Who are the best Breaking Bad characters?

With its esteemed roster of actors and actresses, no doubt that the drama series Breaking Bad is having its moment in the limelight. Learn more about some of the best characters from the show with this list and comment down if we are missing someone, and tell us who your favorite is!

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    Walter White

    Alternately known by his pseudonym Heisenberg, Walter Hartwell "Walt" White Sr.  is the main protagonist of the series entitled Breaking Bad. Known to be a chemist, his character is played by Bryan Cranston.

    • Jessica DayWritten on May 15, 2019
      "Since Walter White is one of the Breaking Bad's main characters, I expect a lot of character development from him. Well, I might say I was impressed when he decided to retire from the drug trade. The nuances of him as a father made me love him even more beyond his illegal trades!"
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    Skyler White

    Skyler White, portrayed by Anna Gunn, is Walter White's wife and the mother of Walter White Jr. and Holly White. Her love for her husband is beyond measure but tries to save them from their father by taking them away from him.

    • Judy HunterWritten on May 15, 2019
      "I see a great deal of myself in Skyler. I admire her and I think she really is one of the best characters from breaking bad because of the degree of her love for her children. I am a divorced woman too because of domestic abuse so I stan a queen!"
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    Saul Goodman

    James "Jimmy" Morgan McGill, more popularly known as Saul Goodman, is a character from the drama series Breaking Bad. Played by actor Bob Odenkirk, Saul is their go-to person when in need of a lawyer who plays with fire.

    • Cheryl JensenWritten on May 15, 2019
      "This manipulative lawyer is triggering all the demons in me! LOL But, I think he would do everything in his power, whatever it takes to serve his clients. I just love Jimmy's transformation to an effective lawyer."
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    Jesse Pinkman

    Known to be the former partner of Walter White in the drug trade, Jesse Bruce Pinkman remains to be an illegal drug user, manufacturer, and also a dealer. He used to hide his identity under the pseudonym Cap'n Cook.

    • Shirley LawsonWritten on May 15, 2019
      "People might judge jessy for being impulsive and extremely hedonistic but come on, let's accept that he's got some street-smarts. And can you think of the moment he insults a woman or a child? None! Because he adores them truly that's why I consider him the best character in Breaking Bad."
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    Gustavo Fring

    Portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, the character of Gustavo Fring is arguably considered as a major drug kingpin. He is a business tycoon and owns a restaurant that engages in the distribution of methamphetamine.

    • Johnny HansonWritten on May 15, 2019
      "As a businessman, I can say a negative thing about it except for the fact that he is a drug dealer. But in terms of managing the business alone, quite impressive. He is a sociopath but tells me that there's more to him than what he shows."
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    Walter White Jr.

    Walter "Flynn" Hartwell White Jr. is a 17-year old son of Walter White played by RJ Mitte on the Breaking Bad. Born with a cerebral palsy syndrome, Flynn has speech difficulty and his motor skills are challenged.

    • Sarah GardnerWritten on May 15, 2019
      "Hmm I noticed that in the first two seasons of Breaking Bad, Flynn was closer to Hank than to his biological father. Well, did you know RJ Mitte actually has cerebral palsy in real life? "
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    Hank Schrader

    Hank's full name is Henry R. Schrader. He is the better half of Marie Schrader and is part of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Although he is dubbed to be a highly competent agent, his funny and boisterous side shows up.

    • George WagnerWritten on May 15, 2019
      "He seemed so insensitive, at least for me, until I realize he is also cheerful, successful, and skillful. Walt Jr and Hank's relationship is adorable. Cavalier attitude, it is! One of the most adorable characters in breaking bad."
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    Marie Schrader

    Marie Schrader is a character from the drama series Breaking Bad played by Betsy Brandt. She is Skyler White's sister and the comforting wife of Hank Schrader. She works as a radiologic technologist. 

    • Ruth MedinaWritten on May 15, 2019
      "Not really a likeable breaking bad character. She is shallow, vain, a little snobbish. But, i think as a sister, she is loving. Kudos to Betsy Brandt for pulling this off!"
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    Mike Ehrmantraut

    Mike Ehrmantraut is a Breaking Bad fictional character which is portrayed by Jonathan Banks. He was a former police officer in Philadelphia. He works for Saul Goodman as his fixer, cleaner, private investigator, and a hitman. 

    • Peter ZhuWritten on September 30, 2019
      "What I like about Mike Ehrmantraut is that he always keeps his word! Although an antagonist in the film, he's pretty smart considering the fact that he's Gus' right-hand. for me, he's one of the best breaking bad characters I know!!"
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    Tuco Salamanca

    Tuco Salamanca is a fictional character in Breaking Bad which is portrayed by Raymond Cruz. He is a Mexican drug kingpin who also acts as Jesse and Walt's meth distributor. He is also Don Hector Salamanca's nephew.

    • Sophia LiWritten on September 30, 2019
      "If it wasnt for Krazy 8's death, Tuco wouldn't have been one of the most powerful drug distributor in the tv series. I dunoo I hate tuco even from the start but his character is unpredictable. which makes me think that he deserves to be on this list of breaking bad characters..."
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    Hector Salamanca

    Hector Salamanca, also known as Tio, is a Breaking Bad character portrayed by Mark Margolis. He used to be Walt and Jesse's meth distributor. Tio is a high-ranking member of a Mexican drug cartel. He is also Tuco's uncle.

    • Hannah CurtisWritten on September 30, 2019
      "He doesnt speak in the series but he's pretty scary. He appears so powerful even if he only rings his bell as his way of communicating. Anyway, without him, the twins wouldn't have been taught about the "family is everything". Tio cares about family above anything else so he's also a great character in the Breaking Bad"
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    The Cousins

    Also known as the Cousins, Leonel and Marco Salamanca are twin brothers who are also killers of the Mexican drug cartel, Juárez Cartel. They are also Don Hector Salamanca's nephews. These twin brothers were taught that "Family is all."

    • Patricia AmadorWritten on September 30, 2019
      "these badass* characters kill as if it's a normal thing to do, so my impression with them is that they're so fearless. They don't even much have lines in the Breaking Bad series. and they don't have facial emotions and so on. They're antagonists but I can consider them as the best breaking bad characters because whenever they appear on certain scenes, you know something big's gonna happen"
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    Steven Gomez

    Steven Gomez is a Breaking Bad character which is portrayed by Steven Michael Quezada. He is Hank Schrader's partner at the DEA office. He also helps Hank investigate the notorious blue meth of Heisenberg. 

    • Yuan LiWritten on September 30, 2019
      "I appreciate Steve's character because he was eager to help out Hank in finding Heisenberg. Don't want to spoil much but I like his good personality and he can be considered a good friend for Hank as well so yeahhh i'm satisfied to see him on this page."
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    Jane Margolis

    Jane Margolis is a fictional character in Breaking Bad which is portrayed by Krysten Ritter. She is a tattoo artist, a landlady, and also Jesse's girlfriend in Breaking Bad. She offers Jesse a duplex apartment next to where she stays.

    • Yu CaiWritten on September 30, 2019
      "I really like Jane, aside from the fact that she's beautiful, I like the way she acts so unpredictable but at the same time, interesting. I mean she has this caring personality, right? How I wish she has more scenes till the end of the series"

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