What are the best bitcoin exchanges?

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    Binance is a website that allows users to purchase and exchange cryptocurrencies. Available on an app developed by Binance Inc, it is compatible with  Android 4.2 and up.



    Roy Owens
    Written on December 8, 2017
    "Binance is an upcoming Chinese digital asset exchange platform that has been making a name for itself. It is widely used in the Asian markets to buy and sell cryptocurrencies which has become a big phenomenon. I like the fact that this platform has become a household name signifying the level of discipline and efficiency they have come to acquire by serving clients diligently and professionally. "
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    Coinbase is a site for buying and selling all kinds of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can create your own wallet where you can store your digital money on your bank account and manage your transactions.



    Shreya Singhal
    Written on March 7, 2017
    "Want to create a digital wallet watch the money stack up? Try Coinbase. It is one of the most popular sites for buying and selling cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and it is super safe! You can even try investing and watch your money grow!"
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    The most advanced cryptocurrency exchange to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, ZCash, DigitalNote, Ardor, Kcs.


    Keith Peterson
    Written on January 2, 2018
    "I've been looking at getting into Bitcoin and some of the others and this website has been a big help. It is very easy to look at the different markets and get detailed analysis on how the various coins are doing in the market. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it's not too bad."
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    Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange tool for professional traders in its market. It offers a trustworthy and secure trading system. where you can trade your money, see your profits, see your account and how has your trading improved.


    William Hill
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "I have been using Kraken on the desktop site for a while now and the user experience has always been great. I tried using the app and I have always had issues with it. So many of it's functionalities don't work anywhere as well as the desktop website."
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    Bittrex is a cryptocurrency exchange platform built and operated in the United States. Bittrex is distinguished by the security of its platform, its custom-built trading engine, its fast deposits, etc. 


    Alicia Gallardo
    Written on July 20, 2017
    "I got into bitcoin a long time ago and have been using Bittrex for several months now. It is an exchange platform that allows for the conversion of bitcoin to other currencies. I like using it because it has an attractive and easy to understand interface, and it always has up to date information on exchange rates."
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    Poloniex is a pure crypto to crypto exchange based in the United States. In early 2015, it experimented a redesign. The site added a wealth of features that provide immersive trading experience. 


    Howard Alexander
    Written on July 5, 2017
    "If your a crypto miner or just a trader then I would check out Poloniex. It is a large online exchange for trading your crypto currencies. I had a smooth transaction that was hassle free. It has lots of extras for those who want to really get down to the nuts of bolts of trading. A great exchange and worth a look if you want to exchange your bitcoins or other crypto currency."
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    #7Coinbase Pro

    Coinbase Pro
    Coinbase Pro is an online service where institutions and professionals are able to trade several cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. on an intuitive and secure platform.


    Christian Munoz
    Written on December 1, 2017
    "Gdax is a straightforward and easy bitcoin exchange that allows you to trade between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The interface is easy to use and it makes buying and selling simple for even a novice."
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    Established in 2013 as the first cloud mining provider, CEX.IO has become a multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange that offers cross-platform trading via website, mobile app, WebSocket and REST API.



    Jacob Daniels
    Written on November 24, 2017
    "This is useful, but not the best IMO. "
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    LocalBitcoins is a bitcoin startup company based in Helsinki, Finland wherein you can buy and sell bitcoins across different cities and countries. Its service also facilitates the over-the-counter trading of local currency for bitcoins.


    Jane Jackson
    Written on July 13, 2017
    "This website is not to my taste. The problem is needing to exchange bitcoin. However, this website only offers the ability to buy and sell bitcoin. The website does not correspond at all."
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    Zumminer is a bitcoin exchange that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies on the Internet. This tool is especially recommended for those who are starting, thanks to its easy and explicative interface. 



    Willie Jacobs
    Written on November 8, 2017
    "As someone who’s interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, it’s difficult to find an exchange to buy your first cryptocurrency for a beginner. After doing a lot of research, I have figure out the best one to buy Bitcoin is Zumminer since it has such a nice and easy to use interface. "
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    Bisq (formerly known as Bitsquare) is an open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies. The app can be downloaded on PC and mobile devices.


