What are the best Doctor Strange comics to read before watching the Multiverse of Madness?

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We bet that Marvel fans can't get more ecstatic these days! With the much-awaited phase four MCU films scheduled to flock in, moviegoers are once again set to be spellbound. This is what you'll surely experience with the first horror film of the franchise, 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness', which is set for 2021. We're all excited to see Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme don the Cloak of Levitation in a sequel for an all-new adventure that will take us to the strangest depths of the multiverse. 2016's first Doctor Strange film has been a tremendous hit, with Benedict Cumberbatch's character producing the most-successful Marvel character movie debut at that time. And of course, with Scarlet Witch getting involved in this upcoming sequel, fans expect pure magic even without having a sneak peek at the movie's plot. We know you can't wait to see the whole Multiverse and a whole lot of madness. For now though, you can read some of the strangest stories from the Marvel archives to help you get through. Here are some of the best Doctor Strange comics which might give us hints as to where the Multiverse of Madness might take us. 

  1. 1The Eternity Saga


    A lot of die-hard Marvel fans might point to “The Eternity Saga” as the perfect Doctor Strange comic for a reason. It comes in long installments, which serves the artistry of Stan Lee and Steve Ditko well. In this comic book saga, you will find what you like in a Doctor Strange narrative the most - lots of weirdness. It is a great story to read if you're excited to watch the upcoming film as it has no shortage of action. If you want to see Strange battle it out against Mordo and Dormammu behind a variety of mystic visuals, this is definitely for you.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The Oath


    A lot of insiders have branded 'The Oath' as the most thrilling Doctor Strange comic book of the 21st century. And it could very well be, as we can see Strange in full-weirdo mode here. It consists of a five-part story which follows Doctor Strange while finding a cure for his cancer-stricken sidekick, Wong. The story is filled with everything a fan should be looking for in a Stephen Strange feature. Artist Brian Vaughan surely has showcased the doctor's signature arrogance plus a lot of confusing non-linear plots. Honestly, it could actually be a full-on story to be seen on the big screen. 

  2. 3The Shuma-Gorath Saga


    This arc sees one of the creepiest villains Doctor Strange has ever faced in all of comics. When the earth is threatened by an Elder God named Shuma-Gorath, Doctor Strange had to team up with the Ancient One to stand a chance. Can you even imagine the Sorcerer Supreme combat a villain with his powers suppressed by himself? That's what he exactly did in this story as he used a variety of weapons, which included a giant crucifix. When you see him changing his style of battle this much against an immortal force of chaos. you'd definitely know something is strange, right?

  1. 4The Montesi Formula


    Although the upcoming Multiverse of Madness film is the first Marvel horror film ever, something similar has been shown in Marvel comics by way of Doctor Strange #59-62. Roger Stern, Gene Colan and Stephen Leialoha's story gave us a peek of how Doctor Strange would look like in such a genre while facing the universe's top vampire, Dracula. Yes, you read that right. The story saw him, Blade, and Scarlet Witch battle together in order to use the ancient Montesi Formula, which could destroy all the vampires on Earth.

  2. 5Triumph and Torment


    As powerful as Doctor Strange is, there is actually someone who could rival him in terms of being a full-blown sorcerer and this is Doctor Doom. In this 1989 comic book release, the top two Marvel sorcerers agree to enter Mephisto's realm in an all-out effort to free the soul of Doctor Doom's mother. This event may be weird for some fans who are aware of their rivalry and egos, but it's definitely a story to look back if you want to explore possible scenarios for introducing new Marvel characters into the movies. We shouldn't even be surprised for The Multiverse of Madness film to touch upon it a little bit.


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