Who are the best DC characters?

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    Batman is the super-hero protector of Gotham City, a man dressed like a bat who fights against evil and strikes terror into the hearts of criminals. In his secret identity, he assumes the alias of Bruce Wayne, billionaire industrialist and notorious playboy.

    • Richard HicksWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I was looking for a cool tattoo idea and I decided on Batman. I found everything I needed to come up with exactly what I wanted the tattoo to look like and was able to design a look that was true to the characters official lore."
    • Maria EvansWritten on September 26, 2017
      "Batman is one of many characters from DC comics. The name Batman is widely known around the world and across generations. Along with being famous in comic books, Batman has become very famous in movies and television as well."
    • Christopher MoralesWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Batman is certainly one of the best DC characters. I love all of his movies and I love learning as much about his character as I can. He's a great crime fighter and a really good influence."
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    The Flash

    The Flash is the fastest man alive. He is the protector of Central City and Keystone City, fighting against evil using his super-speed and a dedicated sense of heroism. His legacy, the Flash Family, spans throughout history tapping into the enigmatic Speed Force to gain their powers. 

    • Justin TranWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Personally, Flash is by far my favorite of the DC characters. Flash embodies everything that I always wish I could be. His powers are those that any person on our planet would envy for, and his unique nature truly shines when compared to the other DC heroes. "
    • Amber MillerWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Flash is cool. I have so much Flash memorabilia. One of the best DC characters."
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    The Joker

    The Joker is a serial killer and a supervillain who dresses like a clown and commits violent crimes. He is a brilliant and ruthless criminal mastermind. His crimes are motivated by his sadistic desire to show people the meaninglessness of life through pain and death.

    • Verónica ReséndizWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I like that it takes you straight to the character's official page. There you can get a quick history and photos to familiarize yourself with the character."
    • Jonathan SimmonsWritten on September 23, 2017
      "The Joker is one of the best DC Characters ever. He is probably the best, most widely known villain in the the DC Universe. "
    • Jin DingWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This provided excellent information on the Joker. I was very impressed by content "
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    Superman, also known as the Man of Steel, is one of the most powerful superheroes in the DC Universe. His abilities include incredible super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, freezing breath, flight, and heat-vision. His greatest nemesis is the brilliant super-villain Lex Luthor.

    • Lisa FordWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This solution is excellent as Superman is a top DC character and one of the top hero's of all time. Really good fit here as it goes with the classic top of the line hero."
    • Christian PriceWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I think its pretty obvious that superman is one of if not the best dc character there ever has been."
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    Lex Luthor

    Lex Luthor is one of the most dangerously intelligent men on the planet - a super-villain. He is a brilliant scientist, a billionaire industrialist, and Superman's greatest enemy. He despises the Man of Steel from an ideological standpoint. 

    • Benjamin FloresWritten on October 4, 2017
      "This solution was ok. It took me to one specific DC character, but from there I was able to look at others on the site I was taken to. This is probably the most reasonable solution because any list of the best DC characters would be the opinion of the creator of the list. "
    • Jacob AllenWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Can't go wrong with Lex Luthor, he really is one of the coolest villains of all time. Check out some of his stuff!"
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    Green Arrow

    Green Arrow is a vigilante superhero who fights crime using archery, technology, and martial arts. In his secret identity he is politician and billionaire Oliver Queen, a hot-headed social activist and owner of Queen Industries. Black Canary is his long-time love interest and Speedy is his side-kick. The extended family of heroes who work with him call themselves Team Arrow. Oliver was killed in an explosion at one point and remained dead for many years until he was resurrected during the Quiver storyline. He has been a member of the Justice League and the Outsiders.
    • Gregory DunnWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Green Arrow is a character who has a television shoe called Arrow, I think that Green Arrow is a complicated character with a lot of nuance. Green Arrow is a great read if you want to go beyond the legacy DC heroes like Superman and Batman. It will offer up a whole new take on the DC universe."
    • Philip YoungWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Of all the new super hero inspired media, Green Arrow has the worst. His show has absolutely terrible effects. "
    • Ruth GrayWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Green Arrow is a great character. He s Diverse and has a great story to tell."
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    Green Lantern

    Green Lantern is a name that has been used by many characters in the DC Universe, and two distinct franchises. The original during the Golden Age was businessman Alan Scott, who wore a magic power ring that created energy constructs and had to be charged using his mystic lantern. "Green Lantern" was reimagined in the Silver Age as test pilot Hal Jordan, a member of an intergalactic peacekeeping force called the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardians of the Universe on Oa give these Lanterns rings controlled by willpower, and send them to patrol all 3600 sectors of the known universe.

