What are the best famous graphic novels?

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    #1Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic

    Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic
    Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic is an LGBT themed non-fiction book written by Alison Bechdel that tells the story of Alison's father. He is a closeted professional old man who had his own struggles but conquered all of it.

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    Eugene Watson
    Written on May 4, 2018
    "I usually prefer science-fiction and superhero stories, but I was pleasantly surprised. Although not relevant to me, this book is beautifully drawn and the plot was interesting. Worth a read."
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    #2The Crow

    The Crow

    The Crow is a dark fantasy and drama film adaptation of James O'Barr's 1989 comic book, directed by Alex Proyas. It was first released on May 11, 1994, by Lionsgate with an MPAA rating of R. It starred Brandon Lee, Michael Wincott, and Rochelle Davis.


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    Samuel Richards
    Written on May 30, 2018
    "I found The Crow to be a very interesting comic book that had an excellent story line that left me in Awe. There are some really interesting moment's in this book that will leave you in wander if you can make it past the somewhat dull intro. "
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    Blankets by Graig Thompson is one of the best coming of age stories on comic ever made. This autobiographical story tells the love story between Graig and his first love Raina, who fall in love during a winter Church Camp. Blankets won of two Eisner and three Harvey Awards, and is a portrait of adolescent yearning and growing up leaving the pain behind.

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    Jessica Taylor
    Written on May 6, 2018
    "This romance book has an amazing story to tell, situations that happen in this book are very interesting and the characters are described very vividly, and sometimes you think that you are seeing all the situations happening in front of your eyes. I have had a qualitative time reading this book and i am sure that it will be the same for the majority of readers. "
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    #4The Wicked + The Divine (Vol. 1)

    The Wicked + The Divine (Vol. 1)
    The Wicked + The Divine is a comic book series created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie and published by Image Comics in 2014. It centers on teenage girl Laura as she interacts with the group Pantheon, who are reincarnated deities.

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    #5The Ronin (Usagi Yojimbo)

    The Ronin (Usagi Yojimbo)

    The Ronin is a graphic novel by Stan Sakai which features the rabbit bodyguard and samurai Miyamoto Usagi in 17th-century Japan. It is the first installment in the Usagi Yojimbo series and it was published in 1987 by Fantagraphics Books. 


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    Alice Larson
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "This book is based in the 17th century Japan, when the age of civil wars has barely ended and the Shogun has established power."
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    Bone by Jeff Smith is a comedic fantasy series first published in 1991. This comic book follows the story of three Bone Cousins - Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone - who got lost in a vast uncharted desert.

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    Philip Wade
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "The best famous graphic novel is Bone by Jeff Smith. It is a fantasy with comedic elements that follows the antics of three cousins - Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone. When they travel deep into the forest they are encounter creatures great and small that challenge and threaten their existence."
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    #7A Contract With God

    A Contract With God

    A contract with God is another masterwork by Will Eisner. This comic defined the graphic novel term and set the standards for a new way of storytelling with the story of a little street in the Bronx Called Dropsy Avenue. The story of common people in a common neighborhood with all the joy, tragedy, drama and fun of life.


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    Kenneth Stevens
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "A Contract With God is written by Will Eisner. A Contract With God and Other Tenement Stories re-creates the neighborhood of Will Eisner's youth through four interwoven stories. Through the four interconnected graphic stories, Eisner provides insight into the human condition while drawing on the memories of his growing. "
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    #8Death: At Death's Door (Vol. 1)

    Death: At Death's Door (Vol. 1)

    Death: At Death's Door is a mystery fiction manga series that was originally published in 2003 by the Vertigo. This graphic novel was written and illustrated by Jill Thompson adapting a manga-style drawing.


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    Willie Munoz
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "I love to read graphic novels and the best famous one in my opinion is Death: At Death's Door (Vol. 1). It is manga, but it is so entertaining. "
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    #9A Drifting Life

    A Drifting Life

    A Drifting Life is a gekiga manga written and illustrated by the legendary Japanese mangaka Yoshihiro Tatsumi. This slice of life and drama graphic novel was originally published in 2008. It has a 2011 film adaptation entitled Tatsumi.


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    Ling Su
    Written on April 20, 2018
    "It was a wonderful read. The story was awesome. The book was nice and long. I really enjoyed it."
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    #10A Seed Is Sleepy

    A Seed Is Sleepy

    A Seed is Sleepy is a children's non-fiction literature graphic novel originally published in March 2007. This picture book was written by Dianna Aston and award-winning artist, Sylvia Long.


