What are the best erotica books between human and alien?

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    #1Ruth's Bonded (Ruth & Gron)

    Ruth's Bonded (Ruth & Gron)
    After being abducted and thrown into a cell, the last thing Ruth thought she could find there was a furry cellmate, who had his own tail. At first distant and scared, things started to change as days went by, and they both managed to escape to an unknown planet where they could unleash their true feelings. 


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    Joe Barnett
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "I have always been intrigued by Alien stories and this erotica book took my breath away,Its very interesting especially when an alien get to bond with a human and the suspense i this boos makes it more interesting to read."
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    #2Venomous (Alien Warrior)

    Venomous (Alien Warrior)
    After being abducted from Earth and transported to an unknown planet, she was used as a reward for the winner of a slave competition. There, Venomous One will claim her prize, but only to take care of her and start an amazing space adventure.

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    Aaryan Balasubramanium
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "This one was kind of weird, but oddly satisfying for me. Call it a guilty pleasure of something, but this was a well written book that really held my attention. "
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    #3The Ninth Orb

    The Ninth Orb
    After sending 200 women to New Georgia in order to establish a colony, no one would have expect the outcome of this colonization: the Xtanians worshiped women, as they were rare in their planet, and each woman had her own harem of human-looking aliens. 


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    Heat is a young adult fiction novel written by Mike Lupica which centers on 12-year-old Cuban immigrant Michael Arroyo dreaming of playing on the Little League World Series.   


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    Carl Austin
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "This is a pretty solid young-adult book about overcoming loss and adversity. The core centers on the relationship between two brothers , 12 and 17 years old, trying to recover from the deaths of their parents and the challenges imposed on them by society. (The older brother isn’t old enough to have custody of his younger brother yet, and if it’s discovered that there’s no parent in their house, the 12-year-old will be taken by social services!) It falls a little bit into Oliver Twist/deus ex machina ending syndrome, where success is bestoewed from on high rather than accomplished by the character. (Spoilers I guess, but you’re probably buying this for a kid; I got it for my 12-year-old’s reading assignment and he thought it was OK.) The author is pretty popular, and this is definitely one of the best sports-movies-that’s-a-book you can get for your kid. That said I’m ranking it 0 in this category because there’s neither erotica nor aliens. Sorry. "
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    #5Slave (Cat Star Chronicles)

    Slave (Cat Star Chronicles)

    Slave is the first book in the adult erotica fiction series Cat Star Chronicles written by Cheryl Brooks which centers on the story of Cat from a race with a feline gene and Jacinth. 


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    Aaron Gomez
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "I found him in the slave market on Orpheseus Prime, and even on such a god-forsaken planet as that one, their treatment of him seemed extreme." Cat is an enslaved warrior from a race with a feline gene that gives him awesome beauty, fearsome strength, and sensuality and sexual prowess unmatched by any other males in the universe. Even filthy, chained, and beaten, he gives off an aura of power and virility and his feline gene gives him a special aura. Jacinth is an intergalactic trader on a rescue mission and she needs a man she can trust with her life."
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    #6The Last Hour of Gann

    The Last Hour of Gann
    After losing it all, everything Amber Bierce had left was her sister and two tickets to another planet. Despite being promised a better life, they woke up in a terrible place, and their only hope of survival was Meoraq, a holy warrior dealing with his own issues. 


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    Jack Murphy
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "The last Hour of Gann is a book that is highly interesting. It is about a family doing what they need to get by. It is very emotionally compelling and you will be on the edge of your seat wanting more. "
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    Genesis is a book by Kaitlyn O'Conor that tells the story of Bri. She has been held capture by some creatures she does not know what kind and two of those kind will fight and the winner will breed Bri. 


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    Sharon Hoffman
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "Want to pay to be traumatized? Then read Kaitlyn O'Conor's latest book, Genesis. It takes you on a long winding road of hope only to dash it to the ground in the most unethical and punishing ways. It's all the work and no pay-offs. "
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    #8Claimed (Brides of the Kindred)

    Claimed (Brides of the Kindred)

    Claimed is the first book in the series Brides of the Kindred written by Evangeline Anderson that tells the story of Olivia Waterhouse. She is a nursing graduate who got drafted to be the Kindred bride.  


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    Zheng Hao
    Written on April 9, 2018
    "As an avid fan of science fiction novels, I've come across some really bizarre stories. Claimed (Brides of the Kindred) is certainly out there for me as far as reading bizarre stories. It's a love story, between an alien and a human. Follow our main character Olivia Waterhouse, a graduated nurse, who gets drafted to be a bride to this species of aliens called the Kindred. I thought it was kind of a painful read as this was just very trite for me. I'm all for romance and weird hook ups but this particular story didn't really go anywhere too far off the deep end for me. It's the definition of mediocre in my opinion, but if you need a filler in between waiting for your favorite novel, this is a decent fill in."
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    #9Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians)

    Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians)

    Barbarian Lover is the third book in the series Ice Planet Brabarians written by Ruuby Dixon that tells the story of a woman who got stranded in the Ice Planet. Everything seemed to be fine, she has a hot alien lover but evil aliens will come after her. 