    • Rachel WebbWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Green Lantern is a great character, although some might debate it, but he is definitely not the best DC character! That title must certainly go to Batman or Superman, two of DCs most famous and well-loved characters."
    • Walter AllenWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Green Lantern is quite the interesting character, but I would personally go with Superman. Great forum for opinions like these though. "
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    Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, is a superhero who is half man and half machine. His body was destroyed in a tragic accident, but he was saved through experimental technology; his body parts have been replaced with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, while constantly providing life support. Stone struggles with his humanity as a machine, although his advancements have made him incredibly powerful. He has primarily been a member of the Teen Titans, but he is also a member of the Justice League.
    • Agustina CastroWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Bat Man is the best DC Character! Yes Cyborg is a great character but not the best, one of the best non the less, but certainly not the best. Although i see so many of the dc characters as great characters, even when it comes to the villians in Dc characters you would have a list of great characters but because of bat man's history in Dc and his story of how he became the bat man, this would be the best DC character. The bat man character is still loved today as one of the most anticipated characters in Dc. Cyborg is good, but does not work for the best DC character rating"
    • Gabriela DuarteWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I wanted the best DC Characters around. I found Cyborg and it about a person who is half machine and half human. Great action and story too."
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    Aquaman (Character)

    Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry and Orin, is a superhero and the ruler of the seas. As the king of Atlantis and other undersea territories, he technically controls most of the planet. His abilities include super-strength, durability, super-speed, staying underwater indefinitely, and telepathy, which he uses to communicate with sea-life. His aquatic nature means he requires water regularly at the risk of dehydration, although he is perfectly capable of staying on land for extended periods.
    • Albert MunozWritten on October 4, 2017
      "Aquaman is one of the DC characters I like the most. He's super strong, fast, and he's able to communicate with all the marine creatures. He's able to stay on the land for long periods, but he will dehydrate if he doesn't go back to the sea after a few."
    • Ananya MehtaWritten on October 4, 2017
      "I was hoping for more of a broad range of chartacters but if I follow this page to others I can see more of what I wanted. I think as an overall resource this is good."
    • Aaron BellWritten on October 10, 2017
      "Arthur Curry is one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, period! Can't wait to see him on the big screen!"
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    Wonder Woman

    Diana is the daughter of Queen Hippolyta, the first child born on Paradise Island in the three thousand year history that the immortal Amazons lived there. The Amazons had been created around 1200 B.C. when the Greek goddesses drew forth the souls of all women who had been murdered by men and placed them on the island. 
    • Russell DavisWritten on October 4, 2017
      "http://dc.wikia.com/wiki/ organizes the stories in the DC comics universe. It is the top website/wiki for its purpose of documenting the DC universe. It lists the characters, stories, myths, plots, various plotlines, etc."
    • Douglas MasonWritten on October 4, 2017
      "She is strong, she is brave, she is wise, and did I mention she kick ass. Here comes wonder woman, a amazon goddess who will protect humanity from evil."
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    Trials of Shazam VOL 2

    Trials of Shazam VOL 2 is a Sequential Art, DC Comics, Graphic Novel written by Judd Winick and illustrated by Howard Porter, Mauro Cascioli. It was published July 29, 2008 by DC Comics.

    • Miguel Ángel BarajasWritten on May 8, 2018
      "Been looking to pick up a copy of this for awhile now. Happy to finally get it, couldn't find it at any local comic shop either which is kinda strange. Really happy about it so far, the art is great and the story is very intense. All around a great purchase for comic or Shazam fans."
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    Detective Comics (1937-2011) #751

    Detective Comics (1937-2011) #751 is a Sequential Art, DC Comics written by Jordan Gorfinkel, Greg Rucka and illustrated by Jeff Johnson , Shawn Martinbrough. It was published May 1, 2013 by DC.

    • Diana HowellWritten on May 14, 2018
      "Detective Comics is a sequential art DC comics and illustrated with beautiful graphics and pictures. If you enjoy reading about DC Characters then you will enjoy diving into Dective Comics"
    • Teresa BarnettWritten on May 4, 2018
      "My kids got into comics! I do believe they even have this one somewhere"
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    Batwoman is an American superhero television series based on the DC Comics eponymous character Kate Kane or her eponymous alter ego Batwoman. It was developed by Caroline Dries and Greg Berlanti and stars Ruby Rose as the titular character.

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