Who are the best characters in Marvel: Future Fight?

Hardcore Marvel fans should celebrate! The video-game franchise is ever-expanding with new platforms and more exciting characters. Take a glimpse of the best characters in Marvel: Future Fight and bring out the inner Marvel fan in you.

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    Jean Grey

    Jean Grey is a character in Marvel: Future Fight, an Omega-level mutant with telepathy and telekinesis ability. She is a Blast character type and has a weakness against Speed type characters. 

    • Ao ShiWritten on May 7, 2019
      "I'm a hardcore X-Men fan and I must say that Jean Grey is the most powerful of the mutants. Specially on this game, she has the ability to revive at 100% max HP if she died. That is too OP!! For this year, I declare that Phoenix is Marvel future fight strongest characters 2019. Prove me wrong!"
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    Thanos is a supervillain who is the most powerful Marvel: Future Fight character due to his brooding characteristics and because of giving himself cybernetic implants. 

    • William BarnettWritten on July 3, 2019
      "They say Thanos is the strongest character in Marvel: Future Fight but tbh he's like Captain America. And I find him quite annoying when in the PvP mode. "
    • Kevin DuncanWritten on May 7, 2019
      "I don't know about y'all but Thanos for me has a good heart as what was depicted on the Avengers movie. For me he is just not appreciated because he is a villain. But one can't deny that he really is a very strong fella. That is why I always choose him out of all the best characters in Marvel Future Fight."
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    Scarlet Witch

    Scarlet Witch is one of the best characters in Marvel: Futur Fight video game. She is considered as a Blast character type and. Her gears are chaos magic, witch's dress, cloak, and gloves. 

    • Keith WellsWritten on July 3, 2019
      "There is no doubt that Scarlet Witch is Marvel: Future Fight most powerful character!!!! SHE A BEAST!!!! Yeah you heard me right she's a beast in every game mode. You cannot go wrong with her."
    • Christian MunozWritten on May 7, 2019
      "A really awesome character. Both in the movie and in the game, she really amazes me the most. If you watched the Avengers Endgame, you will know how strong she is. She single-handedly punished Thanos with her powers! That reflects also in the game, a very strong character indeed."


Did you know that the X-Men Origins: Wolverine, despite the movie being disliked by a number of fans, was well-received by the majority in its video game form? X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a video game that was released in 2009, the same day as its movie counterpart. It takes its influences from hack-and-slash adventure games like God of War and Devil May Cry. Developed by Activision, the game's Uncaged Edition features a large amount of graphic violence like limb dismemberment, blood, and gore, to name a few. Originally ported for the PlayStation 2 & 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Windows, Nintendo DS, and the PlayStation Portable, the game was de-listed and removed from all digital storefronts in 2014, along with a number of other games by Activision that used the Marvel license.

In the past, video games weren't that popular within the mobile platform, especially since mobile phones weren't able to handle high-graphics. Thanks to advancements in technology though, plenty of Marvel games are now playable in mobile phones, with game designs even surpassing some console games. Among those famous Marvel games for mobile is MARVEL: Future Fight, featuring a wide variety of cast members from their universe in a dungeon crawler-esque type of gameplay. Like any other game that features different characters, Future Fight consists of different tiers, a varying number of customizable teams, and a couple of premium characters.

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    Dr. Strange

    Dr. Strange's full name is Stephen Vincent Strange. He is a master of Mystic Arts and has obtained the power of the Eye of Agamotto. His buff skill, Sorcerer Supreme, sets the cooldown time of all skills except Sorcerer Supreme to 1 second.

    • Doris PengWritten on May 7, 2019
      "I really love Dr. Strange and his Time Freezing skill. You'll have the upper hand once you stopped your enemies because you can attack at will to finish them."
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    Deadpool, whose real name is Wade Wilson, is dubbed as the "Merc with a Mouth" because he is said to be an unpredictable mercenary with a big mouth saying witty remarks for every occasion. 

    • Ralph GilbertWritten on July 3, 2019
      "Okay I agree that Stryfe might be one of the best characters in Marvel future fight, but i think that Deadpool does insane amounts of damages like him so he should be at least on the top five of this list. "
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    Captain America

    Captain America is said to be among the strongest characters in Marvel: Future Fight. His gears include the vibranium shield, Kevlar-titanium uniform, helmet, and the utility belt. 

    • Abel SalasWritten on July 3, 2019
      "yes captain america is among the best charcaters in marvel future fight particularly one of the best tier 3 skills in the game. although i admit that he's not quite there in the category 1. but still i am giving him 5 stars since he is my fave"
    • Magdalena MoraWritten on May 7, 2019
      "I looooooooove Chris Evans! I must admit I only play this game because of Captain America. He is the love of my life! 😍😍😍 Since I only focus in him, he is simply the best character to level up in future fight."
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    Stryfe is a Marvel: Future Fight video game character who is the Omega-level clone of Cable. He has the same abilities as Cable from telekinesis, telepathy, and psionics. 

    • Peter HuWritten on May 7, 2019
      "Honestly, I don't really have any idea about Stryfe. Actually, I just encountered him when I played this Future Fight game. Since he is a clone of Cable, I thought they got all the same skill sets but I was wrong. Nevertheless, they form marvel future fight best team because his team bonus with Deadpool and Cable himself is really great!"
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    Cable aka Nathan Christopher Charles Summers is the son of Cyclops in X-MEN. He is a genetically superior mutant and has telekinetic abilities. His passive skill, Focus Shot, gives himself a 75% chance to penetrate Barriers and Invisible effects.

    • Keith GriffinWritten on May 7, 2019
      "Mah man Cable is a beast! His skill Annihilation is a perfect counter to Dr. Strange's Time Freezing ability. Plus, shields are easily penetrated and the barrier will not stop him from annihilating other heroes. "
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    Quicksilver or Pietro Django Maximoff, is the twin brother of Scarlet Witch. He has superhuman speed and enhanced physical abilities. Some of his active skills are Explosive Acceleration, Speed Tornado, Light Speeding, and Days of Thunder.

    • Daniel FordWritten on May 7, 2019
      "This kiddo is totally underrated. Maybe most of you didn't know but Quicksilver is not just fast, he also has quick HP regen just like Deadpool."
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    Sabretooth, also known as Victor Creed, is born with primal characters from having deadly claws and fangs. He has superhuman strength and stamina, healing ability, and an instinct to kill. 

    • Xiang WuWritten on July 3, 2019
      "If you are looking for the best damage dealer hero on Marvel Future Fight I am highly suggesting that you use Sabretooth. Why? Because he can recover constantly and even decrease defense of all enemies at the same time increase his damage on them. Amazing right? "

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