Who are the best Black Clover characters?

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    Asta is a cheerful and hyperactive orphan who was raised in a church in Hage village. He dreams of becoming the kingdom's Magic Emperor. He is the main protagonist in Black Clover, an anime series.

    • Kathryn WilliamsonWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Asta will always remain my favorite in Black Clover. Too much range in powers and I love Black Asta and his Anti-magic. Plus, he has super strength, agility, and super resilient"
    • Juana AngelesWritten on May 1, 2019
      "*wizard king. not magic emperor. :)) tho asta is annoying af specially when speaking. "
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    Julius Novachrono

    Julius Novachrono is the 28th Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom and a former Grey Deer squad Captain. He has an obsession with magic and regularly seeks to learn more about it. He is a fictional character from the anime series Black Clover. 

    • Christopher RileyWritten on April 16, 2019
      "I see the character of Julius Novachrono as quite endearing because of his obsession with magic. Usually, his childish personality is just like how I act when excited. Not all like him though ;("
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    Yuno is one of the main protagonists in the anime series Black Clover. He possesses massive amounts of magic and can cast multiple spells at once. He wields a four-leaf clover grimoire that is said to be the most ideal grimoire for strong magicians.

    • Doris PengWritten on April 16, 2019
      "I like Yuno because he acts and sounds chill and quiet but sometimes he's just funny which makes me like him more tbh. I initially thought he must have felt some resent towards but that wasn't the case plus his competitiveness towards Asta is pretty entertaining so he's not too much of a boring character. I just wish he wasn't that strong. Still one of my favorite Black Clover characters. "
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    Yami Sukehiro

    Yami Sukehiro is the first captain of  Clover Kingdom's magic knights' squad called Black Bull. He is known for his hot-headedness and he primarily uses dark magic. He plays a vital character as a mentor in the anime series Black Clover.

    • Crystal PerryWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Being Japanese, I like him being a foreigner in the Kingdom. He has the grimoire of Dark Magic and beat up a lot of people supposedly stronger than him which I see a lot in isekai animes but Yami is somehow different and special"
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    Noelle Silva

    Noelle Silva is a seemingly arrogant noblewoman from the royal family called House Silva. She is fifteen years old and wields powerful water magic. She is a fictional character and the female lead from the anime series Black Clover.

    • Huang WanWritten on April 16, 2019
      "The reason I like her is because of the fact that she was called a failure a lot of times, she still continued in the path of her dreams. She doesn't show it but all the members of black bulls are like a family to her which is cool. I think she is underrated in Black Clover"
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    Mimosa Vermillion

    Mimosa is a warm and courteous fifteen-year-old girl from the noble House Vermillion. She ranks 5th class as an intermediate magic knight of the Royal Knights and Golden Dawn squads. She is a character from the anime series Black Clover. 

    • Yan FangWritten on April 16, 2019
      "There is more than meets the eye for Mimosa. I like her clumsiness and overall charm even though she's young. I've loved Black Cover because of her"
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    Leopold Vermillion

    Leopold Vermillion is a nobleman from the anime series Black Clover. He comes from House Vermillion, one of Clover Kingdom's royal families. He wields fire and reinforcement magic which he uses to boost his physical abilities.

    • Daniel CastroWritten on April 16, 2019
      "I love this character. I guess he's so underrated but has great magic abilities!"
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    Lily Aquaria

    Sister Lily Aquaria is a kind nun who diligently takes care of children at the Hage village orphanage. She can manipulate the element of water and she also uses healing magic. She is a recurring character from the anime series Black Clover.

    • Echo DuWritten on April 16, 2019
      "I like Lily Aquaria's personality and everything about her. I like her Creation and Water magic. Wish I had those powers too"

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