What are the best DOTA2 Heroes?

Still can't decide on your hero of choice? Yes, we know that choosing the most viable one is no way a walk in the park. No worries, the community is here to give you a hand! We've gathered the best Dota 2 heroes that will give you a definite advantage in-game. Play them and put your skills into practice!

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    Zeus, the Lord of Heaven, is a ranged intelligence hero who functions almost solely as a nuker. He is usually played as a semi-carry ganker type hero, who instead of utilizing disables, focuses solely on delivering tremendous amounts of magical damage to his foes. With the high cast range, and ease of use and low cooldown on his spells, he is able to deliver the most superb and consistent magical damage of any hero in the game. 

    • Judy CoxWritten on January 17, 2017
      "Zeus is a hero known for his intelligence. His abilities help him to deal with the enemy. He is easiest character to begin the game with. His main strength is his intelligence and is played solely as a nuker. If one plays him correctly, they can surely win the game. "
    • Barbara MedinaWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I like this answer. Zeus is a very powerful hero who plays a big role in the game. He can do a lot of damage and be a great influence on what happens in the game."
    • Danielle ReyesWritten on February 18, 2017
      "I do not think that Zeus should be classified as one of the best DOTA2 heroes. That is a very subjective answer to this problem."
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    Phantom Assassin

    Mortred the Phantom Assassin is a melee agility Hero fitting the role of hard carry. Mortred is best-known, and infamous for, her ability to inflict staggering damage with single strikes. Her abilities synergize supremely well with each other, rendering her an extremely formidable foe once she has acquired the items she requires. She is a very farm-dependent melee Hero, but she farms creeps with much more ease than many of her fellow carries, using her Stifling Dagger for last hitting. 
    • Elizabeth WalshWritten on March 24, 2017
      "Phantom Assassin is one of those games that you cannot stop playing. Mortred is just a kick ass character. She has so many weapons at her disposable. It takes a bit to find your way around but wants you do you cannot stop. Plan to play for hours on end."
    • Roger SchneiderWritten on February 27, 2017
      "Phantom Assassin is a great hero for beginners looking towards the next level she does a lot of damage but has low health "
    • Arthur AndrewsWritten on September 29, 2017
      "not sure if this fits"
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    Sven, the Rogue Knight, is a versatile melee strength hero with superior physical power coupled with powerful utility abilities. He can fulfill various roles, but is often played as a semi-carry due to his high utility even without items. He possesses a versatile arsenal, from Warcry, which grants armor that can be used for escaping as well as pushing, to the throwable Storm Hammer that stuns enemies around the targeted unit
    • Brenda CarrollWritten on April 15, 2017
      "Sven is a great and solid addition to every DOTA Heroes games. His formidable courage stuns all his enemies with his Warcry. Sven is so strong that he can wear down teams quickly with the help of Great Cleave and God's Strength."
    • Keith LeeWritten on September 29, 2017
      "If you like melee and close combat you'll likely want to pick Sven. He's a good tank hero and he also looks awesome. Pretty versatile for someone new to the game. "
    • Hemant KadamWritten on May 21, 2017
      "Sven is a great hero for beginners just learning the game for the first time "


When it comes to gaming, the Dota franchise is anything but boring. From taking the world of MOBA over to dominating the eSports scene, the game has made significant strides in changing the video game industry. It doesn't even come as a surprise that many have gained great acclaim for their valiant efforts in the game's sphere. One of them is Kuro Salehi Takhasomi, more commonly known as KuroKy. Born and raised in Germany, KuroKy suffered from leg disabilities. This led him to devote much of his time to mastering DotA and its sequel, Dota 2. Did you know that he even holds the record of being the first player to play all heroes in Dota 2? Yes, all 116 heroes. That's how dedicated he is to the game. That means KuroKy has used every hero in the game. From the best Dota 2 heroes to more demure choices, he has championed them all.

But before he peddled his buzz far and wide, he first began as a player for German teams. Not long after, he took the international scene with mousesports team, where he shared the map with popular gamers like Drayrich. Much like every player in the game, KuroKy climbed his way up the eSports ladder, from taking the mantle of a carry to taking the helm as a captain. Imbibed with an unyielding passion for the game, KuroKy is now dubbed as the master of heroes. If you still couldn't believe this, you might want to try to visit websites to watch tournaments and see live scores. Now, you think you can outdo Kuroky's feat?