    Shirley Lopez
    Written on February 4, 2017
    "If youre a fan of bitcoin and happen to be traveling soon, check out Bitsquare. You can buy, sell or trade your bitcoins into national currencies or alternative cryptocurrencies. How cool is that?"
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    BitBay is a market exchange site serving those trading between Bitcoins / Litecoins and PLN, EUR and USD.


    Ananya Chatterjee
    Written on April 10, 2017
    "If you are looking for a good bitcoin exchange site then you should check out BitBay. It is one of the best out there right now and I use it a lot. You can trade all sorts of Crypto-currencys whether it be Bitcoins or Litecoins. I think you'll find what you're looking for. "
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    Bitstamp is a place where you can trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether (ETH). It works as a peer-to-peer marketplace where users can buy and sell these digital currencies at the price set by the exchange.



    Steven Morrison
    Written on December 5, 2017
    "Bitstamp is a little more simplistic than other sites for this sort of thing. That being said you may or may not find that simplistic nature to be more appealing, so give it a glance and if the interface appeals then use it."
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    #14Crypto Converter

    Crypto Converter

    Crypto Converter is another currency converter by Cryptfolio that provides you the equivalent value of different digital currencies or fiat currencies. It features a fluid and intuitive calculator interface, exchange rates updated automatically.




    Lisa Fox
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "I think they were looking for the best things to change bitcoin into maybe. If that is the case then this might not work. it coudl though. It depends on what sort of info is inside the app. "
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    At CoinMarketCap you will be able to watch in real time the movements of cryptocurrency and all the market capitalizations that are being done. CoinMarketCap allows you to also check the data and results of every market.


    Joyce Wang
    Written on January 12, 2018
    "You can use this exchange to watch every cryptocurrency you have ever heard of and many you haven't. Includes lots of information on each currency and easy to understand graphs?"
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    #16Live Coin Watch

    Live Coin Watch

    Live Coin Watch is a real-time cryptocurrency information website where you can learn what are the exchange values of every cryptocurrency, the markets and create your own watchlist.



    Kathryn Turner
    Written on January 6, 2018
    "Live Coin Watch tracks your bitcoin in real time. You can watch your bitcoins, exchange values, the market. You can search your bitcoin in many different countries exchange rates. You can also change the updates rate down to seconds. "
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    As its own name shows, BuybyBitcoin is an online shop that offers stuff that you can pay using bitcoins. It allows you to register as a seller receiving payment for the stuff you have uploaded, to be sold, in bitcoins.


    Benjamin Shaw
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "I am not happy with the service that BuybyBitcoin provided. They never really had a good number of vendors and the whole company seemed untrustworthy. I didn't trust them being the middle man when handling my bitcoin transactions. Now the company is no longer operating and their website tells me that they are working on a new platform that could be released in the future."
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    #18Bithumb (Korean)

    Bithumb (Korean)

    Bithumb is one of the biggest crypto exchanges which provides real-time cryptocurrency prices and fluctuation rate in real time, you can easily purchase and receive payments anytime, anywhere.



    Raymond Hunt
    Written on January 28, 2018
    "This helps you get up to date bitcoin prices in real time. You can easily purchase and eve sell right here with this."
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    Gatecoin is a bitcoin and ethereum token exchange and its a safe and compliant trading platform designed for both professional traders and retail investors.


    Ajay Venkatesan
    Written on January 29, 2018
    "I love that I can trade and feel confident my information is secure. It's AML compliant. They facilitate fund withdrawals in flat currencies with my bank. I'm always well informed of new technologies. I use it as my go to."
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    Huobi is a Chinese cryptocurrency trading platform and exchange based in Beijing. They provide professional, secure digital assets trading services. Support various cryptocurrencies trading such LTC/BTC, ETH/BTC.


    Jeffrey Mendoza
    Written on January 16, 2018
    "After losing my butt with Ethereum, I needed a change. Huobi was it. Now I just trade LTC and leave the ETH alone."
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    Bitbank is a bitcoin crowdfunding, savings, and lending company with various services including Bitcoin and Litecoin finance product, hash mining investment. They aim to connect people, assets and the world. 