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    Brittany Bell
    Written on April 15, 2018
    "Barbarain Lover written by Ruuby Dixon is Book 3 of the Ice Planet Barbarians series. Set on an ice planet where human women are treasured but the aliens are fighting over them in this interesting unique book."
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    #10Grim (Tornians)

    Grim (Tornians)

    Grim Vasteri is the king of Luda, the brother of the emperor and the Tornian empire most feared warrior. This empire has been suffering from the lack of female births, so they have decided to look in other planets for compatible females to have children with. Grim found a compatible woman in a slave ship, so he decided to take her with him: she agreed only if her two daughters would come with her, something that will change the fate of the Tornian empire. 


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    Vincent Porter
    Written on May 17, 2018
    "This was a really fun book that kept my interest throughout the story, The grim are very interesting characters that the girls are attracted too, I am really looking forward to more installments in the series, I enjoyed this read."
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    #11Obsidian (Lux)

    Obsidian (Lux)
    Katy Swartz, a seventeen yeard old girl that moved to West Virginia for her last high school year, would have never believed that the hot guy, yet worth of a beat down, living next door was an alien. Daemon and his sister are being attacked by enemies from another galaxy, and he will have to use his powers, like the ability to freeze time, to save them and Katy. 

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    Timothy Guzman
    Written on April 20, 2018
    "I believe that this solution is a great one for this problem. Katy is in an age of reaching adulthood and the situation in her life brings her to a point where Daemon, a good looking guy is living the next door. This will generate erotica in the story, while the attack on Daemon would add an increased amount of drama. Obsidian (Lux) is a good solution for this problem."
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    #12Wray (Tornians)

    Wray (Tornians)
    Wray Vasteri was the ruler of the Tornian Empire for many years, until a fatal infection decimated most of his royal family. As the number of compatible females was becoming lower, he had to search in other spaces, and he went to the Kaliszian space, where he met Kim Teel, a woman who had no family left. 


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    Louis Gardner
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "Never did I expect Dana Scully was replaceable when it came to alien-human inter-species erotica. Kim Teel has all but become the new focus of my fantasies. The dangerous, distant and unfamiliar territories keep the feeling of impending danger. If you feel trapped in a world of repetition, let Wray Vasteri stretch your imagination hole and welcome you to a world of unless possibilities. "
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    #13Onyx (Lux)

    Onyx (Lux)

    Onyx is the second book in the Lux series written by Jennifer Armentrout that tells the story of a girl who fell in love with a handsome alien that looks like a human and lives like a human, but unexpected visitors will arrive.


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    Marcos Peña
    Written on April 14, 2018
    "Human/alien sex is making a big comeback recently, with Shape of Water sweeping up at the award shows. Onxy (the second book in the Lux series) looks to capitalize on that trend. While you might get some weird looks on the subway, I found this to be a beautiful love story. No regrets."
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    Despite sharing almost the same DNA with a regular human,  Aelyx was a different L'eihr. This might be the reason why Cara Sweeney starts to see him as more than a friend. However, Cara must find out everything about this human-looking aliens.  


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    Austin Cunningham
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "This book contains a very good story. I loved all of the sci-fi elements too."
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    #15A Forgotten Kitten (Sea-anan Saga)

    A Forgotten Kitten (Sea-anan Saga)

    The second book of the Sea-anan series combines epic romances and intergalactic conflicts between rival planets. Sev, the king of the Oceanan race, that gets eliminated after its planet collapses with its own star, so he has no choice but to be with Areo, a human-feline hybrid that Sev has been in love with ever since he was a child. 


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    Elena Saldaña
    Written on May 2, 2018
    "A Forgotten Kitten (Sea-anan Saga) is the best erotica books between human and alien"
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    #16Rayzor's One (Alien Bounty Hunters)

    Rayzor's One (Alien Bounty Hunters)
    Rayzor's One is the first book in the science fiction romance series Alien Bounty Hunters written by Michele Mills which centers on the relationship of Rayzor of Twelve and Rebecca. 

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Best What are the best erotica books between human and alien
1Ruth's Bonded (Ruth & Gron)Books 56 Paid
2Venomous (Alien Warrior)Books 53 Paid
3The Ninth OrbBooks 47 Paid
4HeatBooks 35 Paid
5Slave (Cat Star Chronicles)Books 26 Paid
6The Last Hour of GannBooks 25 Paid
7GenesisBooks 22 Paid
8Claimed (Brides of the Kindred)Books 16 Paid
9Barbarian Lover (Ice Planet Barbarians)Books 14 Paid
10Grim (Tornians)Books 14 Paid

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