What are the best celebrity quarantine videos to watch?

Celebrities, no matter how famous they are, are not exempted from the quarantine. Along with everyone, they too are cocooned at the comforts of their homes while the coronavirus is still at large. But them being entertainers, they can’t help themselves from uploading videos about the current situation brought upon by the pandemic. Probably due to boredom or some social responsibilities, our idols have posted clips about the COVID-19 on their social media platforms. While the majority are informative, there are a handful of hilarious ones that will keep you from developing cabin fever. So to make your solitary hibernation easier, here’s a list of the best quarantine videos made by celebrities that you can enjoy.  

  1. 1Cardi B’s viral coronavirus video


    If you haven’t seen Cardi B’s initial reaction about the coronavirus then you should consider watching it. The rapper hilariously explains in an Instagram video how the virus on a world tour is scaring her. We can’t help but agree with Cardi but at the same time, we also can’t help but laugh at her antics. I bet you could hear her voice when you read these words: coronavirus, coronavirus, I’m telling you. I’m not gonna finish that but I know you know what comes up next.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Arnold Schwarzenegger telling us to stay at home


    We’ve been told to stay at home by almost everyone so what makes it special when Arnold Schwarzenegger tells us to? It’s his adorable pets! Everyone is just smitten by these cute ponies as they munch on fresh carrots while the Terminator star talks about the importance of staying in. If you need something to brighten your day, this video will probably help.

  2. 3Rita Wilson raps Hip Hop Hooray


    Admittedly, the quarantine period is slowly driving us crazy. Actress Rita Wilson is no different from us as she takes to Instagram how she’s slowly being stirred crazy. The video starts with Wilson reading her Ender’s Game book only to be distracted by the music. What happens next is something unexpected, the actress starts rapping flawlessly to Hip Hop Hooray spitting bars after bars. Rita Wilson’s hidden talent clip is really one of the best videos the quarantine time has given us.

  1. 4Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline remake


    Who would’ve thought that by changing a few words, the hit song Sweet Caroline will become a perfect pandemic song? Apparently, Neil Diamond. The singer posted a video of himself singing a remixed edition of his smash hit. Instead of hands touching hands, it now says hands, washing hands. Isn’t that timely? With his cozy background, a cameo appearance of his dog, and his amazing vocals, Neil Diamond creatively tells the story of coronavirus.

  2. 5Liam Gallagher’s Wonderwash


    Everyone has their own version of songs to sing while washing your hands. Joining the trend, former Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher shares to his followers a clip of him singing a remixed version of Wonderwall. In a much upbeat tempo, Gallagher tells us to wash our hands and scrub our toes before he moved on to singing about silly things. If you’re a fan, maybe you’ll want to wash along.

  3. 6An online High School Musical mini-reunion


    With all of us ordered to stay at home and practice social distancing, meetups, hangouts, and reunions have become online. Take for example High School Musical stars Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale’s mini-reunion. While Tisdale is seen dancing to HSM’s We’re All in This Together in her room, Hudgens, on the other hand, seems to be enjoying her wine while singing along to the song in her own dining room. It's good to see Gabriela and Sharpay hanging out even in quarantine. 

  4. 7Madonna in a bathtub


    A rather artistic take on home quarantine, Madonna filmed herself on a bathtub talking about how COVID-19 has no discrimination. With a beautiful set-up filled with rose petals, the video is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. This aesthetic shot, along with Madonna’s voice and the soft instrumental background music, makes it look like a clip from a documentary.

  5. 8Selena Gomez washing her hands


    After being challenged by Arianna Huffington, Selena Gomez joins in the #SafeHands Challenge. While the video may not be hilarious as it’s just Selena washing her hands, it still is entertaining in some ways. First, Selena is a sight to behold, enough said about that. Second, there’s something interesting in watching her show the proper way to wash hands. It’s like the same feeling you get from watching aesthetic videos or listening to ASMR. It’s just relaxing.


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4Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline remakeVideos 4 Free
5Liam Gallagher’s WonderwashVideos 4 Free
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