    Bryan Hopkins
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "In this new era of cryptocurrency, it can be extremely hard to figure out who you can trust. You need a site that won't go under or get hacked or just plain run off with your money. I have done the research and Bitbank provides all of my bitcoin needs including being a very reliable exchange. It also does so many more things, especially if you want to get into bitcoin as an investment."
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    LiveCoin.net is a modern safe Trading Platform for accessing cryptocurrency exchange markets with very simple interface and low trading fees.



    Gloria Gallegos
    Written on February 20, 2018
    "The cryptocurrency craze is taking over the world and another player in the market is Livecoin. I don't know anyone who actually understands what this stuff is or how it works so I'm skeptical, but if you're into that sort of thing, check it out."
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    Abucoins is Digital Assets Trading Platform with one of the lowest maker (0%) and taker (0.1%) fees. You can trade Bitcoin with 13 other Altcoins, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, NEM, Monero, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash and others.



    Jose Gonzalez
    Written on February 14, 2018
    "Abucoins is an excellent trading platform that has very low fee's in comparison to other trading platforms. I also really enjoy the fact that the customer service is very responsive and will help me out at the drop of a dime if I ask them a question. "
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    OKEX is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers futures trading. The core team of OKEx consists of people from world-renown companies and organizations such as Alibaba, Tencent, and Huawei.



    Brian Jensen
    Written on January 17, 2018
    "ive never used this but to me anything like this can bring in security issues. this does seem safe but i would still be very wary"
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    Gate.io is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers professional and secure digital assets trading services. It also offers a platform for Android and iOS devices that users can download and install for free.



    Juan Valadez
    Written on February 1, 2018
    "I sell and trade bitcoin. I am always trying to be invested. With Gate.io I am able to have a platform to perform everything. This was perfect for what I needed."
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    The Cryptopia marketplace with a focus on the user experience of the cryptocurrencies themselves. Lets you mine, exchange or spends your digital coins. Buy/Sell items free of charge or setup an Auction or classified listing and start using your crypto today.


    Michael Anderson
    Written on April 14, 2018
    "Cryptopia is a useful Bitcoin exchange. It has all the features and information you need all in one place. The design is simple and easy to use. The website is reliable and good for all your Bitcoin exchange needs."
  24. 0



    CoinLore is a financial app which is available on Android devices. Containing over 1,600 cryptocurrencies, it features a watchlist, crypto portfolio, price charts, and initial coin offering information. 


    Web, Android


    Malkhaz Tavartkiladze
    Written on December 7, 2018
    "Provides much more info then any other alternatives to check coin prices and other metrics information."
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    LiteBit.eu is an online service that operates within the Cryptocurrency trade. They operate in several countries across Europe. You can buy and sell digital currencies via EURO. You can use iDeal, Mister Cash, SOFORT, GiroPay and SEPA.



    Raymond Carlson
    Written on February 20, 2018
    "I really wanted to get in on all this bitcoin stuff, but didn't know where I should trade them. I was given the suggestion to use LiteBit.eu. So far, I'm really happy with it. "
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    Zaif is a Bitcoin Exchange which has been adding some new features such as exchange, payment service, and coin reserve.


    Sean Murray
    Written on February 9, 2018
    "Step into cyber. Step into crypto. Are you on the crypto market? You exchange the bitcoin? You need this service. You need Zaif. It'll hook you up. I am utilizing it non-stop, like a train that's running away, my cool dudes."
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    Paxful is a cryptocurrency website that lets users buy and sell bitcoins instantly in different ways like bank transfers, gift cards, cash deposits,  and digital currencies. It also allows them to earn a passive income.



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    WEX is a 2011 cryptocurrency exchange with above 1.2 million members perfect to trade, buy and sell cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash and more.



    George Ramirez
    Written on February 8, 2018
    "I really like this because they have a chat feature built in. It might not be the best exchange, but I love that it feels communal. "


Best What are the best bitcoin exchanges
1BinanceWebsites 31 Free
2CoinbaseWebsites 30 Free
3KuCoinWebsites 26 Paid
4KrakenWebsites 24 Free
5BittrexWebsites 23 Free
6PoloniexWebsites 21 Free
7Coinbase ProWebsites 18 Free
8CEX.IOWebsites 17 Free
9LocalBitcoinsWebsites 16 Free
10ZumminerWebsites 13 Free

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