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    Kardel Sharpeye, the Sniper, is a ranged agility carry who excels at dealing moderate to heavy damage from an incredible range. With no escape mechanism, poor mobility, and only a modest health pool, Sniper is exceptionally frail at all stages of the game and vulnerable to enemies who confront him head-on. However, his abilities provide him both the means to keep his distance and systematically destroy his enemies from afar.
    • Sara FieldsWritten on July 14, 2017
      "Sniper long-ranged carry in Dota2. Since He has the biggest radius of attack, he is able to attack the enemies effectively. But one must realize his true potential as he is unlike the other heroes in DOTA2. This hero is able to win battles without being in the midst of it. "
    • Johnny HallWritten on July 11, 2017
      "This provides only half a solution. There are pros and cons to this hero, but I think the cons prevent it from being considered among the "best." "
    • Rosa ArroyoWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I enjoy using this in DOTA2. It is well suited to my style of play. I do tend to do better using the Sniper."
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    Razzil Darkbrew, the Alchemist, is a melee strength hero whose alchemical prowess makes him a strange but versatile fighter. He is an unusual carry based upon transmuting killed creeps into large amounts of bonus gold, with both an early game and late game presence due to the enormous health regeneration from his ultimate and the first strike nature of his other spells
    • Victoria SunWritten on September 29, 2017
      "I found the Alchemist to be one of the best heroes. This is largely due to his diversity as far as his fighting abilities. Along with his other attributes, he's a good choice."
    • Carol MedinaWritten on June 25, 2017
      "No argument here, this is the easiest hero for bads to do well with in DOTA2."
    • Zachary ReyesWritten on April 12, 2017
      "The alchemist is awesome. You can get tons of gold with him."
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    Queen of Pain

    Akasha the Queen of Pain is a ranged intelligence hero who uses her abilities to close in and deal huge area damage to the enemy. She is typically played in the middle lane as a ganker and semi-carry, with her ability to appear in battle and deal damage in quick succession, as well as hunt down fleeing heroes with ease. Her Blink ability is the lynchpin of her skill set, allowing her to enter and leave fights at her whim. 
    • Mildred PerkinsWritten on June 15, 2017
      "The Queen of Pain unique feature allows her to teleport in and out of combat. She lets out hellish screams in a Sonic Wave to scare her enemies. If she notices anyone trying to flee from the battle, she flings daggers at them to capture them. "
    • Ralph HarveyWritten on May 4, 2017
      "She has failed me repeatedly when I try to battle Luna and Alchemist. This seems like a very weak character to me."
    • Danielle DunnWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Queen Of Pain is one of the best Dota2 heroes. Her blink ability make sure so overpowered."
    • Juan NelsonWritten on March 3, 2017
      "Queen of pain is a pretty good hero but she's not for beginners "
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    Phantom Lancer

    Azwraith the Phantom Lancer is a melee agility carry and pusher because of his ability to generate an army of illusions in a matter of seconds. He requires deep cunning, positioning, and most importantly, great micromanagement as his illusions might just get in the way rather than help the situation if not utilized correctly. Many of his abilities help him in his creation of images, allowing him to always have a companion.

    • Pamela NguyenWritten on March 14, 2017
      "If you like magic, Azwraith is a character you will love playing with. His skill is creating illusions or images. Like magic he can move very quickly to attack his enemies. But you have to be careful because if you move to quickly you can actually hurt your gameplay."
    • Bruce AlvarezWritten on July 11, 2017
      "Phantom lancer is one of the most advanced heroes out there but once you figure him out you're unbeatable"
    • Ryan TranWritten on May 19, 2017
      "Phantom lancer is for advanced players only but he's good at what he does."
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    Naga Siren

    Slithice, the Naga Siren, is a melee agility hero who can be played both as a late-game carry and an early/mid-game support. Slithice is an item dependent hero yet with the right style and inventory choices she can overpower many other heroes that deal strong physical damage while casting her four active abilities to handle her enemies altogether and turn the tides. 

    • Joseph CollinsWritten on September 29, 2017
      "In my opinion, Naga Siren is considered a bottom tier hero. She's playable but that's about it, her growth comes too slow to even come close to catching up to other heroes. Her ultimate ability is pretty lackluster as it requires intense precious and positioning to work and even then you'd have to very lucky to trap many in her tiny range. Just an overall difficult hero to play. I'd rather just play more spectre."
    • Timothy MooreWritten on January 16, 2017
      "While a very good solution, there are a few drawbacks to this "hero." Mostly meant for supplemental support, this hero requires time during the game to bring out the full potential. "
    • Christian MunozWritten on March 1, 2017
      "Very informational page about Naga, she is one of the more polarizing heroes in dota2. If you enjoy playing a carry/support that is farm intensive with heavy impact in the game "
    • Roy RiosWritten on May 5, 2017
      "I've never cared for Naga Siren. The character is far too easily to misuse."
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    Mercurial the Spectre is a melee agility hero, adept at dealing pure damage to lone targets, and is powerful both offensively and defensively. Spectral Dagger provides a significant amount of mobility, allowing Spectre to go through objects, units and terrain while slowing foes that come in contact with the shadowy path left by her Spectral Dagger.
    • Willie GarrettWritten on January 10, 2017
      "This is a great solution to the topic. The hero is able to perform many feats other characters cannot, and I think the sum of the positive qualities would place Spectre among the "best.""
    • Martha DayWritten on September 29, 2017
      "Spectre is one of the best DOTA2 characters and heroes. They deal pure damage to targets, has large mobility, and is powerful both offensively and defensively. "
    • Lawrence AlvaradoWritten on January 7, 2017
      "Spectre is an interesting hero. Her movements can be a real advantage."

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