What are the best Dragon Ball Legends team?

Creating a team can make or break your game. Building the best team is very critical in Dragon Ball Legends because it can either bring you wins or losses. Read on and don't forget to leave a suggestion on what the best combinations are for an all-powerful Dragon Ball Legends team. 

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    Regeneration Team

    Regeneration Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It is composed of SP Zamasu, SP Super Janemba, and SP Majin Buu: Good as core members and  SP Demon King Piccolo,  SP Perfect Form Cell, and  SP Fused with Kami Piccolo as bench.

    • Benito CaballeroWritten on April 16, 2019
      "OFFENSE IS REALLY TOPNOTCH!! Not the best team to use probably LOL just stick with the Super Saiyan team at first."
    • Alfonso LugoWritten on February 26, 2019
      "Not impressive offensively but their defenses and healing are what makes this team really good to use."
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    Son Family Team

    The Son Family became more powerful after the Legends Step Up Vol. 3. It is composed of Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan, Super Saiyan Kid Goten, and Super Sayan Goku as core members and SP Super Saiyan Teen Gohan (Blue), SP Ultimate Gohan (Green), and SP Kid Gohan (Yellow) as bench members. 

    • Howard KelleyWritten on May 30, 2019
      "I'd like to thank you guys. Didnt think of this method. But it really works. I used this with ssj goku, ex goku and sp gohan. I finally managed to do the ex-5 160k dmg. I realize I needed to read more about the best teams for dragon ball legends if i really wanna up my game. "
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    Fusion Warrior Team

    The Fusion Warrior Team is created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It includes SP Gogeta, SP Super Gogeta, and SP Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks as core members and SP Gotenks (Green), SP Super Saiyan Gotenks (Purple), and SP Super Saiyan Bardock (Blue) as bench members. 

    • Dong FangWritten on May 30, 2019
      "the fusion team is quite strong although i cannot say its the best dragon ball legends team. it can withstand the regen team, gotenks is super helpful because he is a defensive type. i wonder why some say that gotenks is a waste of time though. "


Did you know that the voice actor of Goku passed out during a Super Saiyan transformation? American voice actor, Sean Christian Schemmel who voiced Goku in the English-language dub of Dragon Ball GT actually passed out while he was voicing the popular transformation of his character Goku into a Super Saiyan (Level 4). Aside from Dragon Ball GT, Schemmel has provided voices for several Japanese anime in their English adaptations as well as video games and animated series. Goku or Son Goku is the lead protagonist of the Dragon Ball franchise. Through the years, the character Goku had been voiced by voice actors like Ian Corlett and Peter Kelamis. Sean Christian Schemmel is currently the most consistent voice actor for the English versions of Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball media franchise was created by the great mind of Akira Toriyama way back in 1984. From its initial manga, it turned into a very successful franchise with a huge following all around the globe. Dragon Ball films, animated series, and even video games became a global hit. Dragon Ball Legends is another addition to the growing Dragon Ball craze. In this game, a new Saiyan joins Goku and the team. Players can select from Dragon Ball Legends best characters and build their own team. 

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    Saiyan Team

    Saiyan Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It includes Kaioken Goku, Vegeta, and Super Saiyan 3 Goku as core members and SP Goku Black (Yellow), EX Goku (Blue), and EX Raditz (Blue) as bench members.

    • John CaoWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Probably the best dragon ball legends team that I played, everyone is just really powerful. They are really versatile and all of the becnh players are really strong too. The core is the one that I really prefer since synergy is really great."
    • Aaron PattersonWritten on February 26, 2019
      "The synergy of this team is really good, the bench members are pretty solid as well."
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    Lineage of Evil Team

    Lineage of Evil Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It is composed of SP Final Form Frieza, SP Final Form Coora, and SP Coora as core members and SP Chilled (Purple), SP Super Saiyan Broly (Purple), and SP Paikuhan (Yellow) as bench.

    • Aditya RodriguesWritten on April 16, 2019
      "The main thing to do in order to win with this team is the frequent switching. SP Coora needs to use his Special Move within the first 35 timer counts to have an advantage. Still a nice team to try."
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    Android Team

    Android Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It is composed of SP Android #18, EX Android #18, and EX Android #17 as core members and  EX Android #20,  EX Android #19, and  EX 1st Form Cell as bench members.

