What are the best Clash Royale epic cards?

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    Golem has the highest hitpoints in Clash Royale. It only targets buildings and explodes upon death, dealing death damage to enemy units and also splitting into 2 weaker Golemites. The Golemites continues to attack until they are destroyed.

    • Bob MaWritten on April 25, 2019
      "Though it requires high cost to deploy Golem, 8 elixirs is more than worth it to the help it can contribute to my team."
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    P.E.K.K.A. is a slow melee fighter but is heavily armored and can deal massive damage. She is a combination of offense and defense attacking single-enemy target while having very high hitpoints. P.E.K.K.A. can only attack ground troops.

    • Mildred PerkinsWritten on April 25, 2019
      "PEKKA is my favorite in clash royale epic cards because it reminds me of Baymax. Its just weird because she is a girl but don't underestimate her. She can really pack a punch and can kill barbarians with 1 hit!"
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    Barbarian Barrel

    Barbarian Barrel is an epic spell card capable of attacking, distracting enemy, and protecting buildings all at the same time. A barbarian placed inside a barrel rolls to an average distance and deals medium damage to buildings and units.

    • Anthony MendezWritten on April 25, 2019
      "It makes me laugh everytime I deploy a Barbarian Barrel. Who won't if you see an angry barbarian inside a rolling barrel? haha. But on a side note, it really helps me a lot against Wizard and Witch. It is a great counter to this support units."
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    Poison is an area damage spell card cast to disrupt enemy defenses and paralyze their pushes. It costs 4 elixirs to cast dealing moderate damage to a wide radius. When cast, a deadly toxin will cover an area damaging enemies over time.

    • Jaime MarínWritten on April 25, 2019
      "From what I experienced, poison is effective if you paired it with the Hog Rider. This interrupts swarms that is the greatest enemy of HR. However, this is very tricky because the poison cannot kill them in an instant so they need to stay inside the area. Timing and proper spell placing is crucial at this point but effective once mastered."
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    Baby Dragon

    Baby Dragon is a flying unit capable of short-range area damage. It has low damage and moderate-high hitpoint. It is a cute, green chubby baby dragon with a tiny pair of wings. This epic card can be unlocked from the Training Camp Tutorial.

    • Zhang LiWritten on April 25, 2019
      "Oh my, Baby Dragon is so kawaii!!! Would you know that it attacks with just burps of fireball? How cute is that? They are great to watch in groups bouncing up & down in the air, I love itt!!"
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    Balloon is an epic card flying troop that only targets buildings. It has average hitpoints and high damage. It attacks in the air by dropping bombs to nearby defenses. Once destroyed, the balloon deals death damage in the form of a bomb.

    • Juan LarsonWritten on April 25, 2019
      "For me the balloon is an over power in the game. I use it more effectively in destroying my foe's Crown Towers fast. I just need to protect it with tank and support spells because its a disaster if it destroyed early."
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    Guards is composed of three skeletons, each carrying a shield that adds to their normal health. They have low hit points and moderate damage. It costs 3 elixirs to deploy this card making it a low-risk troop and it targets a single enemy.

    • Harold AlvarezWritten on April 25, 2019
      "If you need to keep your deck cheap, the Guards is just what we need. This can be an alternative to barbs because barbs cost 5 elixirs and we save much if we use the guards costing just 3 elixirs to spawn."
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    Tornado is an epic spell card that works like a magnet. It pulls enemy units to the center of the spell and deals damage-over-time. It costs 3 elixirs to cast and packs a little damage in a wide radius area for a few seconds.

    • Brenda HunterWritten on April 25, 2019
      "Tornado combo with splash damage dealers is my finishing blow! I use it often if my opponent summons group of units. I tornado them so they will stuck in groups then I will follow up with my baby dragons! "


Best What are the best Clash Royale epic cards
1GolemOther 18 Paid
2P.E.K.K.A.Other 15 Paid
3Barbarian BarrelOther 6 Paid
4PoisonOther 3 Paid
5Baby DragonOther 3 Paid
6BalloonOther 2 Paid
7GuardsOther 2 Paid
8TornadoOther 1 Paid

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