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    Stephanie Ward
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "I love informative books, and A Seed Is Sleepy does not disappoint. I like how it makes terms understandable and graspable. I experienced why A Seed Is Sleepy is the best famous graphic novel."
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    #11A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel

    A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel

    A Wrinkle in Time: The Graphic Novel is a breathtaking compilation of illustrations of an equally breathtaking fiction novel, Madeleine L'Engle's A Wrinkle in Time. This graphic novel was published by Margaret Ferguson Books on October 2nd, 2012. 


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    Rishika Chopra
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "Madeliene L'Engle's "Wrinkle in Time" was one of the few young adult books that I actually read when I was a young adult. I loved it then and have read it repeatedly in the past 40 years. My current passion for graphic novels and adaptations led me to this version by Hope Larson. Unlike some graphic novel adaptations, Larson had to abridge this story to some extent. The other issue I had with this book was that the characters did not appear as I had envisioned them. But the former was a necessity and the latter was a matter of personal interpretation, and neither detracted from the quality of this book. The adaptation follows the story of Meg and company closely. Larson chose a difficult book to illustrate. Characters such as Aunt Beast and IT might be better left to the imagination. While the art is good, I would have liked it to have used as much color as the cover."
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    #12Abandon the Old in Tokyo

    Abandon the Old in Tokyo
    Abandon the Old in Tokyo is a gekiga manga written and illustrated by Japanese cartoonist, Yoshihiro Tatsumi. This graphic novel is the second in Yoshihiro's three-volume series of his compiled works. It was originally published in 2006.

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    William Alexander
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "Abandon the Old in Tokyo is a great graphic novel that explores some of the more disturbing aspects of humanity. The story is deep while the illustrations are simple. This isn't your typical comic book but it is fantastically put together. I am very much looking forward to completing the series."
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    #13Aaron Has a Lazy Day

    Aaron Has a Lazy Day

    Aaron Has a Lazy Day is a humorous and fictional children's literature novel originally published in 205. This graphic novel was written and illustrated by P.D. Eastman. Aaron Has a Lazy Day is suitable for kids in Preschool to first grade.


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    William Chapman
    Written on April 25, 2018
    "I just recently introduced my 3 year old son to my dr suess collection I found while cleaning the attic. He absolutely loves story time. Weve blew through all my suess books so i had to find something new. I decided to pick up Aaron Has A Lazy Day and he just adores it. Ill be looking out for more by the author/publisher. Highly reccomended for any sweet little toddler."
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    #14Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale

    Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale

    Afterlife with Archie: Escape from Riverdale is a horror fiction graphic novel by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. It tells the story of the Archie gang as they try to escape from an unfortunate event that threatens the safety of Riverdale.


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    Gregory Ramos
    Written on April 20, 2018
    "I purchased this graphic novel because I like Archie Comics. This is one with a twist. It is about zombies invading Archie's and Jughead's town. "
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    #15Alice the Fairy

    Alice the Fairy
    Alice the Fairy is children's fiction book originally published in 2004 by the Blue Sky Press.This graphic novel was written and illustrated by David Shannon. Alice the Fairy is ideal for kids in preschool to kindergarten.

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    Jim Gao
    Written on April 22, 2018
    "There's not much to this story at all. Usually kids books at least teach your child some sort of lesson. Not this one, it's just a book about a fairy that doesn't act very fairy like."
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    #16American Splendor

    American Splendor
    American Splendor by Harvey Pekar was a revolution in the American comic book industry in the 70's. It was the first comic that drew attention to the graphic novels telling the own autobiographical story of Pekar in his hometown of Cleveland. Harvey Pekar counted with the best artists of the underground comic books scene including Robert Crumb, Kevin Brown, Greg Budgett, Sean Carroll, Sue Cavey, Gary Dumm, Val Mayerik, and Gerry Shamray.

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    Larry Burke
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "I like it! Hilarious! By the 20th page I was really feeling for the main character - so little spoken yet enough for the reader to really understand the feelings, emotions, agenda, and plight of all of the characters."
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    #17Batman: Earth One

    Batman: Earth One

    Batman: Earth One is graphic novel written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by artist Gary Frank and Brad Anderson. This comic book was originally published in July 2012 by DC Comics.


