What are the best Black Clover Phantom Knights tips and tricks?

The Black Clover Phantom Knights English release is finally here. Fans of the popular anime series can now try out the mobile kingdom defense RPG title. The game itself has seen a decent following emerge since it was initially released in Japanese-speaking markets. The game was originally released in July 2018 where it was met with a positive response from fans of the storied franchise. As it turns out, the strategy-RPG title lived up to the expectations that fans had for a Black Clover game mobile experience. For those that don't know, Black Clover is a very popular manga and anime. It happens to be one of the top animes in the shonen genre. It follows the story of a boy named Asta who dreams of becoming the most powerful mage in the world. The only problem is that he was born with no magical ability in a world filled with magic and wizards. Everything changed when he came across a grimoire (a source of magical spells and abilities) with a black clover on it. By using the grimoire, he was able to wield a power that others are not accustomed to. The Black Clover anime game involves building your own kingdom by using your own custom group of Magic Knights. For players who are new to the game, we've made a list of the best tips and tricks for Black Clover Phantom Knights. The game is available on the Apple Store and Google Play. Download the Black Clover game for free and start your journey today!

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    The proper team setup is key

    This game gives you a ton of characters to choose from. It's important that you always have a four or five-star level character in each team at all times. Build a team around that high-level character and make sure that the characters in your team activate a Formation Compatibility status effect. Put Attackers with large HP pools out front so they can absorb tons of damage and basically act like Tanks. You can place another Attacker on the backline in case your front line Attacker goes down.

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    Try to outlast your opponents

    Once a battle begins, you can expect that your band of five warriors will deal damage and must defeat three waves of enemies. It's best to start out your team in a defensive formation for the first two waves. By doing so, you can keep them alive much longer and have a greater chance against the final wave of enemies. Once they've reached the last wave, switch them to an offensive formation. It will increase their attack effectiveness and allows you to activate character abilities when they're good and ready to go. Save up to two or more AOM attack orbs so you can pull off a super attack in quick succession.

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    Farming XP can go a long way

    Whenever you complete any of the battles in Quest Mode, you'll usually earn a Skip Ticket or two. It works as a sort of farming XP tool. If you have 10 or more Skip Tickets in your inventory along with a lot of AP to work with, go back to a previously beaten stage and use the Skip Quest option. This method can quickly strengthen a team made up of your weakest characters. When you skip a single level 10 times, those weak characters will level up faster and collect a lot more GP points for their stat enhancement needs.

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    Honing Gates may be difficult but they're worth it

    "Honing Gates" are no easy task so whenever you get your hand on some Honing Keys, make sure your strongest set of characters is up for the challenge of taking on super-tough battles. They need to be for you to overcome the challenges in any of the five Honing Gates that you choose to unlock. Each gate has its own type of XP gain or reward. If you have five or more Honing Keys, try and unlock all five Honing Gates at the same time. They'll stay open for a limited time so try to win the battles within each gate. Doing so will net you each set of rewards or XP every gate contains.

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    Login every day to collect rewards and finish all your daily missions

    Logging in daily will help you earn all sorts of items that you'll need to enhance characters and other functions. So even if you don't plan on playing for a long time, just log in to acquire a bunch of items that you'll need for your next playthrough. During that playthrough, make sure to complete every last one of your daily missions before logging off. Guaranteed that the items you get from doing so are definitely worth it.

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Best What are the best Black Clover Phantom Knights tips and tricks
1The proper team setup is keyOther 19 Paid
2Try to outlast your opponentsOther 11 Paid
3Farming XP can go a long wayOther 7 Paid
4Honing Gates may be difficult but they're worth itOther 1 Paid
5Login every day to collect rewards and finish all your daily missionsOther 1 Paid

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