What are the best decades for movies?

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The history of film is a long and unclear one to talk about. The Lumiere brothers, considered as one of the first filmmakers in history, played a big role in this though. The commercial and public screening of their films were regarded as one of the best major breakthroughs in film history. In particular, the films that they shot in Paris in December of 1895 was a big step in projected cinematographic motion pictures. Various film production companies and studios were established all over the world not long after. The earliest films in the industry were shot in black and white, under a minute long, and had no sound. They were early times and filming standards were very loose back then. It wasn't until technologies in sound and special effects caught up that we saw major technical improvements. This is in regards to the films themselves and how they are shot and produced.

Following the end of WWII, the film industry saw a decline in the 1950s and 60s. A factor of this is the lack of any kind of variety and "freshness" to the films that were being made during those times. It wasn't until the 70s that filmmakers started to take risks and changed their methods of storytelling. The 80s was a revolutionary time for films and saw the start of a lot of careers for some of the best actors and actresses today. The 90s took what was best from the past 2 decades, combined them, and pushed the envelope even further. Check out the list of the best decades for movies below as we discuss them in more detail.

  1. 1The 1990s In Film


    The film landscape in the 1990s was filled with cineplexes, video rental stores, and big, groundbreaking blockbuster movies. One person who played a big role in this revolutions is American filmmaker Quentin Tarantino with his cult classic film, Pulp Fiction. He proved that indie cinema could keep its artistic roots intact while still being a huge commercial success. It was just the beginning as the punches kept rolling. The epic redemption film Shawshank Redemption, the satirical film Fight Club, and of course, who could forget Forrest Gump. The 1990s was definitely one of the high points in film.

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  1. 2The 1970s In Film


    You could consider the 1970s as the rebellious stage in film with a lot of filmmakers trying to push the boundaries when it came to the themes that they wanted to explore. They were explicit content such as sexual nudity, excessive violence, and gore. You have the gritty crime story that is The Godfather. You have the groundbreaking film A Clockwork Orange and its use of violence and sexuality to convey its story. It was a time when Asian martial arts gained mainstream appeal with various film by none other than Bruce Lee. Lastly, it was a time that the horror film genre found its voice with films like The Exorcist, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween. If you want to experience film during one of its most real and rawest state, the 70s was the place to be.

  2. 3The 1980s In Film


    The 80s was a great time for music, technology, and questionable fashion but it gave us a lot of great films. The 70s gave filmmakers free rein but with this decade, studios started to take control back and do things their own way. A movie that arguably defined the decades was, of course, Back to the Future. It seemed like a film that was made to showcase all the great things about the decade earlier. George Lucas' Star Wars films were in full swing during this time but another unexpected newcomer arrived, Indiana Jones, jumpstarting a new film franchise. The 80s also can't be discussed without mentioning arguably, the action movie that defined it, Die Hard. It had a simple formula, a lone man against seemingly insurmountable odds make for sheer entertainment delight and pleasure.


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