this 2012 comedy romance flick. Bachelorette follows the story of three friends who find themselves engaged in a night full of drugs, booze, and nightclubbing. But there's one problem - they're bridesmaids who happened to ruin their friend's wedding gown. Watch this female counterpart of The Hangover to find out how the fun ends!

  2. 5Old School


    While this movie doesn't actually show a 'bachelor's party', Old School has had a great cult following from a lot of guys. And guess what, all the things you'll see in this crazy comedy film is in fact bachelor party material. From hilarious hazings, non-stop partying, and lube wrestling, you'll see how a group of 30-somethings try to recreate their college days by starting a fraternity. If you're looking for a film to share with your buds before tying the knot, this one is a great alternative choice. Just please try not to do the things that they show here!


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