What are the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons?

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    Suros Regime

    The Suros Regime is an exotic auto rifle from Destiny 2. The weapon's rate of fire increases as the user holds down the trigger, as well as slowing down its firing speed and increasing damage when the sights are aimed down.

    • Jordan HernandezWritten on March 15, 2019
      "Auto rifles will always be the best weapon for me, especially in Destiny 2 where time and suidden reactions are of utmost importance. Suros Regime is good for fast firing, or for laying down the heavens on an opponent with high armor. The benefits of 2 traits in a single gun, ladies and gents."
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    The Huckleberry

    The Huckleberry is an exotic submachine gun from Destiny 2. Its main perk is Ride the Bull, which increases the weapon's rate of fire and recoil while the trigger is being held down. Gaining a kill with this weapon will also reload a portion of the magazine.

    • Benito EstradaWritten on March 15, 2019
      "submachine guns. speed and agility and accuracy. three of the best things you can excel in in fps games. the huckleberry is the best choice for that. not only are smgs fast, but shooting this gun makes the shots go faster in rof. impressive, if you ask me."
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    Lord of Wolves

    The Lord of Wolves is an exotic shotgun from Destiny 2. The weapon's main perk is the Shrapnel Launcher, which fires a powerful short-ranged burst, dealing Solar damage to its target. Additionally, defeating an opponent doubles the number of projectiles per shot for a short period of time.

    • Huang ShiWritten on March 15, 2019
      "A badass shotgun with a badass trait and a badass name. What more can you say?"
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    MIDA Multi-Tool

    The MIDA Multi-Tool is an exotic scout rifle from Destiny 2. Its main weapon perk boosts its user's overall movement speed, with the additional bonus of having its radar stay active even whilst aiming down sights.

    • Sue MaoWritten on March 15, 2019
      "Good. Its designed like a regular footman rifle from halo but with looks more swissarmy knife-y. Nice mobility when using this and its pretty fun to get kills with. not good, not bad either, but a "meh" exotic weapon :)"
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    The Wish-Ender is an exotic combat bow available in Destiny 2. Its primary weapon perk is the Queen's Wrath. This perk allows users to see enemies behind walls while the sight is aimed down the bow is fully-drawn.

    • Michelle MeyerWritten on March 15, 2019
      "Bows are good, but I only use this for the Queen's Wrath tbh Its stats arent to my liking. But its good if you want to locate enemies quickly."
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    Ace of Spades

    The Ace of Spades is an exotic hand cannon from Destiny 2. The weapon's main perk gives a magazine a few extra-damage rounds after reloading after a kill. Additionally, it also grants radar while aiming down sights.

    • Evelyn RomeroWritten on March 15, 2019
      "Coolest pistol in Destiny 2 for me. Looks like a sheriff gun, but more futuristic and with more card suit designs. Like a gambler's piece in old mafia movies. I love it. It's my favorite exotic gun in Destiny 2!"
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    Vigilance Wing

    Vigilance Wing is an exotic kinetic Pulse Rifle in FPS shooter video game Destiny 2. It has a 5-round burst setting contrary to the usual 3 and has a firing rate of 530 rounds per minute. 

    • Tyler MurrayWritten on March 15, 2019
      "1 of the fastest firing rates of a non smg gun Ive ever seen. Safe to say that I'll be using this a lot lol"
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    Graviton Lance

    Graviton Lance is an exotic energy Pulse Rifle weapon on Destiny 2 capable of firing a two-shot burst, with the latter having high damage and recoil. It has a firing rate of 257 rounds per minute and causes Void damage.

    • Rodolfo BlancoWritten on March 15, 2019
      "I dont like the design of this weapon in game. it looks cheap and like its a regular gun. the skin isnt even good! i hoped destiny 2's exotic weapons would do better than this but noooooooooooo. oh well."


Best What are the best Destiny 2 exotic weapons
1Suros RegimeGame Elements 16 Paid
2The HuckleberryGame Elements 11 Paid
3Lord of WolvesGame Elements 7 Paid
4MIDA Multi-ToolGame Elements 4 Paid
5Wish-EnderGame Elements 3 Paid
6Ace of SpadesGame Elements 2 Paid
7Vigilance WingGame Elements 1 Paid
8Graviton LanceGame Elements 1 Paid

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