What are the best Black Desert Online classes?

Black Desert Online, also known as BDO, is an online sandbox MMORPG. The game was developed by Pearl Abyss, a well-known Korean gaming company. Before, only through PC could users actually play the game. But it's been since released on consoles as well as mobile platforms. It has also seen several improvements and changes since it's release in 2014. Most of the updates are concerned with Black Desert Online classes ranked or otherwise. The game features a total of 15 different classes ranging from supports, long-range magic users, and close-combat experts. Each class is granted an awakening when a player reaches a certain level. That lets them wield another weapon and some new skills. the game is extremely popular having a player base of around 18 million. The beginning of 2020 saw the first half of Black Desert Online's roadmap being revealed. It gave players a sneak peek into what Pearl Abyss has in store for the future up until the summer of 2020. One thing's for sure, BDO class ranking 2020 lists are about to be shaken up with the introduction of the Guardian class. That along with some other key features makes what lies ahead for the game rather exciting. If you're fairly new to the game and just starting, you probably want to know the Black Desert Online best PVP class for 2020. Maybe you want to know the best starting class for PVE. With so many options to choose from and so many things to consider, it could get pretty complicated. Luckily for you, we're here to make things easier for you. Here's a list of the best classes in Black Desert Online!

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    Striker - Black Desert Online

    Born in Calpheon, strikers are hand-to-hand fighters who attained their martial arts skills through street brawls, which was further honed by a master in the Orient. With fast fists and feet, they have proven to be a force to be reckoned with.

    • Jacob WaltersWritten on July 14, 2019
      "IMO this is (and i cannot stress this enough) bdo's best class. they can do MASSIVE AOE DAMAGE. AND ONCE you learn their tricky combos, you're good to go."
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    Mystic - Black Desert Online

    Mystics are close-quarter hand combatants who use a wide array of martial art techniques they learned after countless years of training in the East. They harness their life force and channel it into attacks in order to dominate the battlefield.

    • Bryan MedinaWritten on July 14, 2019
      "mystics are one of the best black desert online classes!! they do well both in PVE and PVP. They also have higher mobility than other classes! I also recommend this to novices!!!"
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    Sorceress - Black Desert Online

    With their penchant for dark magic, sorceresses exhibit versatility through their melee and mid-ranged attacks. Their limited defensive capability is balanced by their ability to leech HP from their foes.

    • Debra KellerWritten on July 14, 2019
      "I must say, this is the best bdo class but also the hardest. they rank VERY high in PVE and have powerful AOE BUT their combos are kind of hard to learn, more difficult than any other class."
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    Ninja - Black Desert Online

    Ninjas utilize their agility through swords, martial arts, and Ninjutsu to bring doom to their opponents. Although they don't have a high defense, they can rely on their swift movement, smoke shells, and unique skills.

    • Jessica WuWritten on July 14, 2019
      "VERY FAST.. Even faster than mystic and witch.. if you play them right, you can be REALLY POWERFUL"
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    Musa - Black Desert Online

    Musas are known for their prowess in oriental-style martial arts. Specialists in 1-on-1 combat, musas are armed with the Blade and Horn Bow to deliver massive slices of damage to their enemies.

    • Jacob KnightWritten on July 14, 2019
      "swift class...the only downside to this is the it doesn't fare well in PVP"
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    Wizard - Black Desert Online

    Known for their erudition in the battlefield, wizards have mastered the art of elemental magic - bringing together the forces of earth, fire, wind, and water. They can also be beacons of support to their allies by using protection spells.

    • Phillip WillisWritten on July 14, 2019
      "i don't think there's truly "the best" class in black desert. each one is good in one waay or another. but for me i really prefer wizards or musa, especially in PVE...the wizards have are more aggressive than their counterpart witches"
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    Witch - Black Desert Online

    Witches are the female counterpart of wizards. Much like them, witches have long casting time. In return, they possess extremely offensive magic. They also rely on well-timed dodges and attacks to wreak havoc on their foes.

    • Megan MeyerWritten on July 14, 2019
      "easy to play and they do not require so much gear to dominate in PVP and PVE. this class is a nice choice for beginners"
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    Kunoichi - Black Desert Online

    Kunoichis are the female counterpart of ninjas. Their class relies on quick successive combos and dodging skills and is classified with a high difficulty learning curve.

    • Aaron MurrayWritten on July 14, 2019
      "sure kunoichi has more AOE than Ninja, but she has less 1v1 power. also, unlike her counterpart, she has no long-range dashes or movement.."


Best What are the best Black Desert Online classes
1Striker - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 14 Paid
2Mystic - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 13 Paid
3Sorceress - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 12 Paid
4Ninja - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 8 Paid
5Musa - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 6 Paid
6Wizard - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 4 Paid
7Witch - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 2 Paid
8Kunoichi - Black Desert OnlineGame Elements 2 Paid

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