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    Francisco del Ángel
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "Much like the Superman Earth One book, it was originally bought for my dad, as a just thinking of you type gift. He bragged about how much he liked it so I checked it out for myself. To start I really like how Alfred was portrayed. It was a totally different angle than anything I had seen in the past. That is one thing I really like about these books, they aren't afraid to try something different. To take a different approach to these characters. The art work and the presentation of the book, including it being hardback give the book a certain feel of importance that comes through with the writing. As I said about the Earth One: Superman - It was an interesting new take on a story that has been told many times over. That applies just as much to this book. I'm really looking forward to the sequel books."
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    #18Batman: The Killing Joke

    Batman: The Killing Joke

    Alan Moore and Brian Bolland brought us in 1988 a revisitation of the Joker's origin in one of the most remembered graphic novels of the character. In the Killing Joke, Moore shows us Joker like a psychopath with no remorse and salvation. 


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    Aarav Pillai
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "The webpage was non attractive images."
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    #19Black Summer

    Black Summer

    Black Summer is a graphic novel written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Juan Jose Ryp. This comic book is a limited series that was published between May 2007 to July 2008. There were eight issues released.


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    Óscar Suárez
    Written on April 22, 2018
    "This comic series seems like it would be boring to read. It reminds me of just a typical superhero novel or comic."
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    #20Coraline Graphic Novel

    Coraline Graphic Novel

    Coraline Graphic Novel:  A book about a girl who moved in a new house with her parents. She gets bored and discontented with her family until she found a door in their new house that leads her in a parallel world that will give her surprises and nightmares. 


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    Nathan Hoffman
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "Coraline Graphic Novel a book. People who like graphic novels may like this item."
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    #21Count Down to Fall

    Count Down to Fall

    Count Down to Fall is a children's non-fiction literary book written by Fran Hawk and it was illustrated by Sherry Neidigh. This graphic novel that tells the colorful season of autumn was originally published in 2009.


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    Willie Rios
    Written on April 29, 2018
    "I'm a huge fan of all the famous graphic novels. The best one, in my humble opinion, is this one, "Count Down to Fall." It's more for kids though. "
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    #22Darth Maul (Star Wars)

    Darth Maul (Star Wars)

    Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir is a Star Wars Disney canon graphic novel by Jeremy Barlow. It is illustrated by Juan Frigeri, inked by Mauro Vargas, colored by Wes Dzioba, lettering by Michael Heisler, and cover art by Chris Scalf.


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    Hannah Simmons
    Written on April 20, 2018
    "Darth Maul is a graphic novel which continues the Star Wars saga. Darth Sidious is angry that he can't defeat Darth maul.He decides to take on the galaxy and the adventure begins for those Star War enthusiasts."
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    #23Adulthood is a Myth

    Adulthood is a Myth
    Adulthood is a Myth is a graphic novel by Sarah Andersen, an American cartoonist. First published in 2016, it is a collection of comic strips from the famous webcomic, Sarah's Scribbles.

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    Amy Miller
    Written on May 1, 2018
    "This fun book was a 2016 Googleread choice award winner and it is easy to see why. This book is filled with great illustrations of our everyday lives that will make you laugh and look at yourself in a different way."
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    #24Black Blizzard

    Black Blizzard

    Black Blizzard is a graphic novel/manga written by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Totaling 144 pages, it was first published in 1956 under ISBN-10: 1770460128 and reprinted by Drawn & Quarterly in 2010.


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    Shaurya Tambe
    Written on May 10, 2018
    "I've been an avid reader of many Japanese comic writers and Tatsumi in particular, so I can almost always identify when something comes through, I've also used Amazon many times and the listing seems to be reputable and reliable."
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    #25The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 2)

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 2)

    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (Vol. 2) is a historical fiction fantasy graphic novel created by Alan Moore. This sequential art book is first published in 2003. 


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    Daniel Gonzales
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "I am a huge fan of graphic novels with Watchmen being my favorite. This book kept my interest throughout and was a fun take on the graphic novel format. I plan on rereading this soon to catch all the points I missed. "
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    #26Gulf War Journal

    Gulf War Journal

    Gulf War Journal is a fiction book and a graphic novel written by Don Lomax. It was published on August 1, 2004 by iBooks. It follows the story of Scott Neithammer as he finds himself caught up in a war.


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6BoneBooks 27 Paid
7A Contract With GodBooks 25 Paid
8Death: At Death's Door (Vol. 1)Books 24 Paid
9A Drifting LifeBooks 21 Paid
10A Seed Is SleepyBooks 20 Paid

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