    • Larry SmithWritten on April 16, 2019
      "The synergy of this group is really nice!!! But since Androids aren't fast with the rest of the Meta yet, I recommend using Regeneration Team for the meanwhile."
    • Wei XieWritten on February 26, 2019
      "Two of the core members are released together so their toolkits works well with each other. A really balanced synergy in the group."
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    Super Saiyan Team

    Super Saiyan Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It includes Super Saiyan Broly, Super Saiyan Bardock, and Super Gogeta as core members and SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku, SP Super Vegeta and EX Raditz as bench members.

    • Brandon MillsWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Probably the best to team up with Broly for them to deal large amounts of damage. Just be careful with SP Gogeta BLU since he can be a high priority target and needs to be really protected."
    • Xie FuWritten on February 26, 2019
      "Bardock increases the critical rate, critical damage, and damage inflicted which is good for this team. The other two delivers massive amounts of damage too."
    • Rey187Written on November 17, 2019
      "Super Saiyan has been pretty sub-par in the meta for a very long time. DEfinitely shouldn't be here. "
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    Hybrid Saiyan Team

    Hybrid Saiyan Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It is composed of SP Super Saiyan Gohan, SP Super Saiyan 2 Trunks, and SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan as core members.

    • Jason DuncanWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Not really the best dragon ball legends team for me to be honest, many of the recent releases perform fairly well than this one, some examples are Future and Son Family. "
    • Alan ShengWritten on February 26, 2019
      "Trunks and Gohan's crisis-like abilities is the main strength of this team. And all the core members performs reasonably well."
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    Female Warrior Team

    Female Warrior Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It is composed of SP Youth Bulma, Sp Super Saiyan Berserk Kale, and SP Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla as core members and SP Chi-Chi (Green), SP Mai (Green), and SP Videl (Yellow) as bench.

    • Jane EdwardsWritten on April 16, 2019
      "SP Youth Bulma may be the weakest in this team but she is a great fighter to start off the fight. She can buff the damaged of switched in teammates by 50% which is pretty cool."
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    Frieza Force Team

    Frieza Force Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends.It includes SP Final Form Frieza, SP Vegeta, and SP Captain Ginyu as core members and SP Chilled, EX Dodoria, and EX 1st Form Frieza as bench members.

    • Sun KongWritten on April 16, 2019
      "Meh, not really the best since the color options available in this team is really unfortunate. Better try using other teams cause there isn't much tactics or strategy with this team except saving SP vegeta's main ability until after his first death."
    • Ma ShiWritten on February 26, 2019
      "The color options available is the one that holds this team back, great fighters tho."
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    Future Team

    Future Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It includes SP Mai, SP Super Saiyan Gohan, and SP Youth Trunks as core members and SP Zamasu, SP Goku Black, and EX Gohan as bench members.

    • Hu SunWritten on April 16, 2019
      "I really really feel like the Future team needs to star Zamasu in the main three, with that change I think they can be the best team for dragon ball legends. He would defintiely be the best of the future team. The free to play trunks is very good but he’s still just a situational bench. "
    • Kyle BerryWritten on February 26, 2019
      "With this team. its important to switch frequently and careful planning, but a solid line up as well."
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    Sagas Warrior Team

    Sagas Warrior Team is a team created for the game Dragon Ball Legends. It includes SP Super Saiyan Broly, SP Coora, and SP Final Form Coora as core members and SP Boujack, EX Coora, and SP Broly: Fury as bench members.

    • Sophia LiWritten on April 16, 2019
      "SP Fury Broly RED unleashes massive damage which is definitely needed. As the others have said, their color advantage will definitely help the team in winning. Pretty solid team, in my opinion."
    • Vivian LiangWritten on February 26, 2019
      "This team has great defenses and easily covers blast and strike damage. The color advantage is really great too."


Best What are the best Dragon Ball Legends team
1Regeneration TeamGame Elements 2 Free
2Son Family TeamGame Elements 1 Free
3Fusion Warrior TeamGame Elements 0 Free
4Saiyan TeamOther -3 Free
5Lineage of Evil TeamGame Elements -4 Free
6Android TeamGame Elements -6 Free
7Super Saiyan TeamGame Elements -6 Free
8Hybrid Saiyan TeamGame Elements -6 Free
9Female Warrior TeamGame Elements -6 Free
10Frieza Force TeamGame Elements -7 Free

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