What are the best Bigg Boss seasons?

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One of the best reality shows in India, which is Bigg Boss Hindi, has finally reached its fourteenth season. And following the success of previous seasons, it isn't really surprising to know that this reality hit in India still has a massive amount of viewers. This is probably because it is interesting to see how people with different personalities can get along with others while living under the same roof. And as a viewer, it's also entertaining to see how people react to situations considering that they are completely aware that they are being watched. You'll even hate or love some of the contestants, and that's pretty normal. While each season comes with a different group of contestants, Bigg Boss makes sure that in every season, there's much to look forward to. But you gotta admit, as a fan, there are really boring seasons. So, if you're wondering what are the most memorable seasons of Bigg Boss, we've got you covered! Here are the best Bigg Boss seasons you can still rewatch today!

  1. 1Bigg Boss 11


    If you want to be entertained until the very last episode, then watching Bigg Boss 11 is something you'll surely enjoy. This season became even more interesting since its line-up of contestants made its viewers really intrigued! With Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan not really getting along, the show's fans were also taking sides in order to defend their favorite housemates.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2 Bigg Boss 7


    It may sound really weird but there's something about this reality show that gets you hooked when you watch some contestants fight over something. Well, it's pretty expected, though, since it has participants with different backgrounds and personalities, and because of that, not all people can get along pretty well. In this season, Gauahar Khan and Tanisha didn't get along that's why they became the hottest topic. As a result, the viewers were also taking sides, and housemates also became divided. 

  2. 3Bigg Boss 13


    One of the best Bigg Boss seasons is the 13th season, and this season aired its first episode in September 2019. This is by far the longest season in the entire Bigg Boss Hindi series since it was extended for five more weeks due to a large audience. Twenty-two housemates participated in this reality show, and it's an all-star season since all participants are celebrities. Just like any other memorable season, Bigg Boss 13 also had contestants who always fight. However, there were also contestants who had to be taken to the hospital. You may want to re-watch or watch this season to find out what happened to some housemates while inside the house.

  1. 4Bigg Boss 4


    In case you want a Bigg Boss season that is full of unexpected events, then you don't want to miss Bigg Boss 4. This is the first time Salman Khan joined the show as the new host. This is also the season a celebrity couple tied the knot while they're inside the house. The Great Khali, a professional wrester, even entered the house. And of course, Dolly Bindra's confrontational behavior is something you don't want to miss.

  2. 5Bigg Boss 10


    Bigg Boss Hindi is pretty known for only including celebrities or famous personalities as contestants, but Bigg Boss 10 is quite different compared to its previous seasons because finally, the house has opened its doors to commoners. This means that both celebrities and non-celebrities are the contestants of the show for 105 days. Since this set-up is pretty unusual for the reality show, it has become a much-anticipated season that's why we've listed it as one of the best seasons of Bigg Boss.


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