What are the best Disney movies that stood the test of time??

Disney has been around for a very long time and it has produced countless movies that made us laugh and cry. It’s honestly so difficult to pick what are the best movies because there’s just too many to choose from. However, some films are true classics that have stood the test of time. No matter how old these films are, they are still relevant and younger generations still know about them. A few years shy from being a century in the business, Disney films age like fine wine. If you’re curious to know what movies are considered to be timeless classics, head on the list below. Even if you’ve already seen these films, I know you’ll be tempted to watch them again.

  1. 1The Lion King (1994)


    If we’re talking about timeless Disney classics, The Lion King is surely one of them. Simba’s rise to the throne is cruel but full of lessons. Years after it’s release and countless reruns, Mufasa’s death still makes us cry. Don’t even get me started with how loathsome Scar is. It may have been years but some things just don’t simmer down.

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  1. 2Beauty and the Beast


    This tale may be as old as time but in our hearts, Beauty and the Beast is one of the most timeless movies of all time. Released in 1991, Belle and Beast’s love story is still loved and watched by many. I mean, who wouldn’t be smitten by their story and the soundtracks that are oh so romantic?

  2. 3Frozen


    You may say it’s too soon to say that Frozen stood the test of time but honestly, could you really doubt that? Anna and Elsa are, without a doubt, Disney’s reigning queens of the moment. Frozen is just too good of a movie with equally outstanding soundtracks that we can’t help but belt out once in a while.

  1. 4Toy Story


    It may have been released decades ago but Toy Story is still a top fan favorite until now. We can’t blame anyone who still watches this though. The story is compelling and relatable at the same time. We all owned toys that we needed to let go of, right?

  2. 5Aladdin


    We may be living in a whole new world but admit it, Aladdin is deeply rooted in your heart. It’s been decades since this wonderful movie was released but Jasmine and Aladdin’s love story still makes us gush every time we rewatch this film. It’s so well-loved that it has been adapted to Broadway and in live-action.

  3. 6Up


    A movie that will make you ugly cry, Up has become a household Disney movie. This adorable movie about an old man going for his last adventure and a boy scout who accidentally tags along is just so heartwarming that you won’t get tired of watching it again and again.

  4. 7Mulan


    There’s no need to ask who that girl is because everyone—or almost everyone—knows Mulan. If you don’t know her, she’s just the girl who saved China. Pretty cool, right? Many might say she’s ancient news but you can’t deny the fact that up until now, this girl is still relevant and this movie is a classic that’s loved by many.

  5. 8Cinderella


    Probably one of the most popular Disney princesses, Cinderella is a household name that all of us know. Despite the film airing in the ‘50s, Cinderella’s influence is still strong that her story became a popular trope in the TV and movies. 

  6. 9Lady and the Tramp


    Another movie from the ‘50s, Lady and the Tramp is a cute love story that you can’t just resist to watch over and over again. And admit it, every time you do so, you often imagine sharing a string of spaghetti with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Yes, this movie popularized the spaghetti string cliche.

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Back in the days, computers were not a thing and animators had to draw every scene frame by frame. Thus, animation films were tedious and took a long time to finish but they do have some tricks under their sleeves to make their work easier. Did you know that Disney animators traced over old animation footage to cut costs and speed up production time? If you’ve seen a movie and felt one scene is extremely familiar then there’s a high chance this scene came from an old movie. For example, the final dance scene of Beauty and the Beast was traced over the dance scene in Sleeping Beauty. Now that you know that, why don’t you check out the best Disney movies and try to see for yourself which ones recycled footages?

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